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5 Ways to Fix AirPods Not Working and Connecting to iPhone or iPad


Do you have AirPods? If so, then most probably, after the recent iOS 16 update, you may frequently start getting connection problems with it. Well, my friend, you are not alone who getting this annoying issue. There are a number of Apple users who complained about this. Moreover, on the Apple community forum, users are flooded with one question, i.e., why are my AirPods not connecting to my iPhone?

Even though it’s a software glitch, we still have some fixes that may help you resolve this issue. Hence, if you encounter this problem, make sure to read the solutions we have mentioned below.

Why Won’t My AirPods Connect?

There could be anything behind this problem, but one of the most potential causes due to which this type of error occurs is hardware damage. However, you may also encounter iOS compatibility issues if you are having trouble connecting your AirPods to your iPhone.

However, if you are using a Mac, then you must make sure that your Mac must run macOS Sierra or later if you are using AirPods (first generation). However, for iPhone, it must be running on iOS 14 or newer. So, now let’s check out the fixes if your AirPods won’t connect to your iPhone. 

How to Fix AirPods Not Working and Connecting to iPhone/iPad

Fix AirPods Not Working and Connecting to iPhone/iPad

There are many users who recently started facing this problem. But, nothing to worry about as we have some fixes that will help you resolve if AirPods won’t connect issue. So, in case you are also facing this problem, make sure to perform these fixes:

Enable/Disable Bluetooth and WiFi

Enable/Disable Bluetooth and WiFi

The AirPods and iPhone are primarily connected via Bluetooth and WiFi. When Bluetooth and WiFi aren’t functioning on your iPhone, other applications will fail, not your AirPods.

So, are you experiencing any Bluetooth or WiFi issues? First, you need to enable and disable Airplane Mode in order to reactivate Bluetooth and WiFi.

When Airplane Mode is enabled, your iPhone automatically disables all wireless connections, including Bluetooth and WiFi. In your iPhone’s Control Center, click the Airplane Mode button to enable Airplane Mode. However, it is recommended that you wait 10-15 seconds before turning it off.

Reset Network Settings

It may be possible to resolve the network-related issue by resetting your iPhone’s network settings. It has been found that several AirPods Pro users have benefited from this solution. Here are the steps to follow if the AirPods popup does not appear on iPhone. Here are the steps that will help you:

  1. Initially, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  2. Then, tap on Reset > Reset Network Settings > Reset network settings after entering the passcode. When your iPhone has been restarted, try pairing your AirPods Pro again.Reset Your iPhone's Network Settings

Reboot Your Device

The easiest and most effective solution to a software defect, or a user’s request, such as not being able to connect your AirPods, is to restart the iPhone.

  1. You can either hold the volume button or the side button. However, as soon as the power off slider appears, drag it. It may take up to 30 seconds for your smartphone to turn off after you drag the slider.
  2. Then, again turn it on by pressing the Power button.Reboot Your Device

Charge Your AirPods

Charge Your AirPods

To fully benefit from AirPods, you must first charge them. In some cases, it does not function because it wants to conserve battery power. Does your iPhone recognize your AirPods? If it doesn’t have enough battery, try charging it directly from the wall socket for a few minutes and then checking it again. This will surely fix if the AirPods won’t connect.

Pair Your AirPods to iPhone Again

Whenever you have a problem, like AirPods won’t connect to your iPhone, then it’s the best way to handle it. Follow these steps:

  1. Insert the AirPods into the charging case. Put the lid on the charging case and close it. Once the lid has been removed, the charging case will be ready for use.
  2. On your iPhone, go to the Settings app. After that, tap the i icon next to your AirPods to find Bluetooth.
  3. Choose to Forget this Device and confirm. If the case’s setup button doesn’t flash amber, hold it down for 15 seconds.
  4. It is now possible to reconnect your AirPods after restarting your iPhone.Pair Your AirPods to iPhone Again

Clean Your AirPods

If you’ve got AirPods and a charging case, use a microfiber cloth to wipe them down. Alternatively, you can use a cotton swab, cloth, or tissue paper. If you want to remove sticky trash, grab a few surplus pieces of cotton from an end to create a more precise and soft tool.

Clean Your AirPods

Using a toothpick, you can remove the dirt remainings. But, avoid getting moisture into the openings of your AirPods by using a charging case and avoiding aerosol sprays or similar things.

Update Your Device OS

You’ve probably seen this recommendation in one of our many articles before. It’s because outdated software is the main cause of our technical troubles. Bluetooth connectivity is also crucial to the proper operation of your AirPods.

There is nothing wrong with trying an update, even though software issues are a common problem with both Airpods. You can update your Apple device by following these steps:

  1. Open your iPhone’s Settings and tap General.
  2. Click on Software Update.Check For iOS Update
  3. You can download and install one if it is available.

Contact Apple Support

In the final resort to resolve if AirPods won’t connect, you can contact Apple directly. Take a look at the AirPods section on their official website. Visit the Audio Quality tab to find solutions. You can either contact them by telephone or online.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is my AirPod liquid damaged?

When you’re experiencing an AirPods won’t connect problem, you may wonder whether liquid damage is to blame. You can damage the internal components of the bud by exposing it to rain or sweating on it.

Unfortunately, the AirPods do not feature any liquid damage indicators. You may experience liquid damage if your buds are exposed to moisture. Apple recommends you take them to the store and discuss replacement options if you’re concerned this is the cause of your issues.

How do I know if my AirPods are still covered under warranty?

Visit their website to see if Apple’s warranty covers your AirPods. There is a serial number on each AirPod, but it is extremely small and difficult to see due to its small size. If your AirPods are in your ear and connected, then you can find their serial number in Bluetooth settings (make sure that your AirPods are in your ear and connected).

  1. Your AirPods’ serial number can be found by tapping on the ‘i’ icon next to their name.
  2. You will need to put your serial number on the website.

Sum Up

So, that’s how to if the AirPods won’t connect to your iPhone. We hope you are now able to connect your AirPods to your iOS 16 devices. Furthermore, comment below and let us know if you have any doubts or questions on your mind.


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