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How to Turn off Read Receipts on Instagram


Key Takeaways
  • Read receipts on Instagram can lead to expectations of replies from users who have seen messages but not responded.
  • Turning off read receipts on Instagram is not currently possible, and messages will be marked as seen once opened.
  • A workaround to prevent messages from being marked as seen involves viewing messages in offline mode, such as by turning off data and using airplane mode.

Want to know how to turn off seen on Instagram? Every social media platform has read receipts. These read receipts tell whether someone has read the message or not. Everyone expects a reply when they text someone, and they will be pretty disappointed when you have read someone’s message but not replied to them. They will know that their message has been read, but you haven’t replied to them. You will not want this to happen if you were looking forward to messaging them later on or when you were too busy and you accidentally saw their message.

How to Turn Off Instagram Read Receipts

You must turn off read receipts if you do not want this to happen. So is there a way to turn off read receipts on Instagram? And how can you turn it off if there is a way? If you are looking for how to turn off receipts on Instagram, this article will help you with it; read ahead to know more.

How to Turn off Read Receipts on Instagram

Why Do We Use Read Receipts?

Read Receipts are crucial when communicating over text. Read Receipts show that the recipient has read the message sent by the sender. However, when anyone does not want the message to be marked as seen, they can turn off read receipts. If there is no option to turn off the toggle for read receipts, then many people prefer reading the message in offline mode.  

How To Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram

Simply said, there is no way to turn off read receipts on Instagram. If you have read a message, it will be marked as seen. You cannot turn it off, and it will always be marked as seen once you open the message or tap on the notification of the message.

Workaround To Turning Off Seen

You can view messages on Instagram without an internet connection, and the sender will not know their message has been seen. 

  • Firstly, turn off the data on your phone.
  • Now turn on the Airplane Mode.
  • Ensure your Wi-Fi is turned off.
  • Now, open the Instagram app and tap on the message you want to view.
  • The message viewed won’t be marked as seen.
  • Now, exit the inbox and turn on Airplane mode. 

Can I Read Messages From Notifications?

Many of you might wonder if they can read Instagram messages directly from the notifications, but will that mark the messages as seen? When you tap on the messages on the notifications, this will trigger the read receipts, and the message will be marked as seen. 

Every message you read from the notifications will be marked as seen on Instagram, which is not a possible solution to overcome read receipts. 

Final Words

Instagram does not allow you to turn off read receipts. There is simply no option to do so as of now, but maybe the feature may get introduced later. But as of now, you cannot turn off read receipts. However, if you do not want messages to be marked as seen on Instagram, then read the message in offline mode. We have discussed the steps for this in the article above, so you can follow them. 


Can You Turn Instagram Seen Off?

Instagram does not have the option to turn off seen, so you cannot do that. 

How Do You Turn Off Seen On Instagram?

You cannot turn off seen on Instagram. But if you want to read Instagram messages without acknowledging them, you can read them offline. 

Does Instagram Give Read Receipts?

Yes, Instagram has read receipts, and messages are marked as seen. Though it has read receipts, you do not have the option to turn it off and always remain on. 


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