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Fix Warzone Error Code 2004 Mobile Matchmaking Lobby 


Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile is a first-person shooter game for mobiles. Warzone Mobile is the upcoming game in the COD franchise. The game is available for pre-registration on Play Store and App Store. The game is yet to be launched for mobile devices, but Australian fans can download and play the game on their devices. 

Though many gamers love the game, there were complaints from some users that they reported facing Matchmaking Lobby Error Code 2004 on Warzone Mobile. If you also face this error while connecting to the servers, this article will help you fix it.

Fix Warzone Error Code 2004 Mobile Matchmaking Lobby 

Fix Warzone Error Code 2004 Mobile Matchmaking Lobby 

This article will discuss how you can fix Warzone Mobile Matchmaking Lobby Error Code 2004.

Check Your Internet

Fix Warzone Mobile Matchmaking Lobby Error Code 2004

You are likely to face this issue if your internet is slow. You will have to check your internet speed and troubleshoot it if your internet is unstable. To check your internet connection, you can visit the SpeedTest website. If your internet is slow, then you can try the following steps to troubleshoot your connection-

  • Enable airplane mode and then disable it after a few seconds. 
  • If you are connected to Wi-fi, disconnect all the other devices from the Wi-Fi network. 
  • If you have turned on the mobile hotspot, then turn it off. 
  • Close all the other background applications that might be using your data. 
  • Connect to Wi-Fi if you are using mobile data. If you are already connected to Wi-Fi, you can switch to a different Wi-Fi network or mobile data. 

Restart Your Phone

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If there’s nothing wrong with your internet connection, the issue might be due to some glitch or temporary bug. Restarting your phone should most probably fix this issue. This will close all the applications running in the background and clear all the temporary bugs. If this doesn’t fix the issue, try this article’s next step. 

Update The Game

If the game is outdated, you might also face Warzone Mobile Matchmaking Lobby Error Code 2004. You can update the game and see whether the issue is still encountered.

  • If you have an Android device, open Play Store, or if you have an Apple device, then open App Store
  • Here, tap on the search bar and search for COD Warzone Mobile and then from the search results, tap on the relevant option. 
  • Tap on the Update button to update the app. 

Note- You will see this button only if an update is available. If no updates are available, you won’t see this button. 

  • After you have updated the app, check if you still face the issue. 

Clear Cache

Another troubleshooting step to follow is clearing the cache of the game. The cache gets accumulated over time and can get corrupted if not cleared. 

On Android

To clear the cache on your Android phone, follow the steps given below-

  • Open Settings on your Android device. 
  • Here, tap on the Apps option. 

Fix Warzone Mobile Matchmaking Lobby Error Code 2004

  • From the list of apps, tap on Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile. This will open the App info screen. 
  • Here, tap on Storage


  • Now, tap on the Clear Cache option to clear the app’s cache. 

Fix Warzone Mobile Matchmaking Lobby Error Code 2004

On iOS

You don’t have any option to clear the cache on iPhone or iPad. The only option left will be to reinstall the game if you want to clear the cache. 

Disable VPN

This problem can arise if you are using VPN. When you connect to a VPN, you can expect to face network loss and high ping, which can cause this issue. So it is recommended that you disconnect from the VPN and see if you are still facing the issue. 

Reinstall Warzone Mobile

If you are still facing this issue, reinstall the COD Warzone Mobile. If the issue is caused due to corrupted game files, then reinstalling the game should fix the issue. To reinstall the game, follow the steps given below-

On Android

  • Hold the Warzone Mobile app and then tap the Uninstall button; confirm uninstalling the game. 
  • Tap on Google Play Store to open it. 
  • Here, search for Warzone Mobile and tap on the first option. 
  • Now, tap on the Install button to install the game on your phone. 
  • Once the game has been installed, launch it and see if the issue is still encountered. 

On iOS

  • Long press the Warzone Mobile app icon, then tap on Remove App
  • Confirm uninstalling the app by tapping on Delete App
  • After the app is uninstalled, open the App Store on your device. 
  • In the App Store, search for Warzone Mobile and tap on the relevant search result. 
  • Now, tap on the Get button to download and install the game. 
  • Launch the game after it has been installed, and the issue should be fixed. 


That’s it with this guide to help fix Warzone Mobile Matchmaking Lobby Error Code 2004. If you cannot enter the lobby in Warzone mobile because of Matchmaking Lobby Error 2004, then the above article should help fix the issue. 


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