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How to Fix Hogwarts Legacy Error Code WB4000001


Quick Overview
  • Hogwarts Legacy is a single-player game based on the Harry Potter series, where players must complete chapters by defeating monsters and exploring various elements.
  • Players encountering Hogwarts Legacy Error Code WB4000001 are experiencing authentication or authorization issues with the game's WB account, preventing them from playing.
  • To fix the error, players can try restarting the launcher, logging out and logging in again, disabling Windows Firewall and Antivirus, clearing the game's cache files, or reporting the issue to developers if problems persist.

Hogwarts Legacy is a game made for Harry Potter Fans. The game is purely based on the Harry Potter series. Hogwarts Legacy is a single-player game where you must complete the different chapters by killing the monsters. Along with it, you will get a lot of things to explore in it. In a concise period, the game has received millions of downloads.

The players are playing the game very interestingly. However, some players are stuck with some issues in the game. When the players try to run the game, they see some prompt message with the error code. They are getting Hogwarts Legacy Error Code WB4000001.

Many players who are facing the issue are not even able to figure out the cause of the issue. They are searching the internet for the cause of the issue and how to fix the error. To help the players, we have compiled the guide through which you can resolve the issue.

What is Hogwarts Legacy Error Code WB4000001?

The players are getting the Hogwarts Legacy error code WB4000001 when trying to run the game. As they get into the game, they get the error code. The error code the users are getting means that there is an authorization or authentication problem with the game’s WB account.

Due to the issue, they are not able to play the game. However, there are various reasons available why you might face the issue. You can fix them quickly with the help of the methods that we will list below. Make sure to follow the steps correctly, which we will list in the below heading. Before that, check the reasons for the cause of the issue.

  • There is some cache issue.
  • You have not logged in properly to the game.
  • Third-party apps are causing issues.
  • There might be some bugs due to which you cannot sign in.
  • There might be corrupted files in the game’s installed file.

Fix Hogwarts Legacy Error Code WB4000001


Over thousands of users are stuck with getting the error code WB4000001. We have listed why you are facing the issue. Now, here we are with the methods through which you can quickly resolve the issue.

Restart The Launcher

If you are facing an issue with the game, the first thing that you can try is restarting the launcher. There are a lot of players for whom restarting has worked in resolving the issue. The issue occurs as there is some problem with authentication or account authorization. However, you can try to resolve the issue by restarting the launcher.

Log Out and Login Again

As the issue is due to the authorization and authentication problem, you can quickly fix the issue by logging out of the account and logging in again. This will easily help in resolving the issue on your PC. Try out the method and check whether the issue is resolved. If not, try out the below next mentioned method.

Disable Windows Firewall and Antivirus

Windows Defender Firewall

There are chances that the game might not be able to make a proper connection to the server of the game, due to which you are getting the error code. Yes, it can happen if the Windows Firewall and Antivirus block the server response. Both software keeps checking for the responses for the third-party apps to protect the PC. So if any of the software had suspected any malicious activity from the game, they might have blocked the responses. However, you can easily resolve the issue by disabling the Windows Firewall and Antivirus.

Clear the Cache of The Game Files

There are chances that the issue might be occurring due to the cache files, which helps the apps in a startup. If you are facing the issue, you can try clearing cache files. You have to clear the cache files of the game on the device you are trying to run it. After doing this, check again whether the issue is resolved or not.

Report The Issue

Even after trying all the above methods, if you are still facing the issue, we suggest you report it to the developers. They will surely come back with some solution to this problem.

Wrapping Up

Hogwarts Legacy is a great game that is based on the story of the Harry Potter Series. There are a lot of users who are stuck with issues with running the game. In this post, we have listed the reasons by which you can face the issue. Along with it, we have also listed the methods to resolve the issue. We hope it will help you in resolving the problem.

FAQs – Hogwarts Legacy Error Code WB4000001

1. Why am I facing Hogwarts Legacy Error Code WB4000001?

We have listed the cause of the issue in the post. You can check them to analyze the cause of the issue.

2. What is Hogwarts Legacy Error Code WB8000180?

When there is some problem with the game’s installation file, you will get this error message.

3. How To Fix Hogwarts Legacy Error Code WB4001000

To fix the Error Code WB4001000, you must check your internet connection. This issue is caused when the game is not able to make a proper connection.


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