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How to Get Free Food And Delivery On DoorDash


DoorDash is an online food ordering company based in America. It connects customers and local restaurants with delivery made possible by independent contractors. Be it online shopping or ordering food online, who doesn’t want freebies? People always look out for offers and discounts when ordering food on DoorDash. 

Well, DoorDash keeps running various promotional discounts, which users can benefit from. Some of these offers include free delivery and even free food sometimes. If you want to get free food and delivery on DoorDash, then this article will help you with it.

Ways to Get Free Food on Doordash & Free Deliveries

Wondering whether there’s a way to get free food and delivery on DoorDash? Yes, there are various ways by which you can order free food from DoorDash and get it delivered for free. These ways are discussed ahead in this article.

Ways to Get Free Food on Doordash & Free Deliveries

DoorDash Email Marketing

Once you sign in for a DoorDash account, you will be asked to join their email marketing campaigns. Choosing email marketing will get you all the information and offer available from DoorDash through email. The emails might also include deals on food orders and offer such as buy one get one free. During festive seasons there are high chances of deals that include free delivery or free food. 

Get DashPass

How To Get Free Food And Delivery On DoorDash

You can get a DashPass membership for promotions on food and free deliveries on orders. DashPass membership offers many benefits, including free deliveries, discounts on groceries, exclusive offers on orders, and more. You can sign up for the DashPass membership to avail these offers. However, this membership is paid, so if you don’t want to pay, you can opt for a free trial and cancel the subscription before it ends. 

DoorDash Promotion Page

How To Get Free Food And Delivery On DoorDash

You can check the DoorDash Promotion Page for deals on food. Restaurants usually partner with DoorDash and run offers and deals on food. You can find these deals through the DoorDash Promotion page and avail of them. These deals might include getting a free appetizers on the food you buy and even giveaways sometimes. 

You can also look at the Offers section on DoorDash to find deals on items. You can do it through the steps given below-

  • Open the DoorDash app or head to the website.
  • Here, tap on the Offers tab.

How To Get Free Food And Delivery On DoorDash

  • You will get amazing offers for food and deliveries on the Offers page. You might also find restaurants offering free deliveries here.

Use Microsoft Rewards To Earn DoorDash Gift Cards

Microsoft Rewards earns you reward points by completing tasks and searching on Bing. You can redeem the reward points you earned from Microsoft Rewards for the DoorDash gift cards. To redeem the reward points on Microsoft Rewards, follow the steps given below-

  • Click on this link, and you will be headed to the Microsoft Rewards page. 
  • Click on the Sign in button and sign in with your account. 

How To Get Free Food And Delivery On DoorDash

  • On the rewards page, click on the Redeem option. 


  • Now on the rewards page, type DoorDash.

DoorDash Gift Card

  • You will now see different DoorDash gift cards that you can redeem. However, you must have the required redeem points to redeem the gift cards. 

Refer To Friends

You can take part in the DoorDash referral program. With the DoorDash referral program, you will be rewarded cash every time your referral creates an account on DoorDash and order something. You can get your referral code on DoorDash through the steps given below-

  • Open Play Store (on Android) or App Store (on iOS) and download the DoorDash Food Delivery app on your phone. 

Note– Download the DoorDash food delivery app, not the DoorDash driver app. 

  • Open the DoorDash app and log in to your account. 
  • Head to the Account tab and tap ‘Refer Friends, Get $.’
  • You will see the referral code on the next page. 
  • Copy the referral code and share it with your friends. 

Every time your friend signs up using the referral code, you will be rewarded cash for it. Every new customer that signs up using your referral code will get somewhere between $5-30, whereas you will get somewhere between $5-15. 

However, there are some rules of the referral program. You cannot promote the referral code on sites like Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, and such, but you can share it with your friends via text, email, or social media. Also, DoorDash only allows you to refer up to 25 customers in the same country; if you want to refer more, you will have to sign up for their affiliate program. 

Participate In Surveys And Giveaways

Another way to get free food and delivery on DoorDash is by participating in a survey and giveaways. There are websites out there that pay you to participate in surveys. You can participate in surveys on these websites, and you can earn DoorDash gift cards. Not only that, but you can also earn DoorDash gift cards by participating in the giveaways. 

You will have to search for the website which conducts surveys and giveaways. You can also head to the social media pages of DoorDash and see if they are organizing such contests and giveaways to earn you free gift cards. 

Create A New Account

DoorDash offers new customers free delivery for orders above $10. If you have an email not used before for creating a DoorDash account, you can use it. Create a new DoorDash account and then order food from it. You will get free delivery on your first order above $10 from DoorDash. 

Look For Promo Codes Online

You can also search for the promo codes online. All you have to do is head to Google or your preferred search engine and type the keyword ‘DoorDash Promo Codes.’ You will now get millions of results with DoorDash Promo Codes. Now look out for the Promo Codes, and you can use the promo code whenever you order something from DoorDash. 

Bottom Line

Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of online food deals? Luckily, we’ve got you covered with foolproof ways to score free meals and delivery through DoorDash. By implementing these methods, you’ll be enjoying complimentary DoorDash dishes delivered right to your doorstep in no time.


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