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How to Fix Roku Low Power or Insufficient Power Issue


Roku develops a digital media player for video streaming. Many people use Roku with their TV for streaming content. Many users have come up with facing Roku Low Power issues when they try connecting Roku to their device. This issue has been faced by users when they try providing power to Roku through the USB port on their TV.

Apart from this, there can be other reasons that might be causing these issues, such as low-quality cables, USB ports supplying low power, overheating of Roku devices, etc. Roku might show Low Power or Insufficient Power messages when facing this issue. Sometimes, Roku might not show the error message but may show a blinking red light. 

If you click on this article in the search result while looking for the troubleshooting steps to fix the Roku Low Power issue the, you are at the right place.

Fix Roku Low Power or Insufficient Power Issue

In this article, we will provide tips on fixing the low-power or insufficient-power issue on your Roku device.

How to Fix Roku Low Power or Insufficient Power Issue

Restart Your Roku Device

The very first thing that you must do is restart your Roku device. If the issue is encountered due to some bug or glitches, restarting your Roku device should probably fix it. This will help fix the bug that was causing the power issue or issue with establishing a connection. If this doesn’t fix the issue, move to the next troubleshooting step in this article. 

Use Original Cable

Using low-quality or cheap cable may be a major cause of Roku’s Low Power issue. We recommend you use the original Roku cable provided to you in the box. You may also face this issue if the cable you are trying to use is damaged. Check for any damages on the cable, and if there are any signs of wear and tear, then replace the cable with a new one. 

 Use Different USB Port

You may also face this issue if the USB port you are connected to is faulty. Moreover, if the USB you are using to powering up your Roku device does not provide enough power then that may cause this issue. Disconnect the USB from the current USB port and plug it into any other USB Port. Check whether the other USB port provides enough power to your Roku. If you are still facing the issue then you can try the next step in this article. 

Provide Power Directly From The Power Socket

Another thing that you try doing is providing power to the Roku directly through the power socket. Many times USB port on the TV might not supply enough power to power to the Roku and can cause Roku a lower power issues. Instead, you can plug the power cable of the Roku into the power adapter and then plug it into the power socket. If you were already using the power adapter, then ensure that the power cable is properly connected to the power adapter. 

Let Your Roku Cool Down

Overheating may also cause this issue with your device. This generally happens when you use the device non-stop for a very long time. When this happens, your Roku might slow down and even crash the Roku. You will have to cool down the Roku; you can turn off your Roku for some time and let Roku cool down. Turn on Roku after some time and you will no longer face the Roku insufficient power issue. 

Do Note Use Extension

If you are using any extension to connect your Roku to your TV or to power up your TV, then that may be causing this issue. We recommend not using any extension when using Roku, as that may cause this issue. 

Clear Cache Of Roku Device

If the cache of your Roku device is corrupted, then that might also cause this issue. Try clearing the cache of your Roku and see if the issue is still faced or not. To do so, follow the steps given below-

  • Head to the home screen of the Roku by pressing the Home button. After doing so, follow the instructions given below are they are mentioned. 
  • Press Home button 5 times, Up button 1 time, Rewind button 2 times and then Fast Forward button 2 time. Press the buttons one after another as they are mentioned. 
  • Once done, the Roku device will reboot. This will clear the cache of the Roku device and you should no longer face the issue. 


These were some troubleshooting steps to help fix Roku low power issue. If your Roku device is not getting enough power and showing this issue, then you can follow the above steps to fix the issue. 


Why Does My Roku Say No Power?

If you try powering your Roku through the USB port on your TV, then you may get a ‘No Power’ message on Roku. Instead, you can plug in the USB cable to the power adapter and then use it to power your device. 

How Do I Fix Roku Insufficient Power Issue?

The issue is encountered when you are trying to use low quality USB cable, when the USB port is faulty or unable to provide enough power, and sometimes due to bugs as well. If you are facing this issue, you can follow the steps mentioned above to fix it. 


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