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How to Trick EcoATM For More Money 2024


Key Takeaways
  • EcoATM is a kiosk installed in over 5000 locations in the US to sell or recycle old phones and electronic gadgets quickly without documentation.
  • Users are interested in tricking EcoATM to get more money for their devices by following specific steps outlined in guides.
  • EcoATM estimates device costs based on user input and device information, ensuring accurate costs by choosing cash payment, providing detailed information, and deleting personal data before selling.

Many users are trying to trick EcoATM for more money but cannot do so because of a lack of proper guidance. The EcoATM is a type of kiosk installed in over five thousand locations in the US so that users can quickly sell their mobile phones or electronic gadgets. The EcoATM was installed in different locations so users could quickly sell their old phones or recycle them without any issues.

With the help of the EcoATM kiosk, users can quickly sell or recycle their old phones. There is no requirement for documentation to do this thing. All the users have to do is go to the kiosk, log in to the account and start giving the instructions. As the EcoATM works with the help of technology installed in the kiosk, the users are thinking about the steps on “How To Trick EcoATM.” We know that it will be difficult for the users to trick the kiosk, but it will also be interesting for them to try out the steps to do this.

We know that it is not as simple for the users to easily trick the EcoATM as they are working on their latest technology to generate profit for their company. If the users can easily trick the machine, the company will likely face heavy losses, and they will uninstall the kiosk. In this guide, we are here with the proper method by which you will be able to trick EcoATM and get more money for your electronic gadgets or mobile phone. Go through the whole article to learn “How To Trick EcoATM.

What is EcoATM?

EcoATM is a type of kiosk installed by the company so customers can quickly sell or recycle their old phones, laptops, or other electronic gadgets. The machine itself does the selling and recycling with the help of the technology that has been installed in it.

The kiosk will do anything you instruct within three to five minutes. The users who have sold or recycled their phones or gadgets have reported that they were able to do these things within a time frame of three minutes to five minutes.


The main motive behind the EcoATM is to make the planet greener by recycling and selling old electronic waste. Since the launch of the EcoATM, the company has collected more than 37 million electronic devices, and it’s still counting on them. So, if you have to sell your old phone or gadgets or want to recycle them, the EcoATM will be the best and hassle-free pick for you to do this.

Many users are searching for “How To Trick EcoATM” as everything is being done with the help of technology. To help the users with this confusion, we have listed essential details about “How To Trick EcoATM.” So, make sure to check it.

How to Trick EcoATM for More Money 2024

We all know about the concept of ATM. The ATM is used for withdrawing cash. Similarly, the EcoATM is designed to sell and recycle old phones or electronic gadgets. Everything is done with the help of technology that is installed in it.


As every process is being done with the help of technology, so there are chances that we humans can trick them. Many users have thought of doing this to get more money for their phones. Some were able to trick the EcoATM, whereas some were not able to do so. Thus, we have figured out some ways through which you can trick EcoATM. So, let’s dive into the ways for “How To Trick EcoATM.”

Basic Tips


  • First, when you are going to sell the old phone, try to select the higher-priced devices.
  • By doing this, the machine will automatically increase the cost.
  • If the machine does not do this, keep on trying.
  • It would be best if you did this repeatedly by pressing the button whenever it asks you to sell the device.
  • Once you have done this enough times, the machine will likely offer you more money compared to the previous money offer.
  • The other way that you can do to get more money is by selling multiple devices.
  • The machine offers a five-dollar per extra device, which will surely help in increasing the cost.
  • Even after doing all of the above methods, if you are unsatisfied with the pricing, try contacting contact care and convince them of the higher pricing for your phone. They will surely help you do so, and you can get more money for your device.

Change Information of the Old Device

Device Information

  • Another way to trick the EcoATM is to buy the old model of any newly launched phone whose higher variant and the new model are available. It’s good if you have one.
  • You next have to swap your old device information by rooting the device to the newer model.
  • By doing this, we are turning our old model phone into the new one with the help of the software available on different websites.
  • Once you do this, take your phone to the kiosk and sell it. You will surely get the best price for your old phone because the price that you will get will be for the newer model of the device. So, this is how you tricked the EcoATM.

How EcoATM Estimates the Cost


The EcoATM works on some principles for estimating the cost. The kiosk will ask you some questions to evaluate the estimation of the device that you want to sell. However, the estimation will be based on your answers as well as the device information that you are going to sell. Once the basic steps of the EcoATM are completed, the estimated cost will be displayed on the screen, and you will be asked whether you want to sell the phone at this price or not.

How Can You Get The Most Accurate Cost From EcoATM


Following some steps, customers can quickly get the most accurate cost from EcoATM. Below we have listed them; make sure to check them.

  • First, you should choose the cash payment and not the store credit.
  • Once you have done this, accurately fill in the details that the kiosk asks.
  • When you give the accurate details of your phone, you will likely get the most accurate cost.
  • Also, when you sell the old phone, ensure you have deleted all of your files and data from your device.
  • By doing this, you can sell the mobile phone at a very accurate cost.

Getting accurate costs from the EcoATM will depend on various inputs and information that will be given by you as well as saved by the EcoATM from the database. So, the estimated cost you will get for your device will be purely based on the database information of your device as well as the condition in which you are selling the old phone. If you want to get the accurate cost, ensure to give the accurate and original information to the kiosk.

Can You Sell Stolen Mobile Phones to Trick EcoATM?

Many users are confused about whether they can sell the stolen mobile phones to EcoATM. So, the answer is Yes. You can sell stolen mobile phones to EcoATM. But, there are some things that you have to keep in mind as they will lead you into trouble.

The EcoATM buys phones with the help of your User ID that you give while selling the phone. When you are going to sell the stolen mobile phones, there are two cases, the police have registered the case for the stolen mobile phones or might not. If they have not received any complaints about the stolen mobile phone, you can quickly sell the phone without any issues and will get the cash in your account. So, everything will be recorded.

EcoATM Kiosk

But, if the user has registered any complaint regarding the stolen phone, the police will ask for the device information from the company. If they find the phone records from their kiosk, the company will share your User ID and your other personal details as you have stolen another’s user phones and sold them. After it, the police will be searching for you as you have stolen the phone. It will lead you into trouble and behind bars with penalties.

By chance, when you are going to sell the stolen phone, the user whose phone got stolen has registered the complaint. Then when you enter the device information in the kiosk, it will start matching the records of the stolen phone as it is a verification check. Once it has found the mobile as a stolen phone, it will report the police about it with the reference of your User ID, and the police will start finding you.

We hope you understand that selling the stolen phone to EcoATM will not be a good choice. So, don’t try to do this. You can also sell your old laptops to EcoATM at a reasonable price if you don’t know.

Wrapping Up

EcoATM has been installed in over five thousand places to boost the selling and recycling of phones to lower Electronic Waste. Any users who want to sell their old phones can do this easily with the help of EcoATM. You can also choose to recycle old phones or electronic gadgets easily.

All things are done with the help of technology. The users thought about whether they could trick the EcoATM or not. Due to this, they were searching for guides related to “How To Trick EcoATM.”

In this guide, we have explained the essential details related to the EcoATM and the tips for “How To Trick EcoATM.” We hope by following the above tips, you will be able to trick the EcoATM while selling your old phone or gadgets. Also, we have answered the most asked question of the users in the guide, so we hope your query might also have resolved with it.


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