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How to Fix Instagram Stories Repeating


The social media platform Instagram is well-known and has generated a lot of excitement online. The number of active Instagram users is currently close to or greater than one billion. Repeating Instagram stories is one of the most annoying things. Even though a lot of users have at least once experienced this, Instagram has strangely never released an official explanation.

If so, you’re not the only one who has been affected by the Instagram glitch where users are constantly presented with the same stories they have already seen whenever someone posts a new one. The problem is temporary, so don’t worry. In a couple of hours, everything will be back to as it was. This post will explain why Instagram stories keep repeating and how to repair it.

How to Fix Instagram Stories Repeating

How to Fix Instagram Stories Repeating Problem

On June 14, a few users reported on Twitter that Instagram had begun showing repeat stories in their feed. A small number of individuals are experiencing this issue, even if there aren’t many.

According to Twitter, the issue apparently started on June 13. An increasing number of people are stepping out and admitting they have repeatedly seen the same stories. Users have faced this issue before. Even if users in 2020 ran into the same issue, it was resolved quickly.

Why are Instagram Stories Repeating? Why I Keep Getting Same Instagram Stories? 

Your Internet Connection Is Slow

First, ensure your Wi-Fi or cellular connection is working if you discover that Instagram Stories are repeating. On average, most bugs on Instagram are caused by this.

Because the platform failed to load them correctly, the stories sometimes repeat when the internet connection is restored. Even though it can appear that you are connected to Wi-Fi, the connection could be unstable. Therefore, check your internet speed. Switch your mobile data ON and OFF, or check your router if you’re using wifi.

Your App Needs an Update

Instagram regularly surprises us with exciting new features every few months. Your app can start to act weird if you miss an update. That’s one method to notify you that it could be time for an update.

Repeating Instagram Stories is only one of several potential outcomes. Instagram will start showing you a small selection of posts or repeat posts. It nearly makes you wonder, “Could it be that none of my followers posted anything today?”

To fix this issue, update your app on the App Store or Google Play. It simply takes a few minutes, yet the benefits are immediately noticeable. You will no longer see repeated stories, and you will have access to many exciting new features.

Instagram is Down

The previous year, it happened a few times. On Twitter, people began to express their anger over their Instagram Stories repeating, and the feed wasn’t being refreshed. They thought their phones were the cause of the issue. Because everyone worldwide was suffering the same issue, those posts soon became viral. Instagram was down for almost a whole day. The only official explanation we ever received was that there was a networking issue on Instagram.

However, Instagram may be down in a certain area if there is a networking issue nearby. Perhaps that is what is taking place right now with you. We suggest you get in contact with your friends to see if they’re having a similar issue.

How to Fix Instagram Stories Repeating Error 2024

Here are some fixes that can help you resolve this bug.

Clear Instagram App Cache

  • Clearing the app cache usually fixes problems with apps.
  • So, Clear the cache of the Instagram app to resolve issues. To remove the Instagram app’s cache,
  • users of Android Go to settings, search for the Instagram app, and then click it. Tap on “clean cache.” It will clear the Instagram app’s cache.
  • Users of iPhones, Select Settings on your iPhone. Access General >> Find and select the Instagram app. Select “iPhone Storage.” On the Offload App button, tap. Reinstall Instagram yet another time.

After clearing the cache, see whether Instagram stories are still repeating.

Uninstall and reinstall the Instagram App

Reinstalling the Instagram app will fix the “repeating Instagram stories” issue. The Instagram app may need to be uninstalled and reinstalled to fix problems.

Therefore, uninstall the app from your phone, reinstall it, and check to see if Instagram stories are still repeating.

If Instagram stories are still repeating, try other solutions.

Install the Old Version of the Instagram App

You can install the old version of the Instagram app to resolve the Instagram stories repeating issue. The most recent version sometimes contains glitches.

Install the older version until the bug has been fixed in the newer version. But only Android users, not iPhone users, can apply this temporary fix.

Restart your Phone

Sometimes, there may be a problem with your phone instead of the Instagram app if the above solution does not work. Restart your phone after closing the Instagram app.

Check to see whether Instagram stories are still repeating after restarting the device.

Why Does Instagram Always Show The Same Person’s Stories Repeatedly?

Another commonly asked topic is why some users’ stories appear every day, but none of the stories of other users do. People that come first in your stories are usually friends, people you interact with regularly, or people whose stories you constantly watch. At least, that is how it should be.

However, if Instagram keeps showing stories from individuals you’re not really interested in, here’s what might be going on. Instagram’s algorithm prefers active users. Instagram shows users’ stories to others more often the more stories a person posts. That much is obvious.

Even if most of your followers aren’t really active, Instagram will almost always show you just those who are. To counter it, the only thing you can do is hide their stories.

Visit their profile and select “Follow” to achieve it. There will then be a list of alternatives; choose Mute. Choose whether to mute their stories, posts or both at that time.

The short answer is no if you’re asking if they can know that you muted them. They won’t be informed because it’s your work and Instagram.


There are a lot of things about Instagram that nobody is aware of. For instance, no one can be sure how exactly its algorithm performs. So, try to maintain your temper if the same situation occurs again. Likely, Instagram is already working to solve it.

Have you already resolved the Instagram Stories repeating issue? What additional troubleshooting steps did you try before the official fix? Comment with your experience.