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How to Get Refund on SHEIN Without Returning 2024


Shein is one of the famous shopping brands with a wide variety of items. On the platform, the users will be able to find the Men Clothing, Women’s Clothing, Kid’s Clothing, Electronics, and much more. The platform is being used by millions of users to purchase different items from the store. You will also be able to find its app through which shopping for the items is very easy. Shein is a well-known brand for its great delivery service and for satisfying customers’ needs.

The users who have used this platform to shop for different items are very happy with the service they get. However, some users have faced various issues with the app related to their delivery of items. We all order clothes from different sites, and it’s obvious that we have to return them due to some issues in sizing, quality, color, etc.

Similarly, the users who have ordered clothes or items from Shein have reported getting a refund without returning the item. Now, the users who have returned their product are now looking for the query, “How to Get a Refund on Shein Without Returning.” We are here with this guide where we will list the ways how you can do it. So, let’s get started with this guide.

Why Does Shein Refund Without Returning?

Many users have got to know that Shein refunds the amount of the delivery item without taking the return of that item. This started to happen after some users tried returning the item, but they got a message from Shein that they didn’t have to return the item, and the refund was also being processed. At the start, the users thought it was a scam, but later they learned that it was for real.

Many users are still thinking that it is fake or some scam. But this is not true. The users have received refunds for the items without returning them. Yes, it happens for real. But, there are some cases in which it happens. Otherwise, you have to give your item back to the delivery person.

  • Item Cost: Shein will give you a refund without taking the return if the item cost is low and the delivery and pickup cost is high. It is one of the important factors on which the return will be based.
  • Pickup Cost: If the pickup cost of the item is higher than the item cost, then the pickup will not be attempted because they are not interested in paying the amount for such a condition.
  • Item Condition: Sometimes, the item condition also depends on the refund. If the item you ordered is damaged or bad, then the return will not be attempted as there is no benefit in doing such things.
  • Total Return Pickups: If you have ordered from some location where there are no return pickups available from the users, then the return will not be attempted. However, if the return at that location is higher in number, then Shein will attempt the pickups.
  • Other Factors: There are other factors on which the return is scheduled for the items. Shein and their team check those other factors to ensure there is a benefit to scheduling the pickup.

Now, let’s check how to get a refund on Shein without returning.

How to Get a Refund on Shein Without Returning Order 2023

The users looking for a refund on Shein without returning the item will have to make sure of the things we will list below. If the users fulfill the cases we will list below, they can get a refund for free without returning the item. Also, your query for “How to Get a Refund on Shein Without Returning” will be resolved.

  • Price: The item you ordered from the Shein should be of low cost. The return will likely be scheduled if the price exceeds the pickup cost.
  • Pickup Price: If you come from a place where there are not many delivery partners available, or if there are some delivery partners but they charge too much, then the pickup will not be scheduled. This is because Shein will, first of all, check the item cost with the pickup cost. If the pickup cost is lower, the return pickup will be scheduled. Otherwise, the return will not be attempted.
  • Number of Returns: The return will also depend on the request of other users return. If there are a lot of return requests from the same location where you have ordered the product, then Shein will schedule the return for you and the other users as well.
  • Product Quality: If the product quality is low in real, the return will not be scheduled. Thus, you have to check whether the product’s quality is good. If it is bad, then you can complain about this.

What is “You Are Welcome To Keep The Item Without Returning It, No Return Label Will Be Sent”?

When you have requested a return of the product, and the company is not able to schedule the pickup due to any issues, then you will get the message: You Are Welcome To Keep The Item Without Returning It, No Return Label Will Be Sent. This message means that the return will not be scheduled for the product. Also, you will get the refund in your account soon. So you don’t have to worry about it.

Do You Have To Return The Item Even If You Have Received a Refund From Shein?

No, the users who have received the refund will not have to return the item. If you have seen the message: You Are Welcome To Keep The Item Without Returning It, No Return Label Will Be Sent. It means that the company is not interested in scheduling the pickup of the item because of the costs they will pay for scheduling the item. We have listed the criteria involved in it; you can check them above.

How Much Time Does It Take to Get A Refund Without Returning Item?

If you have the message and are worried about the refund, you don’t have to think too much. The refund will likely reach your account within 5-7 business days. You don’t have to worry about it. Many users also got the same message and could receive the refund within business days.

Is “You Are Welcome To Keep The Item Without Returning It, No Return Label Will Be Sent” a Scam?

There are thousands of users who are confused after seeing the message: You Are Welcome To Keep The Item Without Returning It, No Return Label Will Be Sent. They are confused about whether the message that the app is showing is real or a scam. There are many users who are thinking about whether they will be able to get the refund amount or not. Don’t think too much if you are also worried about it. This is not a scam. Also, you can get the refund within the business day, which Shein mentions. You can check their Return Policy for more details.

When Does Shein Refund Without Returning The Item?

Shein will refund as soon as possible. It will mostly take 5-7 business days. However, many users have reported that they were able to get the refund amount in their account in a short period. The users don’t have to worry about the refund amount, as they can get it as soon as possible.

Is it possible to get a refund from Shein?

Yes, the users can easily get a refund from Shein by putting in a return request with the product that they want to return. You must complete the whole process once you are eligible for a return. After it, the delivery person will come for the pickup, and you will be able to get the refund.

How do I get a refund on Shein if I didn’t get my order?

If you have not received your order, you have to contact Shein customer care directly. They will be able to help you from getting out of this situation. You are not the only one who is facing this problem. There are a lot of users who have also faced this problem. However, they contacted Shein and resolved the issue after it.

Wrapping Up

Thousands of users were confused about how the users were getting the refund from Shein without returning the products. They were searching about it on the internet so that they could find some solution related to it. The users were also thinking of doing the same thing to Shein; that’s why they were looking for the required criteria.

In this guide, we have listed the possible causes for a refund without an item. We hope this was useful to you. Also, we will suggest you not do such things to get free items from the Shein. There are fewer chances that you will be able to get the refund money without giving the item. So there is no sense of wasting your time on it.


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