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How to Download Master Royale on iPhone 2024


Key Takeaways
  • Master Royale is not available on the App Store for iPhone users due to running on a private server
  • iPhone users can download Master Royale by adjusting device settings and following step-by-step instructions
  • An alternative method involves changing the country or region in the App Store to download Master Royale on iOS devices

Because Master Royale runs on a private server, Apple prohibits the game from being sold on the App Store. Android users somehow install Master Royale APK for Android to play the game. But, in 2023, iPhone users will have difficulty downloading Master Royale on iOS devices.

Master Royale is a game about making new friends, defeating enemies, and achieving success. The game on iPhone is perfect for entertaining yourself and having fun with friends online.

Since Master Royale isn’t available on Apple’s official App Store, users find it hard to download. Continue reading to learn about how to download master royale on iPhone.

Download Master Royale on iPhone 2023

How to Download Master Royale on iPhone 2022

Some settings need to be changed on iOS devices. Follow the instructions to download Master Royale Infinity.

Downloading games from unknown sources causes your iPhone or iPad to behave differently.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get the most out of Master Royale on your iPhone:


The first step in setting up your iPhone is to ensure that the following services are enabled or disabled. And Master Royale Infinity can be installed easily without any interruption.

1. Make sure that the portrait orientation is disabled.

2. The background app refresh feature should be enabled.

3. The Low Power Mode should be disabled.

Downloading Master Royale on iOS

You can then download Master Royale on your iOS device after you make a few changes to your device’s settings.

1. If you have an iPhone or iPad, launch the Safari browser.

2. Then, you can visit tutumod website using Safari.

3. Search for the Master Royale game file on the website using the search bar.

4. And tap on the Install button once you’ve located the game.

5. Now, click on the Download Now button.

6. Then, you will need to allow your iOS device to accept the profile from which the game is being downloaded.

7. Now, after the tab should be closed. Open the Settings app.

8. And click on the Downloaded Profiles tab.

9. Tap the Install button under the Master Royale Infinity tab.

10. Then, tap on the Next button after adding your password to confirm your identity.

11. You can confirm that the game has been installed by tapping on the Install button.

12. And you can find this on the Home Screen of your iOS device. Start Master Royale by clicking on it.

Alternative Way

Some users prefer to get Master Royale from the App Store.

And, for iOS users to obtain Master Royale Infinity, they must follow the following steps:

1. First, open the Settings app.

2. Then, select your profile name from the drop-down menu.

3. Now, click on Media & Purchases.

4. Then, click View Account. And verify your identity.

5. Now, click on a country or region to navigate.

6. Then, click on Change Country or Region.

7. Finland should be selected and saved.

8. You can now download the game from the App Store.

You can easily download Master Royale on your iPhone after following the above methods. Thanks for reading this article. Enjoy Gaming.


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