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How to Fix Elden Ring Inappropriate Activity Detected 2024


Key Takeaways
  • Elden Ring is a popular action-adventure game beloved by players worldwide for its gameplay and developers' efforts.
  • The game includes an anti-cheat feature that detects and displays an "Inappropriate Activity Detected" message if players attempt to use cheats.
  • To fix this error, users can try restarting their PC, uninstalling recently installed apps, disabling Windows Firewall and antivirus, verifying game files, updating the game, or reinstalling the game to resolve the issue.

Elden Ring is one of the best action-adventure games players love. The game is getting loved worldwide only because of its gameplay. The game’s developers have worked a lot to provide the best experience to the users. Many players are playing the game and exploring it so that they can get ahead in the game. However, some users love to take shortcuts, so they use different cheat apps to quickly get ahead in the game.

However, an anti-cheat feature has been provided in the game through which you cannot use any cheating apps or other things to get ahead. The players are reporting some errors which are related to it. They have been reporting the “Inappropriate Activity Detected” they were getting when running the game or trying to start it. A lot of players in the game have reported this issue. We are here with this guide to help users escape this situation. You have to read the whole article to know properly about it.

What is Elden Ring Inappropriate Activity Detected Error?

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If you don’t know, an anti-cheat feature is provided in the game so that the other players who want to try some cheats will be unable to do so. If they do this, and the anti-cheat feature recognizes any suspicious activity, it will display the Inappropriate Activity Detected message.

This message will be displayed whenever you try to do something wrong with the game that violates the rule. Thus, the Inappropriate Activity Detected error message will be displayed only if you are trying to do something with the game’s files or trying to use some cheats. However, some users get this error message even if they have done nothing wrong with the game.

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It is because the anti-cheat might have mistakenly recorded some suspicious activity due to some bugs, or it might be that the anti-cheat was unable to recognize what you did to the game. Many players are facing the issue, and now they all want a way to fix this. So, don’t worry. Here we are with the methods in the next heading, so check it.

How To Fix Elden Ring Inappropriate Activity Detected

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We hope that you might have now understood the “Inappropriate Activity Detected” error in the game. Now, we are here with the methods through which you can resolve the issue in the game.

Restart Your PC

The Inappropriate Activity Detected issue might occur to you if the startup files of the system and the game have not been started properly. Thus, we suggest you try restarting your PC to fix the issue. Yes, this can fix the issue. Restarting your device is one of the troubleshooting methods through which you can resolve minor bugs in the game.

First, restart the game by closing it and ending all its background tasks from the Task Manager. Once you have done this, try checking whether the game works properly. If not, then there are chances that the game might be facing issues because of the startup files loading on the system. You can try to fix that issue by restarting the system that you are using. So restart your system and check whether it works for you or not.

Uninstall The Recently Installed Apps 

There are chances that the issue might start to occur when it has recognized suspicious activity with the game. In this case, we suggest you uninstall the apps installed recently, after which you start fixing the issue.

Installed Apps

There are many apps available on the internet, and if you have downloaded any apps that might not be good or trusted, you will get an error message on the screen. To fix this issue, you must evaluate and uninstall each app installed on your system. Once you have completed the steps, you can resolve the issue.

Disable Windows Firewall

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The Windows Firewall works as a checker between the server and the system. If it has recognized any malicious activity, then there are chances that the message can occur on the screen. However, this can also happen if the internet is not working properly. Those who are getting this message should try to disable the Windows Firewall and check whether the issue was occurring due to it or not.

Disable Antivirus

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Antivirus is a similar application that works like the Windows Firewall. The other reason why the game might be showing the error is the antivirus. The antivirus scans the whole system, and the issue will arise if it has changed some files in the game. We suggest you try disabling the antivirus to resolve the issue on your PC. You can also check our detailed guide on how to disable antivirus.

Verify the Integrity of the Game Files

Verify Integrity of Game Files

There are chances that some of the game files might be corrupted on your PC, due to which the game is showing the error message. It might happen if the game’s installation was not done correctly or if there might be some virus on your system which has affected it. In this case, we suggest you check the integrity of the game files. It can help you in resolving the issue. This feature of the game launcher will scan for the game’s files, and if it finds any issues, the issues will be resolved. However, you can easily fix this issue by Verifying the integrity of game files. You can do this with the help of the steps given below.

  • Open the game launcher, and go to the Library.
  • Now, select the game and click Properties.
  • After it, under the Local Files tab, you will find the option to Verify the Integrity of game files. Select it, and check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Update The Game

Elden Ring

If you have not updated the game for a long time, there are chances that this issue might be occurring due to it. The developers are always working on fixing the issues that the players have been facing in the game. Thus, if you are facing any issues, there are chances that the developers might be working on it, and they will release the update anytime. We suggest you check for the game update by going to the launcher. If any updates are available, download them, and check whether the issue has been resolved.

Reinstall The Game

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Even after trying all the above methods, if the issue is not fixed, try installing the game again on your PC. This type of issue might happen if there are viruses in the game’s installed file. It can create issues in running the game. To fix this issue, you have to reinstall the game. First, uninstall the game, all its files, and the cache. Once you have done it, restart your PC and install the game again.

Check For Windows Update

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If you are using outdated windows on your PC, there are chances that conflicts between the game files and the system might occur on your PC. We suggest all the users check for Windows Updates to see whether any update is available. If any update is available, download the Windows update, and restart your PC. After it, check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Wrapping Up

Elden Ring is a famous game with millions of players. Every player wants to play the game with complete honesty; however, some users install a cheat app through which they can win matches easily. To stop this from happening, the developers have implemented an anti-cheat in the game.

If players try to do anything with the game or its files, they will see the message of Inappropriate Activity. After it, they will not be able to play the game. However, many players have reported the issues, even though they have done nothing wrong with the game. In this post, we have listed why you might face the issues and how to fix them. We hope this guide will help you in resolving the issue. That’s it.


1. How do I remove inappropriate activity detected by Elden Ring?

Many players have been frustrated over the issue. We have listed various ways that you can follow to remove the inappropriate activity detected error in the game.

2. Why does Elden Ring keep telling me inappropriate activity detected?

There are a lot of users who are facing the same issues on their systems. Thus, we have compiled this guide with many solutions and the reasons for the cause of the issue, which you can check on the top floor.

3. Does Elden Ring have Cheat Detection?

Yes, the Elden Ring has a cheat detection feature. We suggest you should not use cheat codes or apps to access the game or something else.


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