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How to Find Your Lost AirPods or AirPod Case | I Lost My AirPods!


Quick Overview
  • Apple AirPods Pro offer a comfortable fit, good sound quality, noise cancellation, and various features, making them a popular choice among true wireless earbuds since their 2019 release.
  • Methods to find lost AirPods or AirPod cases include using the Find my App to locate AirPods within 30 feet, playing sound to find one AirPod and tracking the other, and checking paired devices for the exact location.
  • Different scenarios for finding lost AirPod cases include using Find My iPhone to locate with or without AirPods inside, using sound to locate, and finding cases without wifi or cellular signals.

With a comfortable fit, decent sound, active noise cancellation, and a robust feature set, including Apple’s virtual surround sound, Apple AirPods Pro remain the top true-wireless earbuds despite their release in 2019. 

AirPods are something that everyone wants to buy. But, due to its high range, not everyone is able to get it. However, those who buy the Apple AirPods always have a fear of getting a misplaced case of AirPods. 

Well, in a miserable situation, if you lost the case, then don’t worry, as we have some sort of solutions to find your lost AirPods or AirPod Case. So, if by accident you misplaced your AirPods or the AirPods Case, then make sure to check the methods mentioned below how to find my Airpods case.

Where Should I Look if My AirPods Are Missing in Different Places?

Where Should I Look if My AirPods Are Missing in Different Places?

Using the Find my App, you can still locate lost AirPods if they’re 30 feet away from their charging cases, but only if they’re not on their charging cases. However, sadly, the location can only be viewed at one time.

You can locate one AirPod by using the map or playing sound from the device. Put the found AirPod into the charging case, and update your find my App to track down the other missing AirPod.

How To Find My Lost AirPods Case Using My iPhone?

How To Find My AirPods Case Using My iPhone

Since they were introduced, there has always been a question about how to keep track of AirPods. Whether you lose the case with the AirPods inside or not, there are numerous ways to find it. So, don’t worry; you can simply follow these methods to know how to find your AirPods case:

Case 1: Find Your AirPods Case With Your AirPods in Them

You can find your lost AirPod case with or without the AirPods using the steps we have mentioned below. So, here’s a simple guide to help you locate your AirPods and AirPods case if you lose or misplace them.

  1. Initially, you must have to launch the Find my iPhone app on your iPad, iPhone, or mac. 
  2. Now, you will get a list of paired devices list. 
  3. Select the AirPods. Then, the App will show you the exact location of your AirPods, including the details such as the date and time they were last seen.

You can play a sound by tapping on the play a sound button and adjusting the volume to make it audible. You can now stop searching for your AirPods once you find them.

Case 2: Find The AirPods Case Only

People often ask us how to find my AirPods case when only the AirPods case is misplaced. So, when your AirPods are lost without the case, it can be pretty hard to locate them since the Find my iPhone app locates the H1 chip on the AirPods and not the case. However, if you still cannot find your lost AirPods case, here are some steps you can take to get it back.

  1. Go to Find My iPhone and check the list of paired devices.
  2. Now, if the green light starts blinking on your AirPods, then this indicates that it is nearby. Meanwhile, if you notice that it blinks a grey light, this indicates that the AirPod case is far away from you.
  3. However, unfortunately, the Find My iPhone app cannot find the exact location as it is far from you. Therefore, you must buy new cases that cost you about $69.

Case 3: Find a Dead And Lost AirPods Case

The Find My App will show you your AirPods case’s last known location, even if your case has been out of battery for a long time because you lost it. As long as your AirPods are out of battery, they will not play sound, so check all corners around the last known location.

Case 4: Find a Lost AirPods Charging Case Without wifi or Cellular Signal

Find my App doesn’t require a wifi signal to locate your AirPods, so you don’t need a signal to see their location. You can set the find my network on your AirPod case by opening the Settings app, launching the Find my App, tapping on your AirPod device, and turning it on.

Case 5: Find an AirPod Case Using an Older Find My iPhone App

Many users ask me how to find my Airpods case using the older find my iPhone app. So, here are the answer, finding your lost AirPods case is still possible if you are using an older version of finding my iPhone. To pair your AirPods, tap on the name of the AirPod in the list of paired devices tab.

The case’s last location will be displayed on the map once you tap on it. However, an AirPod case with a green dot nearby is still charged and nearby. The gray dot, on the other hand, indicates that the device is offline or not within Bluetooth’s range.

When you tap on the actions icon, you will see the general direction in which your AirPods charging case was last seen. You can use this to locate your AirPods. You can quickly locate them by playing sound once you’re nearby.

In some cases, a gray dot may show on the AirPods case, in which case you can still track the overall location by tapping the car icon while looking for it, but you won’t be able to play any sounds at the same time.

Is There a Way to Find AirPods Using Sound?

Is There a Way to Find AirPods Using Sound?

When you open your Find my iPhone app, choose your AirPods from the list of paired devices tab to find your lost AirPods using sound. You can play an AirPods sound by tapping the play button when a green light appears beside the name of the case for your AirPods.

Wrap Up | Find AirPods Case

It is a very worst thing to misplace the AirPods and the AirPods case even in dreams. However, as we know, when an Airpod leaves a 40-foot range, it will appear gray on your Find my iPhone app, indicating it has disappeared or is very difficult to find.

So, if you have misplaced your AirPods case within the 40-foot range, then it might be possible to find it. But, as methods mentioned earlier in this guide, we hope that you apply these fixes and are now able to find your AirPods case. So, that’s it from our side. However, in case you want more info, comment below and let us know.


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