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How to Buy, Sell, And Transfer Used Starlink Dish


Key Takeaways
  • Starlink satellite internet service is now popular, leading to an increase in the buying, selling, and transferring of used Starlink dishes on online platforms like eBay and Facebook.
  • To sell a used Starlink, ensure bills are paid, advertise on selling websites, confirm service availability with Starlink, provide buyer details, complete transfer forms, and finalize payment.
  • Buying a used Starlink involves checking availability, placing orders, filling transfer forms, and making payments, with caution advised regarding pricing and service activation.

Since late 2020, Starlink has started providing satellite internet all over the world. However, Used Starlink dishes are becoming more and more common on online marketplaces like eBay and Facebook. As a result, more and more people are thinking about how they can buy, sell, or transfer a used Starlink.

So now you have used your Starlink quite a lot and think maybe it is necessary for you to keep it in the long run and want to sell it. Or, if you are quite in the rage, you may be willing to purchase a used Starlink to hone your appetite. For that, here’s our guide to help you buy, sell, and even transfer a used Starlink.

How To Buy, Sell, And Transfer Used Starlink Dish

How to Sell Used Starlink

If you are set to sell your used Starlink, follow these simple steps, and you are good to go:

  1. Make sure you have completely paid up your bills.
  2. Post about your Starlink on eBay or any other selling websites that you are selling your Starlink.
  3. Please choose an appropriate rate.
  4. Once you get the seller, contact Starlink and tell them that you are willing to sell your Hardware. They will make sure whether the service is available at your buyer’s location. You will have to look for another buyer if the service is unavailable.
  5. Once Starlink confirms that service is available at your buyer’s location, give them complete details such as billing address, email address, name, and ID proof.
  6. Starlink will email your new buyer a form, and he/she will have to fill up that form.
  7. Complete the process by taking 50% after confirming the name and email to Starlink. Once you hand over your Starlink, take the remaining 50%. The amount is just for reference. You can do this your way.

How to Buy Used Starlink

If you are not getting your hands on Starlink with the long waiting period, you can also purchase a used Starlink that someone sells at a reasonable price. If you don’t wish to buy a used Starlink, you can also purchase Starlink RV. Follow these steps to buy used Starlink:

  1. First of all, confirm that Starlink is available in your area.
  2. Now check if you can place an order for Starlink for $599. If yes, you can buy a used Starlink and even a new one.
  3. However, if it shows that you can pre-order now at $99, you won’t be able to purchase a used Starlink.
  4. Now send your information to the seller, such as a complete address, email address, ID proof, and anything else if necessary.
  5. Fill up the transfer form you receive from Starlink.
  6. Once you get the Transfer order of the used Starlink, you can now pay the money for the used Starlink.

Can You Buy a Used Starlink

Yes and no, both. You can offer your used Residential Starlink equipment for sale to anyone at their service address who needs it. The hardware is yours once you buy Starlink. Starlink assures that you are free to use your equipment however you want.

How To Buy, Sell, And Transfer A Used Starlink

However, Starlink has halted all transfer requests and forms at the time of writing. This news comes courtesy of their own official websites, which state that to deploy new features, this feature is not available.

Starlink Buying and Selling Tips

If you are going with the selling or purchase process first time, these tips should come in handy:

  1. If you’re purchasing a used Starlink, only make the payment after receiving confirmation from Starlink. You wouldn’t want to purchase or sell a dish only to discover that you cannot transfer service later on.
  2. Take advantage of eBay’s buyer protection when making purchases there. When using eBay, you’ll have to pay upfront, so be sure to let the seller know what you expect from him and tell him the procedure if he doesn’t know. Bonus tip: You can share this guide also.
  3. Verify the condition of the used Starlink dish. Make sure it turns on, connects to satellites, and connects to the internet. The ability to see something in person is always preferred.
  4. When purchasing, inquire whether the seller’s Starlink account is active or terminated. Ask them if their account has been paid in full and if there are no outstanding payments, and confirm they have canceled on their own.
  5. Request the buyer’s home address up front when selling. To determine whether the address is available. It is not worthwhile to continue working with that customer if you can’t complete the order.

Can You Cancel the Transfer Process?

Yes, you can cancel the transfer process. If you notice some ingenuity from the buyer, you should immediately cancel the transfer process by contacting Starlink customer support and raising a ticket.

Can You Transfer Starlink RV?

Starlink RV cannot be transferred at the time of writing because it is not dependent on location. If you still want to sell your Starlink RV, it is up to you and how much of a risk you can take.

What Should be the Average Price of Used Starlink?

Since the introduction of the portability mode, the used Starlink market has experienced a wild ride. A used Starlink is obviously less valuable because a new Starlink kit costs $599.

Listing a used dish for more than MSRP doesn’t make much sense if a buyer’s address is available for orders. We are saying this because on eBay you can find a lot of users selling the used Sattelite for around. We are saying this because people are settling Starlink dishes for over $1500 on eBay. But prices have begun to decline since the introduction of Starlink RV.

We think a used Starlink kit should cost between $400 and $450 at max, depending on the condition. If you’re a consumer, purchase a new Starlink rather than pay more for a used Starlink. If you’re a seller, only unqualified buyers will be interested in a dish that’s priced higher than MSRP.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can buy, sell, and transfer a used Starlink. We hope this guide has helped you. Since Starlink has halted all transfer requests, we suggest you wait and don’t sell it out until the transfer program starts again. Until then, you can go ahead and choose some other internet service providers at lower cost and higher speed, like Fibre.



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