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Fix iPhone Snapchat App Not Working in iOS 17


Quick Overview
  • iOS users have experienced the Snapchat app not working in iOS 17, affecting many iOS 16 devices.
  • To fix this issue, users can force close and restart Snapchat, reinstall the app, ensure stable WiFi connection, toggle Airplane Mode, restart their iPhone, reset iPhone settings, and install the latest iOS update.
  • Following these steps can easily resolve the Snapchat app crashing problem on iPhones running iOS 16.

Snapchat is a very popular app mostly used by iOS users. However, recently iOS users complained about the Snapchat app not working in iOS 17. This was happening on most iOS 16 devices. So, a lot of people got affected. However, it is not a very big glitch and can be easily fixed by following the methods below. Here’s how to Fix iPhone’s Snapchat app not working in iOS 16.

Fix iPhone Snapchat App Not Working

1. Close SnapChat by force: Exit Snapchat from the background. Then, restart the app to see if the crash was accidental. You can do this by pressing the Home button twice quickly. Then swipe up Snapchat to close it.

2. Reinstall Snapchat after deleting it: The Snapchat app on your iPhone may crash when certain preset files are misconfigured. Simply uninstall Snapchat from the App Store and reinstall it. Go to the Home Screen. Select Snapchat and delete it. Then go to the App Store. Find Snapchat and download it again.

3. Make sure your WiFi is connected: Make sure the Wifi network on your iPhone is stable by using Safari or another app.

4. Switch on and off Airplane Mode: Resetting iPhone settings by turning on and off Airplane Mode will help. As a result, Snapchat App Crashing can be fixed.

5. Turn off your iPhone and restart it: The Snapchat App Crash On iPhone and other iOS software issues can be resolved by restarting your iPhone.

6. Reset the iPhone settings: You can also reset the iPhone settings to fix the Snapchat App Crashing On iPhone error. Click on the Settings app on your iPhone to do this. Select the General tab. Select Reset. Choose Reset All Settings.

7. Install the latest iPhone update: An outdated version of iOS can also cause Snapchat to crash. Open the Settings app. Select About. Select Software Update. Ensure you have the latest iOS installed.

Final Words

This was all about how to fix the iPhone’s Snapchat app not working in iOS 16. This is a very small glitch that can be easily solved by following the steps above.


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