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How to Get More Refill Health Potions In Hogwarts Legacy


Quick Overview
  • Players in Hogwarts Legacy must combat enemies and complete quests, risking health depletion without health potions.
  • Wiggenweld Health potions can be obtained by producing them in the Room of Requirement, unlocking the ability to grow plants and create potions.
  • Alternatively, players can purchase health potions from J. Pippin's Potion for 100 gold, or acquire them from loot found on dead enemies or chests.

We hope that you love the all-new released Hogwarts Legacy game. The game has received millions of downloads in a short time. The players love the concept as the game is based on the Harry Potter Series. Like the series, there are many things that the players must do to complete the different levels in the game.

We hope that you know about completing quests in the game. When you complete a quest, you will get rewards and unlock different things in the game. However, completing a quest is not easy. You will drain a lot of health while combating your enemy. At that time, if you don’t have health potions in your inventory, you will probably end up dying in the game.

Many users are searching for ways to get more and refill health potions. This is not an easy task that you can do in the game. You have to complete different missions, and then you can get more and refill health options. Go through this guide till the end to know more about it.

How to Get More Refill Health Potions In Hogwarts Legacy

How To Get More Refill Health Potions in Hogwarts Legacy

The players are looking for ways to get more and refill health potions in the game. When the players are on a quest, they have to face a big boss without having the Health Potions.

However, the players can get more Wiggenweld Health potions in Hogwarts Legacy by producing the potions in the Room of Requirement. You have to unlock the Room of Requirement. Once you have unlocked the Room of Requirement, you can grow plants, create potions, etc.


The players will need one batch of Horklump Juice and Dittany Leaves to create the health potion. You can buy the Horklump Juice at J. Pippin’s Potion, which is available in Hogsmeade for 50 gold each. After it, grow the Dittany Leaves in any plant pot once you see the plant during the Herbology class.

Once you have all the ingredients, go to the Room of Requirement’s Potions station, and after it, create the bottle of health potions.

There is another way by which you can get the health potion. You can directly purchase it from the J. Pippin’s Potion for 100 gold, or you will be able to get it from the loot of the dead enemies or the chest.

Wrapping Up

The players are excited and play the game with whole fun. There are a lot of bosses that you have to kill in the game. When you combat those bosses, your health will be drained. In that case, you can use the health potions to recover your health.

It will help in the instant recovery of your health. However, getting the health potions in the game is not easy. You have to follow a lot of procedures for it. In this post, we have listed the ways through which you can make health potions as well as get them quickly.

FAQs – Hogwarts Legacy Health Potions

1. How do you make a full health potion?

In this guide, we have explained how you can make a health potion. Make sure to follow the way properly to do it.

2. Why are Health Potions important in Hogwarts Legacy?

The players might know they have to face bosses while in the quest. During combat, they have to kill bosses; however, it is not easy. The bosses that are available in the game are very much powerful. Thus, you have to deal with a lot of damage.

There are chances that you have to deal with a lot of damage. To recover your health which you suffered from the damage, you must use the health potions. So, this is the reason why health potions are essential in the game.

3. How to get Wiggenweld potion?

Many players don’t know they can quickly get the Wiggenweld potion in the game from the shop. If you are one of them, don’t worry. You can quickly get the Wiggenweld potion by going to J. Pippin’s Potion.

We hope that now you can get the Wiggen weld potion from there. The Wiggenweld Potion is available for 100 gold, so make sure to have enough gold. Also, you can get the Wiggenweld potion from the dead bodies of the enemies.


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