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What Is Visa Provisioning Service? How It Works and Its Benefits


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  • Once it gets promoted, it will ask for a security password or PIN, so let us know how to enroll in Visa Provisioning services.

Today, we live in a modern era where people love to go with digital transactions instead of the traditional mode of payment. With many facilities out there, we don’t need to bring cash with us anymore. Visa has committed its users to providing the best technology and advancements, and they have developed Visa Provisioning Services. Let us know what it is and how we can use it for mobile payments.

What is Visa Provisioning Service?

Visa Provisioning Service is a machine-to-machine facility whose main aim is to complete mobile payments conveniently. This service is used on the Visa network, making it very flexible for Visa users who want to make all payments through their mobile. Visa has started this service as the technology develops, and staying updated with the market is always necessary.

In this ecosystem, customers need to use a Visa Tokenized account that helps to remove all the barriers of traditional payments. It also helps remove irrelevant costs and fraud, and credit cards are not needed to make any purchase.

The Visa Token functionality enables a safe and secure authorization for the people who want to make cardless transactions. Apart from that, Banking services also use Visa Provisioning to make the process a bit more convenient. It is also believed that Visa offers more security than many other payment methods, and it can be easily integrated with any business type.

The most amazing thing about Visa Provisioning Services is that it is quite easy to use and can be used on mobile devices. It is highly secured and encrypted like other Visa services for the user’s convenience. This service has already helped many businesses to reduce irrelevant costs and provides a more secure environment. Indirectly, it helped the business to boost sales with better customer retention.

There are some drawbacks for Visa Provisioning Services, as it doesn’t allow online purchasing on the website or mobile apps because it is outsourced, and that’s why it may charge more. Somewhere users have to compromise their privacy because all the information can be accessed by the company using the Visa service.

How To Use Visa Provisioning Service For Mobile Payments?

Your device can transmit data easily through Bluetooth or near field technology to use Visa Provisioning services. The device should have an NFC chip as the hardware; only then can the transactions perform. An old device having no NFC chips will not be able to place transactions.

So if you have an NFC chip in your device, you need to touch the NFC terminal, which is mainly available at the stores. Once it gets promoted, it will ask for a security password or PIN, so let us know how to enroll in Visa Provisioning services.

Enroll Visa Provisioning Services

Users need to authenticate Via Provisioning services by using a passcode to unlock the NFC chip. Then activate the service by downloading all the account information to your device. This process is mainly called Tokenization, which changes a user’s account number with a token code to enhance the security of users.

To Enrol Payment Visa service, add all the relevant information like account number, security, etc. The service will ask for a payment token from Visa from your registered account. Now Visa will share the token number with your Bank, and once Bank approves it, the account number will be changed to that token number. Now it will show the token number during transactions instead of the real account number. Now let us know a very important thing how to complete a transaction using Visa Provisioning Service.

How Can We Complete The Transaction Using Visa Provisioning Services?

Once Bank has approved your taken number, it is now ready for Authorization. After creating the Authorization for payment, you have to do some basic things.

  • First of all, you need all the relevant details like zip code, card details, etc.
  • If you are using an Android phone, it will get processed, but if you are using iPhone, you have to tap on the Apple pay option at the bottom side of the screen.
  • It will open the instruction menu bar where you have to use Touch ID or Face recognition to complete the whole process.
  • Now, wait for seconds; the transaction will be completed after verifying the biometric security system.


So this was all about Visa Provisioning Services, which is widely used in many countries, especially in the USA. It provides good security for transactions, and it will be very convenient also. Hopefully, this guide remains helpful for you. If you have any queries, you can reach us via the comment section.


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