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Amazon Package Stolen? 3 Ways to Get your Refund


Online shopping, particularly during holidays, festivals, and special occasions, has become an integral part of our lives. When it comes to convenience and variety, Amazon stands out as a go-to destination for many shoppers. However, a growing concern for many is the risk of package theft. It’s an unfortunate reality that parcels sometimes get stolen right from our doorsteps or porches. It’s a distressing experience, and I empathize deeply if you’ve ever faced this situation. As this issue becomes increasingly common, it’s crucial for everyone to be aware and prepared for such incidents, ensuring they know how to respond effectively if it happens to them in the future.

Amazon Package Stolen: 3 Ways to Get your Refund

While online shopping offers unmatched convenience and a wide array of choices, it’s not without its drawbacks. A notable concern for many is the risk of package theft, which can dampen the overall experience. Recent studies suggest a correlation between increased online shopping and a rise in package losses.

Despite this challenge, Amazon is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, especially for its Amazon Prime members. Prime purchases come with the A to Z Guarantee, offering a layer of protection for your transactions. This guarantee covers eligible purchases from Amazon sellers up to $2,500, offering peace of mind for shoppers. Additionally, Amazon’s comprehensive product reviews provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions.

In the following sections, we will guide you through the process of securing a refund in the unfortunate event that your Amazon package is stolen or goes missing.

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Amazon Package Stolen: Here’s what to do? (Guide)

#1 Contact Amazon Seller

If you did not receive the package at your location or package was stolen by any delivery partner, in this case, the Amazon seller will be responsible. You need to contact the third-party seller from which you have purchased your product, and once you do that seller will reply to you, this is the first step to do.

Steps to Contact Amazon Seller:

Step 1: First, you need to go to your Amazon payment account; there you can contact your seller.

Step 2: Now click on the “Transaction Details” once you do that you will see an option to contact your seller.

Step 3: You should fix a one day schedule for the seller to respond to the calendar.

#2 Contact The Shipping Company

Every trusted amazon seller uses a trusted shipping company if your package is lost, then probably there will be involvement of shipping company drivers or delivery boys.

However, some reputed shipping companies offer insurance on packages, you can always check the tracking of the package from their official website, or you can directly contact the customer support.

To find your package as concerning, they can contact the driver, and resolve the issues regarding packages if their employee left your package somewhere.

#3 Submit A Claim

In case if the seller is not able to reply to you in the required period of time and almost fails to satisfy, then your second step is to submit a claim. Well, you can submit a claim between 15 to 90 days from the purchase date.

Below, I have shared a few steps to submit a claim according to the situation and how you refund your claim.

  • If you found your package broken, the wrong product, or defective, then you will be eligible to submit a claim within 14 days of when you received it.
  • Now you need to go to your order list options to apply for the claim; once you reach into your orders, you will see “View/File Claim” select it.
  • You need to follow all the instructions properly while submitting a claim; you will be required to select the reason for applying for the claim.
  • Once you submit the claim, you will also need to have proper documentation explanations for the reason you have entered.
  • After submitting your claim, you can view it on your “Amazon Payments Account.”
    You will receive a confirmation mail from amazon, if the seller resolves the issue before the claim is finalized, in that case, you can withdraw your claim by just reply to the confirmation mail.
  • Now it depends on amazon; amazon will make the decision whether to approve your claim or reject it. If your claim is approved, you will be receiving a refund.
    In case if they reject your claim, you can submit a claim again

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Here we are at the conclusion. I hope you’ve carefully reviewed all the steps previously mentioned. To summarize, consider making your purchases as an Amazon Prime member. This provides you with the A to Z Guarantee, which offers added protection for your packages.

This arrangement is beneficial for sellers too. As a seller, you have the opportunity to communicate directly with your customers, and they cannot file a claim without first contacting you. For buyers concerned about package theft, which the A to Z Guarantee doesn’t cover, opting for package insurance is a prudent choice.

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