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Top 30 Best Movies Streaming and Downloading Sites of 2024 (FREE)

Here's the complete list of legal websites to download and stream movies online.


Key Takeaways
  • Compilation of top 30 free movie streaming and downloading websites in 2024
  • Popular categories like Hollywood and Bollywood movies for entertainment
  • Legal websites like Popcornflix, MovieNoLimit, Hotstar, YouTube, and more to watch and download movies for free

Are you wondering on internet about Free Movie Streaming Websites? Well, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best and most popular free movie streaming websites that work flawlessly, and you can even legally download movies for free from these sites. So, let’s take a look at the top 35 best websites for downloading movies for free that still work in 2024.

The latest and upcoming Hollywood, as well as Bollywood movies, are some of the best ways that one can use for entertainment purposes. Also, they are the best time killers when traveling or just spending some leisure time. There are numerous movies released in a year, and these movies belong to various categories such as horror, comedy, romance, etc.

Hence, there are various options that one can choose from depending on the likes and dislikes of the person. Also, most of these movies are quite interesting, and you won’t realize it when time passes.

Watching these movies in a theatre is a completely different experience. However, watching each and every movie in a movie theatre is not possible since it costs a lot. Also, one cannot wait until the movie is telecasted on television since it takes considerable time.

Thus, to watch the latest and older movies, one can resort to websites that provide its viewers with the latest as well as classic movies. Numerous such websites provide a huge collection of movies from which one can choose which movie he/she wants to watch.

Also, watching these movies is entirely free of cost. Hence, here we are with the list of the best free movie streaming websites where you can watch the latest and also download movies for free. So let’s get started.

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Free Movies Streaming Sites of 2024

Top 10 Best Free Movie Streaming and Downloading Websites

Due to the increasing piracy factor, there are some of the best legal websites to watch and download movies online in 2022. Some all-time free movie sites that you can use. These sites have a good collection of all kinds of movies. and We’ll recommend you to give them a try and make your time remarkable.

Sr. No.Movies Downloading SitesWebsite Address
8Movies Couchhttps://moviescouch.info/
9Vudu Movieshttps://www.vudu.com/content/movies/
10 Cracklehttps://www.crackle.com/
14Web Archive Movies https://www.archive.org/details/movies
15Loaded Movieshttps://loadedmovies.com/
18400 MB Movieshttps://www.300mbmoviess.com/
19YIFY MOVIEShttps://yts.ag/
20WATCH MOVIES FREEhttps://watchmoviesfree.sk
22PRIME WIREhttps://primewire.show/
25Movies Planethttps://www.yesplanet.co.il/
27SOLAR MOVIEShttps://solarmovie.mom/
28Mobile Movieshttps://mobilemovies.me
29Pluto TVhttps://pluto.tv/watch/
30Yahoo Movieshttps://view.yahoo.com/browse/movies
31Le CiNéMa Club https://www.lecinemaclub.com/
32Watch TCM https://www.tcm.com/watchtcm
34Prime Videoshttps://primevideos.com
35Filmy Wap Moviesxhttps://filmyway.com

Best Movies Streaming Sites for Free 2024

1. Popcornflix

This is a website where you can watch full-length movies and TV shows online. Type ‘https://www.popcornflix.com/’ in the search box and hit ‘Enter‘ to access this website. Here, the movies are categorized into different categories such as Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Documentaries, etc.

It has a large collection of movies. You can also search for a particular movie/TV show in the search box. Before streaming the movie/TV show, you will be shown some ads, after which you can continue watching your movie without any interruption.

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2. MovieNoLimit

You can access this amazing movie-downloading website from ‘https://movienolimit.to/’ this link. In this website, you will find a huge collection of movies, anime series, etc.

The best part about this website is that it gets constantly updated, unlike some other movie downloading websites that are rarely updated. You can also create an account on this website and follow channels you like and maintain a history of all the movies and videos you have watched on this website.

3. Hotstar

Best Free Movie Websites of 2017
Hotstar | Best Free Movie Websites

This is another famous website where you can stream the latest movies, TV shows, sports, etc. This website has some movies and shows which are free to watch while some require a premium subscription which will cost you. Many Bollywood movies such as Housefull 3, Dishoom, can be watched for free. If you are looking for some free Hotstar premium accounts for unlimited access.

This website is owned by Star India, and hence, it is preferable for the Indian audience. However, people from other countries can also make use of this website. An app version of this website is also available for Android as well as iOS users. One can also download and watch the movies in offline mode if required.

4. YouTube

Alternatives to YouTube
Alternatives to YouTube

YouTube is a very famous website known for its extensive content. There are millions of videos available in different categories such as entertainment, tutorials, etc. You will also find movie clips and full-length movies here.

Somehow, if you don’t like YouTube then you must have a look over Best YouTube Alternatives Some of these movies are free while you will have to rent other movies. However, you can stream or download the movies which are available for free. All you need is a good internet connection while downloading or streaming those movies.

5. Viewster

You can access this website from the ‘https://www.viewster.com’ this link. On this website, you will find a huge library of movies, anime series, etc. The best part about this website is that it gets constantly updated unlike some of the other movie downloading websites that are rarely updated.

You can also create an account on this website and follow channels that you like and also maintain a history of all the movies and videos which you have watched on this website.

6. Snagfilms

Best Free Movie Websites of 2017

This is another trusted and legit website to stream and download movies without signup and where you can find most of the movies and TV shows. An app version of this website is also developed and is available for Android as well as iOS users.

The categories on this website are different than most of websites. The movies here are categorized based on Festival Favourites, Award-Winning, Classic Movies, etc. This is the unique feature of this website that separates it from the other websites. The link to this website is ‘https://www.snagfilms.com’ and the user interface of this website is very user-friendly.

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7. TubiTV

Best Free Movie Websites of 2017

This website is widely known due to its attractive user interface and a vast collection of movies that you can watch for free. There are a number of categories using which you can decide which movie is best for you. You can also use the app version of this website which has been developed for iOS as well as Android users.

However, you need to register yourself if you wish to watch the movies available here for free. This website is updated on a weekly basis which means that a huge chunk of media is uploaded here every week.

8. Torrent

How To Download Using Torrent - Movies & Any Files
How To Download Using Torrent – Movies & Any Files

Torrent is one such website where all the latest movies and TV shows from around the world are uploaded. However, the movies and TV shows uploaded here pirated and downloading the content from here is an illegal activity.

However, since we are listing the websites where you can find movies for free, it is important to mention this website. But, you must know that we are not promoting this website and downloading content from this website might land you in trouble.

9. Vudu Movies

Best Free Movie Websites of 2017

Here, you can watch movies for free, and that too in UHD (Ultra HD) quality. You can watch the latest movies, and TV shows for free. It has paid plans too but, you can go ahead with the free movies. Searching for your movie is quite simple and the user interface is very attractive.

10. Crackle

Best Free Movie Websites of 2017

In this website, you can watch and download movies from different categories such as Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fandom, Romance, Sports, Thriller, Crime, Anime, and Horror. If you register yourself here, you can watch adult-rated movies without verifying every time. However, you will have to watch a few commercials before and in between the movie.

11. Yidio

Best Free Movie Websites of 2017

Yidio is another movie and TV show streaming website where you can watch movies and TV shows for free. You can use the ‘https://www.yidio.com/filter/free’ this link to watch all free movies and TV shows on this website. There are various categories such as Drama, Action & Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Supernatural, Crime, Comedy, Sports, Reality, Family, Horror & Suspense, Animation & Cartoons, Vampire, Documentary & Biography, Soaps Anime, etc.

12. Fmovies

Best Free Movie Websites of 2017
fmovies | itechhacks.com

This one is another best movie downloading website from where you can easily download every latest movie from Hollywood and Bollywood the day after releasing.  At movies, you can easily watch any movie online and download at Full-HD as well.


It is our personal favorite streaming site to watch movies which never let us down. If you are a person who is very much concerned about the quality of the content, BMovies is the first site you have to visit. It has most of the films and favorite serials like flash, GOT, Walking Dead, and many others in HD format.

It allows you to download movies and videos as well. It has a good collection of old and new movies. You can reach BMOVIES using this URL: https://bmovies.is/


GOMovies is one of the most reliable streaming and downloading sites in the market. It operates in different regions in the world for providing you with a more reliable and positive service. It allows you to stream movies and popular tv-shows on their sites.

It also has very good collections from different genres. If you have any spare time, you can definitely kill it with gomovies. It has also a subscription system that lets the updates reach you in a very fast time. You can reach GOMOVIES using this URL: https://gomovies.co/


It is another well-built streaming site that offers you a good amount of content of good quality as well. It categorizes movies and tv-shows in many sections which make the searching process very easy. Also, if you are watching some list of IMDB movies you can easily watch all of them according to the list with the help of YESMOVIES.

You can easily sort movies in many ways like trending, featured movies, top today, and top IMDB Movies. It has also different language movies which are unique things on this website. You can reach YESMOVIES using this URL: https://yesmovies.org/

16. 123MOVIES


It has a very good collection of both new and old movies. New movies are being updated very fast on this site. If you feel bored and don’t know what movie to watch 123MOVIES will help you as they have collections based on the highest rated movies, popular movies, and many other categories. It contains many tv-shows as well for you to watch. You can reach 123MOVIES using this URL: https://123movies.io/


It is another brilliant site to stream most of the movies. It has some special documentaries and many other award-winning films which are very hard to find on the Internet except from this website. Also, it has some good categories of movies from different languages as well.

Most of the content in this site is full HD format which doesn’t make you compromise on the quality of the movies. If you want to watch some award-winning films in your day, VIMEO is the site you need to visit. You can reach VIMEO using this URL: https://vimeo.com/

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If you are a person who always loves to watch evergreen and classic movies, this is the one option for you to watch those attractive, classic films. Classic Cinema Online is the site where you can find most of the old school classic movies. This site definitely saves you some bucks which you are spending to buy some classic movies CD/ DVD.

But you cannot get any newly released movies on this website until it gets old. Rather than updating the newer movies, this site will update you with some cool classic movies 2022 on your day. You can reach the Classic Cinema Online using this URL: https://www.classiccinemaonline.com/

19. YIFY

Are you looking for some site that lets you download newly released movies in great 1080p quality? If you do so, YIFY is the site you are searching for. With this website, you can easily stream each and every newly released movie with great quality.

If you can get any new movies in HD format, it was firstly released on YIFY only. Remember, you can also download those quality movies and tv-shows to watch whenever you got time. It is one of the classic, premium-looking sites which provides you with some great quality content. You can reach YIFY using this URL: https://yts.am/


WATCH MOVIES FREE 2022 | itechhacks

It is another very cool streaming movie site to get your movie online for free. As the name suggests, you can watch an endless amount of movies for free with this website.

It has some really interesting things, such as its homepage, which is more interesting than other websites. Their homepage is brilliant and has many categories and genres to select your movie. Also, it has many lists which help you to complete one list and move on to the next list. You can reach Watch Movies Free using this link: https://watchmoviesfree.us/

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Next on our list is VUMOO, which has huge collections of movies from various genres. It has a whopping 60,000 different genres of movies for you to spend time on this site.

It helps you not only with streaming movies and tv-shows but also with downloading those great and quality movies. This site never let you leave the site without watching or downloading any movies. You can reach VUMOO using this link: https://vumoo.to/


Prime Wire is the most underrated streaming website on this list. You may avoid this site because it asks you to sign up on their site. But once you signed up, you will get notified of all the latest movies and you can also watch and download movies without any hassle in great quality. You can reach Prime Wire using this Link: https://www.primewire.gr/

23. VOEH

You may surprise why this website is on this list. You can actually watch movies on this premium website without paying any subscription. The only disadvantage is you may go through some ads to watch movies for free. You can reach VOEH from this link: https://www.veoh.com/

24. BOX TV

It is another premium looking movie site from which you can stream your favorite movie for free. It has some huge collections of movies in many languages including Bollywood. Most of the Bollywood movies are available on this website. You can reach Box TV from this link: https://www.boxtv.com/

25. Movies Planet

It is the desired destination for a lot of movie lovers. But it requires you to sign up on their site. But believe me, it’s really worth more than sign up.

After signing in to your account you can watch an endless amount of movies to watch for free. Also, you can get subtitles and download your favorite movies and tv-shows with this website. You can reach Movies Planet using this link: https://www.moviesplanet.tv/


Top 7 Best Site Like Wolowtube 2018
Best Site Like Wolowtube 2022

It is another good-looking streaming and downloading movie website that helps you in selecting which movies to watch. It has huge collections of movies and tv shows in any genre. They provide some best collections list from which you can select and watch and download your movies. You can reach WOLOW Tube using this link: https://wolowtube.me/



Last but not Least, Solar Movies is one of the great functional streaming websites for movies which has a huge number of categories of movies to watch. It has some cool features like ratings, reviews, a wish list, and tons of things to try.

It has a brilliant design for a streaming site. If you need thousands of movies and reviews of that movie in the same place you can definitely check these Solar Movies. You can reach this Solar movie using this link: https://csolarmovie.com/

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Wrap Up:

So These were some of the famous and best free movie downloading websites of 2024 where you can watch movies for free if we have missed out on any such website where one can watch movies for free. Our dedicated team of editors reviews all the Movies Sites mentioned above. So feel free to add any good website to the list. Please let us know in the comments section below. And don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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