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What does ‘ion’ Mean on Snapchat?


Key Takeaways
  • "ION" on Snapchat stands for "In Other News," and it is used to start conversations about trending topics.
  • Users can find and use the "In Other News" GIF on Snapchat to add a creative touch to their messages.
  • "Ion" has different meanings in slang English and Chemistry, so it's important to understand the context when encountering the term.

Social media has changed the trajectory in the last couple of decades. Many readers are trying to understand the meaning of ION on the Snapchat app. There are multiple meanings of ION on the social media app. We have covered the true meaning of ION, how to use it, and other variations outside of the platform.

What is ion on Snapchat?

The ION stands for “In Other News” on Snapchat.

What does 'ion' mean on Snapchat?

Emoji keyboards have leaped in the last few years. Millions are texting friends, family, and colleagues every day. The third-party keyboards have a wide range of images, GIFs, and emojis on the platform. Snapchat is a well-known social media app, and they have added custom GIFs and emojis for decoration.

Snapchat allows users to take photos and decorate them according to their liking. Users can decorate the images and send them to friends or colleagues. The American-based instant messaging app attracted teenagers and youth to the service due to the decoration filters and emojis. It’s not a hashtag or tag on the social media app.

How is “ION” used in Conversations?

Many users utilize the “ion” word to start a conversation on the platform. It’s a healthy way to break the topic and talk about a new one by texting about the recent news or events in the region. New-age teenagers are using the “ion” term to talk about trending topics across the globe.

ION Title in a Music Video
ION Title in a Music Video

For example, “ion, the recent US laws on the traffic regulation” in the country. The term is used to bring up trending topics and share those topics in the inbox.

How to use an “ion” GIF on Snapchat?

The social media app users frequently use the “ion” term. It’s available in the form of a GIF. You can create Snapchat stores or take a photo to send to a friend or peers. Snapchat has decoration options and lets you add the “In Other News” GIF instead of plain text. You can find the GIF under the emoji section, but you have to take a photo first. I have covered the part below, and you can follow it to add the “In Other News” GIF.

1. Launch the Snapchat app from the Home Screen.

2. Tap on the camera icon from the bottom menu.

Add ION GIF on Snapchat (2)

3. Tap the round button at the bottom to take a photo.

Add ION GIF on Snapchat (3)

4. Tap on the third icon located in the left sidebar.

Add ION GIF on Snapchat (4)

The menu on the left sidebar has many options, and choose the one with the emoji icon. I have shared a snapshot below, and you can get an idea of where the emoji library is.

5. Use the search bar and search for “ION” or “In Other News” to bring up the GIF.

Add ION GIF on Snapchat (5)

6. The first GIF is “In Other News” in the library. Drag the GIF from the search results.

Add ION GIF on Snapchat (6)

7. You can use the pinch-to-zoom feature.

Add ION GIF on Snapchat (7)

8. Tap the “Send To” button.

9. Choose the contact from the friend’s list and send it.

The animated GIF adds an appealing shine to the photo, and it’s an option to avoid plain text. Millions use animated images to set the mood and soothe the recipient’s eyes. Cosmetics brands and online magazine handles are applying GIFs to grab their follower’s attention. It’s an animated image that you frequently show up on your social media feed.

What is “ion” in Slang English Language?

Millions use the word “Y’all” and don’t realize it’s a slang word. Many African-American citizens use the “ion” word. We have seen rappers and artists use the word on Twitter and in conversations. You can find music videos with the “ion” in the title, and it’s been around for a long time.

The “ion” word stands for “I don’t” in slang language. Many native Americans have argued that it’s not easy to decipher it during conversations. Overall, no one should use the word in meetings, exams, and in any capacity due to the difficulties in comprehending the slang language.

What is “ion” in Chemistry?

We all had Chemistry classes in the school, and it was an atom or molecule. Atom molecules are spherical and mostly hollow. English Chemist Michael Faraday introduced the term in 1934 and explained the traveling chemical species from one electrode to another. The word ion or ienai was inspired by the Green dictionary.

There are two types of ions in the books.

  • Cations
  • Anions

Don’t get confused when you come across the word in a conversation. No one wants to be clueless during a conversation. Do not hesitate to ask the sender about the reference and context, and you can prevent any embarrassment.

What is “Ion Propulsion” on Snapchat?

Ion Propulsion is an airplane technology to replace the moving parts from the aircraft. The airline industry wants to reduce maintenance costs and combustion. Airplanes have moving parts, and they create tensions in the moving machine. Ion Propulsion technology is implemented on modern rockets and space shuttles. Do not confuse “ion” with the latest airplane technology.

What is “Ion” in the Corporate World?

Inter-Office Note or Inter-Office Memo is a well-known writing structure in corporate companies. Many teams use the writing structure to inform the existing, new and previous clients about the latest developments. Companies have written letters and emails. They send notes or memos to clients and notify them about the products, services, and milestones. You should ask the sender about the “ion” meaning if it’s coming from a colleague.


The “ion” stands for “In Other News” on Snapchat. However, I have shown you multiple variations of the word, and you should ask the sender about it. It’s not a new trend, and we have seen a similar pattern in the past with feature phone texting services. New Snapchat users may find difficulties understanding the meta, but you can learn about the new social media trends.


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