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How to Fix Warzone 2 Can’t Move in Game


Key Takeaways
  • Warzone 2 by Infinity Ward offers a great gaming experience across various platforms but may face issues like inability to move during the game, frustrating users.
  • Solutions to fix the "Can't Move in Game" error include restarting the game, avoiding drones and reviving players, getting knocked down, and waiting for an official update.
  • Additional options such as staying away from specific triggers, seeking help from teammates, and understanding responses from the game developers can aid in resolving the movement issue effectively.

Infinity Ward’s Call Of Duty: Warzone 2 is a free battle royal game available for PS4, PS5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. This sequel has delivered a better experience and didn’t fail to impress users worldwide.

But this game isn’t bug or glitch-free and often troubles users with different kinds of issues. One of them is not able to move after a certain task in the game. If you also face the same problem, it’ll surely annoy you.

But, don’t worry, you’re at the right place as here I’ll share how you can easily fix Warzone 2 can’t move in game error.

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Fix Warzone 2 Can’t Move in Game 

If you can’t move while playing the Warzone 2 game, it’ll surely irritate you. So, you should know how you can get rid of this to continue enjoying the game.

There are a few things that trigger the bug and cause this error. I discussed that below and you should avoid doing that.

Apart from those trigger points, there are a few other things that you can do to eliminate the issue and be able to move in the game like before.

I have shared five ways below and explained them in simple words so that you can understand easily and apply them to get a positive result.

1. Restart The Game

Restart is the best solution for every temporary bug and glitch as it gives all the files and programs a fresh start, and issues are solved automatically.

So, whenever you’re stuck in the game, you should instantly close it and remove it from the taskbar. Later, restart the game, and you’ll be able to move again in Warzone 2 without any problem.

2. Stay Away From Drones

Although restarting is a good fix, it’ll take you some to come back again in the game. So, another thing you should try is to stay away from Bomb Drone and Recond Drone. Many users have reported that using those drones triggers the bug, and they can’t move in the game.

You can’t do anything but avoid those Drones so that you can keep playing the game uninterruptedly.

3. Avoid Reviving Players

Many Warzone 2 users also face this problem while trying to revive fellow players. So, in this case, it’ll be better for you to avoid reviving your teammates so that you can continue playing the game without any hindrance.

This practice can harm the bonding of your team, but it’s the way to avoid the “Warzone 2 can’t move in-game” error. However, there are other solutions below that you can try.

4. Let the Enemy Knock You

Another way to fix this Warzone can’t move in game error is by getting knocked down by enemies. Many players who got stuck in the game have said that they could move again after being knocked by enemies.

You can also ask your friends or fellow teammates to bomb you so that you can get knocked and get revived to get this issue fixed.

5. Wait For An Official Update

Infinity Ward, the owner of this game, is aware of this problem, and they tweeted that they are trying to investigate the issue and solve it quickly.

So, till then you can only wait and keep playing the game by following the above fixes, as there are currently no other ways.


Why is my Warzone 2 keep crashing?

There can be multiple reasons behind it, like outdated GPU drivers, corrupted game files, or unsupported systems. You should check all of them and try again to launch Warzone 2.

How to fix scan and repair errors in Warzone 2?

You should run Warzone 2 as an Administrator and check whether you fix the scan and repair error. If not, verify the game files if they’re corrupted, for steam – Library > Right-click on the game > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files; for battle.net- Library > Cogwheel beside the play button of the Game > Scan and Repair > Begin Scan.

What is the best NVIDIA driver for Warzone 2?

The ideal and the best NVIDIA driver for Warzone 2 is 526.86.

How to know if Warzone 2 is Down?

You can check the official Twitter handle of Activision Support as they update if the game faces any issues or is down temporarily.

How can I improve the COD Connection?

You should turn off the router and restart it, or it’ll be better to upgrade your plan for a better COD connection. The best thing will be switching to the Ethernet connection instead of WiFi.


So, these were a few things that you could do to fix the Warzone 2 can’t move in game error. Hopefully, you have successfully eliminated the problem. If you still encounter any problems, feel free to drop your queries in the comments below.


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