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How to Fix Max Not Working on Sony TV


HBO Max is one of the famous streaming apps which is being used by millions of users to watch HBO shows and movies. The HBO Max streaming app lets users watch HBO Movies and shows without any issues. It is one of the best ways to watch shows and movies. The app is available for mobile phones and TV too. However, we all love watching HBO Max on TV because of the big screen.

We all know how much it feels like when watching any shows and videos on the TV. The users who have the Sony TV have reported that the HBO Max is not working on the Sony TV (hbomax/sony). They are facing issues streaming the HBO Max on Sony TV as it is not working on their hbomax/sony. Now, we are here with the guide, where we will list the solutions for this problem. So, let’s get started with this guide.

Why does HBO Max Not Working On Sony TV (hbomax/sony)?

How To Fix Max Not Working On Sony TV

The users face the issue when streaming HBO Max on Sony TV (hbomax/sony). The HBO Max is not working on the Sony TV when they are trying to do so. There are a lot of reasons available for the cause of the issues. The users who have fixed the issue have reported the reasons for the issues, which we will list below. Make sure to check them below.

  • Internet Issues: HBO Max might not work on your Sony TV if you are not connected to an internet connection.
  • Firmware Issues: There are chances that the firmware you are using is not on the latest version, so the HBO Max is not working on the Sony TV.
  • Device Incompatibility: If you use a Sony TV model that is incompatible with running HBO Max, you will likely face the issues.
  • Cache Files App: The app’s cache files might also cause the issue of the HBO Max not working on the Sony TV.
  • Minor Bugs: There are some minor bugs on your TV or the app files, so the HBO Max is not working.

Fix HBO Max Not Working On Sony TV: hbomax/sony

Sony TV users are eager to know the solutions to fix the problem they are facing. The issue they are facing is not complex to resolve; they only need to follow the right steps to do this. We will list the right steps for you below, so you can fix the HBO Max without any issues on the Sony TV. So, let’s get started with the methods.

Check Device Compatibility 

The users who have downloaded HBO Max should check whether the Sony TV they are using is compatible with running the app. There are many users who have reported that the app was incompatible with their TV, and due to it, the app was not working. So we will suggest that you should also do this and check whether the app is compatible or not.

Power Cycle Your TV

Sometimes, issues like not working can be easily fixed by power cycling the TV. By power cycling the TV, you will be able to solve the minor glitches which are occurring on your device. We will force restart the Sony TV so that the issue can be resolved. Let’s see how you can do this.

Through Remote

The users can power cycle the TV by using the remote. You have to follow the steps which are listed below to do this.

  • First of all, you have to turn on your TV.
  • Hold the power button for 5 seconds until the TV restarts.
  • You will have to select the Restart option.
  • After it, start the app again and check whether the issue has been resolved or not.


The users who don’t want to restart the Sony TV through the remote will have to follow the steps which are listed below.

  • First of all, you have to make sure that the TV is turned on.
  • Now, unplug the TV outlet from the power source.
  • Press the Power Button from the TV panel.
  • Now, you have to wait for two minutes.
  • After it, plug the TV back into the power source.
  • Select the app and try to start it again.

Check The Internet Speed

Internet Speed

If you’re experiencing issues with HBO Max not working on your Sony TV, it’s worth checking your internet speed. It’s possible that the internet connection you’re using isn’t stable, which is a common cause of this problem. Many users have reported the same issue, and upon investigating, they found that their internet connection was indeed unstable. Therefore, it’s important to take steps to resolve this issue.

Restart The Router

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You can also try restarting the router that is connected to the Sony TV. There are chances that the router is not working correctly, and due to it, you are facing issues. Sometimes the internet speed of the router is good, but it might be blocking the responses of the app that you are trying to connect. So you can try restarting the router to check whether it works.

Update The Sony TV Firmware (hbomax/sony)

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The users facing the issue should check whether the firmware of the Sony TV they are using is updated or not. Many users have reported that they were trying to use the app without updating the firmware on their Sony TV and were facing the problem. Once they had updated the firmware, the issue was resolved. So we suggest that the users try checking for the updates of the Sony TV firmware and download if any new versions are available.

Clear HBO Max Cache

If you are still facing the not working issue, there are chances that the app’s cache is not working properly. You have to clear it on your Sony TV to make sure that the app starts to work properly again. You can easily clear the app’s cache from the Sony TV app section. Do this and check if it works.

Reinstall The App

The users who have tried the above methods and still facing the same issue should try reinstalling the app on their Sony TV. This is the last method that you can try to fix the issue directly. There might be some corrupted installed files on the Sony TV, so the app is not working properly. So we will suggest that you should reinstall the app and try checking whether the HBO Max is working or not.

Check On Other Device

You can also try using the HBO Max on the other TV to ensure whether the issue is occurring on the Sony TV or with the other devices too. It will help in analyzing the cause of the issue.

Check The Server Status

The users should also check the server status of the HBO Max who is trying to run the app on their Sony TV. There are chances that the servers of the Sony TV are not working properly or under maintenance, due to which the users are facing the issues. If any server maintenance is going on, we will suggest you wait for some time, as there is no benefit in implementing the troubleshooting method at that time.

Factory Reset The TV

The users can also implement the Factory reset on their Sony TV if they still face the issue. Possibly, some problems might be there with the installed firmware files. So if you use the factory reset on the TV, it will be fixed easily. You should try doing this on your TV and check whether the issue has been resolved.

Contact The Support Team

If you have tried all the above methods and are still facing the issue, we suggest you contact the support team. There are chances that HBO Max is not running for some other reason. So it will be good for the users to contact the support team and wait for the solution that is provided by them.

Wrapping Up 

HBO Max is a popular streaming platform used for watching shows and movies. The users love to stream the shows and movies available on it. The HBO Max app is available for users on TV and Mobile Phones. The users love watching movies and show on their TV. However, the users who installed HBO Max on their Sony TV started reporting the issue. Thus, in this guide, we listed the methods through which you will be able to resolve the issue on your TV and will be able to watch the shows and movies again.


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