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How to Use Xbox Resolver 2024 | Find IP Address of Xbox Live Gamertag


Key Takeaways
  • Xbox Resolver is a tool to find the real IP Address of gamers using Gamertags from a database
  • To use Xbox Resolver, you need the player to be online for IP tracking to work
  • Follow specific steps to add players, connect with them, and use the Xbox resolver to identify IP addresses connected to gaming platforms.

Xbox Resolver is both an application and software which helps in finding the real IP Address of gamers. It employs a large publicly available database of IP addresses and Gamertags. Thus, you can find the IP address of someone if you enter their Gamertag into Xresolver. Here is How to Use Xbox Resolver 2024.

How To Use Xbox Resolver 2024

There are a few things you should know before moving forward. First, you need a Gamertag. A Gamertag is a unique identifier given to every Xbox user. Using this Gamertag, you can find another person’s IP address.

However, it is necessary that the player be online for IP tracking to work. It will not be possible to track a player’s IP address if they are offline.

Find IP Address of Xbox Live Gamertag

You can easily track someone’s IP address by following the steps given below in detail.

To get started, you need to sign in to your Xbox account. Search for the friend whose IP you want to locate in the search bar.

You will need to add the person to the friendliest before searching if they are not already there.

You can add them to your friend list by following these steps.

  • Using the magnifying glass icon, you can see the nametag at the bottom of the page.
  • After that, you can browse the Gamertag profile. Then, click “Add friend“.

Now, make contact with the people whose IP you wish to locate. You can do this in two main ways. The first is to invite them to play live. Secondly, you can use a chat forum.

In order to do that, the following steps must be completed before using the Xbox resolver.

  • Invite your teammates or party members to play with you.
  • From the controller, click the “people” button. Select the Gamertag.
  • When you are viewing their profile, use the A button on the controller to invite them.

As well as this, there is also the option of using the party chat to connect with other people. Here is how to do so.

  • Go to the guide option. Select “Parties and Party“.
  • You can choose which friends to invite. Then invite them with the “invite option”.

When you see the invited person in the invite section, it means he or she has accepted the invitation. You can easily determine the IP address of other people who are connected to you using the Xbox resolve.

Identify a clickable link that you can send to these gamers. Links can come from different sources, such as gaming sites, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

You can now identify the Gamertag spacebar by clicking the Xresolver link. Click on the resolve button after pasting the Gamertag of the person.

The Xbox resolver has an option for an IP finder. Choose that and paste the link that is clickable. The ARP tool begins sniffing the users’ network connection when they click the link.

The system loads all logged IP addresses by first identifying the IP address in the “from” and changing the “to” address. Type 3074 in the tab filter. Select “Start Pulling” by clicking “A“.

The IP address of all others who are connected to the party forums or the gaming platforms is displayed there.

How to Change My IP Address By xResolver

The IP addresses can be changed easily on your laptop or PC. However, Public IP addresses cannot be changed manually. DHCP servers assigned by Internet service providers set public IP addresses. So, you can request them to do that.

Meanwhile, you can change your IP address manually by following the steps below:


  • Navigate to System Preferences. Select Network.
  • Click on Network Connection. Click Configure IPv4.
  • Select the Manual option now. Type in your IP address.


  • Navigate to Settings, then tap Wi-Fi. Select Network.
  • To configure IPv4 addresses, tap Configure IPv4 Addresses.
  • Enter your IP address manually now.


Ensure you are working from the Administrator account

  • Click the Start button. Navigate to the Control Panel.
  • Click on Network Connection. Next, select your local area connection.
  • Click on Properties. Click on TCP/IP.
  • You can now manually type in your new IP address.


  • Navigate to the Settings page. Click on Connections. Click WiFi.
  • Next, tap the network you are currently connected to.
  • To the right of the Network, tap the gear-shaped icon. Here you will see your IP address.
  • Now scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Select Advanced. Select IP Settings.
  • Choose Static. Enter your IP address now.

Final Words

It is very easy to get the IP addresses of Xbox users. Use an IP Resolver to locate the address based on the Gamertag of your target. A shortened link can also be generated and your target can click on it to reveal their IP address. Nevertheless, make sure you do not abuse the IP address in any way. Malicious use of IP addresses is illegal. This is a violation of the online user protection law.


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