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Fix When Xbox Is OFF Turn Off Storage


Xbox is the most popular gaming console after PS5. However, there is a mysterious “When Xbox Is Off Turn Off Storage” setting that you may have come across if you are an avid Xbox user. It’s perfectly normal to wonder what this all means. The effects of selecting or deselecting this option on your console are not immediately apparent.

As it turns out quite positively, it’s not too hard to explain. You will be able to choose the option that is best suited to your needs after learning its purpose and operation. Get back to the serious business of playing games, shall we?

Fix When Xbox Is OFF Turn Off Storage

What Does “When Xbox Is Off Turn Off Storage” Means?

Xbox rest mode or standby mode saves your game stats and allows your Xbox to always use the “Instant On” feature for a quick start-up time. However, this is available with the latest versions of Xbox comprises of Series X and Series S.

The feature we’ll discuss is part of the Instant-On setup menu, so let’s quickly understand how that works first.

The console does not power down completely when Instant-on is enabled, provided you still have it connected to a power outlet.

The system goes to sleep instead. The console’s power consumption is drastically reduced while it is still capable of running background tasks. Notably, it lets you console update even when your console is turned off.

That is, unless you’ve enabled the feature that prevents storage from being used even when the Xbox is turned off. When the console is turned off and this When Xbox Is OFF Turn Off Storage is selected, no updates will be installed. It won’t mess up your game’s saves or synchronization. However, interesting features like Instant On will also be disabled.

But why on earth would you want to do that? It’s probably for the best if the console updates happen when you’re not using it. As a rule, that would be correct. However, there are circumstances in which you likely would rather not have this occur.

What is the Use of When Xbox Is OFF Turn Off Storage Option Anyway?

One obvious benefit of this option is that it gives Xbox owners more leeway in deciding which updates to actually install. It will wait until the console is turned back on before downloading and installing any updates. At that point, the player can opt to pause the game and download the latest patch.

Yet, the most obvious group who could benefit greatly from this is those who store their data on portable hard drives. It’s a preventative measure against permanently damaging your hard drive by accident.

Assume you have attached an external hard drive to your computer. Since you’ve turned off your Xbox, you can’t check to see if an update is downloading in the background. If you disconnect the hard drive now, you might lose data in the middle of an update and in an unfortunate event, corrupt your hard drive. And the information being worked on could become unreliable as a result of this.

Selecting “When Xbox Is Off Turn Off Storage” instead will allow you to safely remove the hard drive without turning your Xbox back on to make sure it’s okay to do so.

It’s a neat addition, and you should consider using it seriously if your console supports expansion memory. Knowing its nature and intended application, you can now understand its purpose.

How to Enable and Disable When Xbox Is OFF Turn Off Storage in Xbox?

Follow these steps if you want to enable or disable When Xbox Is OFF Turn Off Storage feature on your console:

  1. Turn on your console.
  2. Take th Xbox controller and press the middle X button. Once you press the Xbox button, the Xbox menu will open.
  3. Navigate to your profile picture by pressing the RB button.
  4. In the next window, click on Settings.
  5. Now, stay on General Settings and tab and go to Sleep Mode & Start Up.
  6. Using the RB Button go to When Xbox Is OFF, Turn Off Storage and put a tick mark on it.
  7. Similarly, if you want to turn this feature off, do the same thing and remove the tick mark.

Is there a Way to Fix When Xbox Is OFF Turn Off Storage

Well, what’s there to fix? This is not an error of any sort. It is a feature that disables Xbox from downloading updates, installing them, and save your game stats while staying the standby mode.

According to itechhacks, this is one of the most advanced console features if not enabled. We recommend that you don’t turn this on and let xbox keep its storage devices on even if it is turned off.

Should You Use When Xbox is Off Turn Off Storage?

As of now, we don’t recommend this feature because if you enable this, you won’t be able to use the signature Instant On feature. Furthermore, if you play the latest games, this feature will hamper performance because the latest games get regular updates and when your console’s storage is off, it won’t be able to install those updates and delaying everything.

You should also not use this feature if you love playing multiplayer gaming with your friends because multiplayer games require quick boot up which is disabled after you turn on this thing. All in all, it is up to you what you want to do. The only benefit you get from this feature is that you get to save some electricity.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about when Xbox is off turn off storage and how you can fix it. We hope this guide has helped you. Now you know this is not a problem bu just a feature allowing your save electricity but turning off everything. If you have doubts regarding this, make sure to comment down below.



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