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How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post


On Instagram, we see millions of posts updated every day. And, everyone has their favorite pages they follow. So, the users want to save a good photo or video when they see it. Then, they can use them as wallpaper or send them to someone so that they can see them later on. People are therefore interested in finding out who saved their Instagram posts.

However, oftentimes people save posts without knowing how to access the pictures and videos they have saved. But, don’t worry. Here you will find all the information about Instagram’s “Save” feature.

How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

No matter whether you have a private account or not, your posts and pictures can be saved by anyone. You won’t know who saved the activity or what it was about.

How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

However, there is a way to see how many people have saved your post. You can see this information through advanced insights on your Instagram account.

But, you will need to upgrade your account to a Business or Creator one to access this feature.

How to Switch to Business Instagram Account?

Follow these steps below to switch to a business Instagram account.

1. Go to your Instagram Settings. And, select Account.

2. Now choose between a business or a creator account.

You can view your profile on the right side at the bottom after the switch is completed. You can then see your posts. Now, you can check how many saves a post has by tapping on it.

It will load first, then you can click on View Insight. You will see this option next to your image or video. And, if you click on the bookmark icon, the number count will appear.

The number in the collection represents the number of times that your post has been saved. But, it won’t show the user IDs who have saved your post.

Ask Your Followers

You can only find out who saved your posts by following this straightforward procedure. Follow these steps:

1. Select the post you’d like to ask your followers about.

2. Then take a screenshot of that Instagram post.

3. And, then return to Instagram’s main feed. Now, tap the Home icon.

4. Then, to create an Instagram Story, tap the Stories icon in the upper left corner.

5. And, locate the screenshot of your Instagram post by swiping it up.

6. You can now add the screenshot image to your Story by tapping it.

7. Then, add a message to your followers by tapping the Text icon asking who has saved that post. For example, you can type “Who saved this?“.

8. When you’re done, tap take a screensho.

You can now publish your story to your followers by tapping Your stories. And, if they reply, it will appear as a direct message.

See How Many Times Your Post Has Been Saved

It is first necessary to switch your Personal account to one that is free for Business or Creator. For dong so navigate to the Settings page.

Then, select Account. Now, you will have the option to switch to a business account or a creator account. Follow the instructions to finish.

Then follow these steps after that:

1. You can view your posts by tapping your profile icon. The icon looks like a silhouette.

2. Tap on the post you want to see the save count for.

3. Then, tap the View Insights button under the picture or video. You’ll see a number of statistics.

And, by clicking on the bookmark icon, you can see how many times this post has been saved to one of your Collections.

Does Instagram notify you when you save a picture?

No, the app does not send any notification when you save someone’s post. Hence, you can save as many photos as you want and fill your collection to the brim.

Neither the identity nor the username of someone who saves your post is revealed. And, there is no way to identify the person who saves your posts or saves other people’s posts.

Can someone see if you save their picture on Instagram?

No, they cannot. It won’t affect your privacy as they won’t be able to see any of your personal information when you save a certain post.

Those who have a business account can only see the number of saved posts through the insight. But, it is not possible for insight to share any personal information about users who save posts.

This is because Instagram, as one of the most popular social networking sites, emphasizes privacy. It does not reveal the user’s username or identity.

So, no personal information is disclosed. You can, therefore, save as many pictures as you like. And, you don’t have to worry about anyone finding them.

So, we cannot See who Saved our Instagram post?

The Instagram policy prevents you from finding out exactly who saved your post, as we explained above. The rules are strict and specific.

So, those who have access to it will be able to save any picture you share anonymously. And, those pictures will become a part of their collections. And, you will never know someone saved them.

The solution to this problem also cannot be found by installing any third-party application.

Because you will not be able to know who has saved your Instagram post. Since there is currently no application that can guide you in this matter.

Final Words

So, now we hope that you have understood the Instagram Save feature. And, it must be clear now that there is no working to see who saved your Instagram post. Also, keep in mind that there are many fake apps on the Internet that claims to do so. But, they are scams. So, stay away from them.


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