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How to Go Back to iPhone Setup Screen 2024: iOS Setup Assistant


Key Takeaways
  • iOS Setup Assistant is a guide that helps in setting up new or erased devices, configure settings, and customize preferences on iPhones or iPads.
  • To go back to the iPhone setup screen, one must reset the iPhone by accessing Settings, tapping on General, choosing Reset, and selecting Erase All Content and Settings.
  • It is important to backup data using iCloud before resetting the phone to avoid data loss, as there is no other way to access the iOS setup assistant screen.

Sometimes it happens that we accidentally setup some wrong settings while setting up our new iPhone/iPad. However, in that situation, we generally wish if there is any way using which we can get back to our iOS device setup assistant screen. Unfortunately, in the end, we didn’t find any way to do so.

But, don’t worry; here in this article; here, we will explain how you can get back to the iPhone setup screen. Thus, in case you want to do so, make sure to perform the methods we have mentioned below. But, before that, you will need to backup your data. So, now let’s get started.

What is iOS Setup Assistant?

iOS Setup Assistant guides you throughout the process of setting up your phone. So, in simple words, you can activate new or erased devices, configure basic settings, and customize preferences such as language and ID.

How Do You Setup iOS Assistant?

In case you have a new iPhone and want to know how to access the iOS setup assistant, make sure to perform the fixes we have mentioned below, as these steps are known to do so. Therefore, let’s get started with them:

  • Initially, you must have to turn on your new iPhone using the power button.
  • Thereafter, if you already have another device that has your data, make sure to tap on the Quick Start. Otherwise, you have to do this manually using the further steps we mentioned.

Quick Start iPhone

  • Now, activate your device, but for that, you have to connect your iPhone to cellular data, WiFi, or iTunes to make the connection.
  • Then, simply set up a Face ID or Touch ID and a passcode to secure your iPhone.

Setup Face ID on iPhone

  • After that, restore or transfer your data from your previous device.
  • Now, use your Apple ID to log in. Then, make sure to Turn on Automatic Updates and set up other necessary features (such as Siri, Screen Time, etc.)

Login Using Apple ID

How Do I Get Back to iOS Setup Assistant Screen?

So, as we have already mentioned, how to set up your iPhone for first use, but what if you have made any mistake during the setup process and now want to change it. Well, to do so, there aren’t many tricks available; you have to reset your iPhone.

This is because, except for resetting your iPhone, you do not have any other method to get back to the iOS setup assistant screen. Thus, if you wish to know how to reset your iPhone to set up your iPhone again, make sure to perform these steps:

  1. To do so, you have to access the iPhone Settings. Therefore, simply open the setting page.
  2. Then, locate and click on the General tab.Get Back to iOS Setup Assistant Screen
  3. After that, tap on Reset and select Erase All Content and Settings.Erase All Content and Settings

Disclaimer: Using this method will completely wipe the phone. You will then be prompted to proceed through the setup screens again and select Restore from iTunes backups (if any) when given a choice. While restoring your backup, ensure your phone is connected to wifi and plugged into your charger. Meanwhile, if you are not familiar with iOS, make sure to perform the further steps mentioned to backup your iPhone’s data.

How To Backup Your Data Using iCloud?

It is usually a good thought to backup your data before resetting your phone. But, if you don’t know the correct backup method on iOS devices, you may suffer from data loss. Therefore, to avoid that, here are some steps that will help you:

  1. To backup, your iPhone’s data on iCloud, open the Settings page on your device. 
  2. Afterward, you can simply tap on the Apple user name entry.
  3. Now, locate and click on the iCloud icon.
  4. Then, hover over to the iCloud Backup section and toggle the button to Back Up Now.

How To Backup Your Data Using iCloud

Well, if you are wondering why you would choose iCloud over other apps like Google, iTunes, etc. Well, I do not particularly recommend you to use iCloud, but in my opinion, using iCloud to backup your data will be the easiest for new users.

From Author’s Desk

As we have mentioned in this guide, except for erasing everything to factory reset, you have no other option to access the iOS setup assistant page. Therefore, think twice before performing the above method if you haven’t backed up your data.

So, that’s how to get back to the iPhone setup assistant screen. We hope that you find this guide informative. Meanwhile, if you have any doubts or suggestions for us, leave a valuable comment down below.


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