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Top 10 Best Music Downloading Websites Legally


In Short Hacks: Are you seeking ‘Free Best Music Downloading Websites? Well, We have a complete list of all-time amazing and best free music streaming websites that works perfectly fine and legally and you can even download music of various genres from these websites at free of cost with no ads issues as well. So let’s have a look over these top 10 Best Free Movies Downloading Websites.

Top 10 Best Music Downloading Websites Legally In 2018
Top 10 Best Music Downloading Websites Legally In 2020

Entertainment plays an important role in people’s everyday life! They listen to music when they are at home, while traveling, even show exercising. This states that people need music to get through their daily routine. However, music is not just pre-installed on your device. You need to either stream it online or download it and stream it offline.

There are many pirated websites available on the internet where people download their desired music. However, there are quite a few websites which show you to stream and download music legally on your device. Like, Another Movies Streaming and Downloading sites, music downloadable sites are also legal if you download them from the right source.

You can get Premium music streaming services like Apple Music, Prime Music, Spotify, etc., free for trial periods to enjoy the high-quality original songs. Thus, here we are with the list of such websites where you can stream and download any music for free on your device!

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Best Sites to Download Music for Free 

Best Music and songs Streaming and Downloading Websites include-

#1 YouTube:

Alternatives to YouTube
Alternatives to YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest stores of videos and audios. Almost every song released in any part of the world can be found on YouTube. You can stream any music for free and the latest ‘download‘ feature allows its users to save the music to play when offline. However you cannot share the downloaded file with anyone, nor can you have it saved offline forever.

#2 Amazon Music:

Top 10 Best Music Downloading Websites Legally In 2018
Amazon Prime Music

You must have definitely heard about Amazon Prime’s media streaming website. One such service provided by Amazon is its Amazon Music. Here, you will find over 2 million tracks from more than 180,000 artists and over 20,000 labels. It also provides with a 30-seconds preview for every song. However, you cannot stream or download any music for free. You must have a subscription to access Amazon Music.

#3 Google Play Music:

Top 10 Best Music Downloading Websites Legally In 2018

As you know, Google has the solution to every problem. Thus, you can use Google Play Music, which allows its users to stream music online and also download them to stream when offline. It has an extensive gallery which contains almost every song known to mankind! It is believed that it has more than 40 million songs.

#4 SoundCloud:

Top 10 Best Music Downloading Websites Legally In 2018
Soundcloud | Legal Sites to download music

This is another popular music streaming website in the world! Here, you can stream and download more than 125 million songs. The distinguishing feature of this website is that artists can upload their Songs and albums for the people. However, you must have a subscription which will cost you a few bucks based on the term of the disruption you choose.

#5 Pandora:

This music streaming website is originally available for the people in U.S, Australia, and New Zealand. But, people from all around the world can use it to stream more than 30 million tracks available in its search box. There are approximately 80 million active users on Pandora. These figures definitely indicate the popularity of this website!

#6 Napster:

Napster has over 32 million tracks for over 2.5 million users. Songs can be searched based on a particular genre or by using the search bar. However, you need to have is a subscription to stream any song on Napster.

#7 NoiseTrade:

Top 10 Best Music Downloading Websites Legally In 2018

Streaming and downloading songs from this website is entirely free of cost. Here, artists can upload their songs for the users to download. If you wish to tip an artist, you can use a dedicated feature to do it!

#8 Internet Archive: Music Free

Top 10 Best Music Downloading Websites Legally In 2018
Free Music Downloading Sites

This website is also known as Audio Archive by some. Here, along with sins, you will also find audiobooks, podcasts, radio programs, and live music. If you are looking for songs from a particular category, you can use the categories provided by this website.

#9 PureVolume:

This website is similar to most of the websites which allow artists to upload their music on this website. But, the distinguishing feature of this website is that listeners can vote for any song and the artist has the authority to allow users to download his/her music or not.

#10 SoundClick:

Top 10 Best Music Downloading Websites Legally In 2018

Most of the songs available on this website are free to download. There are not millions of songs but, there are not millions of songs but, there are sufficient, so as to meet the expectation of its users.

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These were some of the best websites which you can use to stream and download music on any of your devices. You can check them out and deuce which one to go ahead with! If you know of any such amazing website which is not listed above, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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