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Top 5 Best Free Movie Downloader Apps for Android/iOS


Are you in search of free movie apps? Look no further, as you have stumbled upon the right blog post. We have compiled a list of the top 5 Android and iOS apps that work efficiently for downloading movies onto your smartphones. This guide is designed particularly for movie enthusiasts. If you desire more tutorials and interesting posts, feel free to explore our other content.

Top 5 Best Free Movie Downloader Apps for Android/iOS
Best Free Movie Downloader Apps | itechhacks

Movie Downloader Apps: Nowadays most of people prefer to use smartphones over computers or laptops. After the Android revolution, people are going crazy with smartphones. They almost do every single thing through their mobile phones. Because they are easier to carry than other electronic devices and can be used for many purposes.

There are many uses for smartphones, such as editing documents, taking selfies, browsing the web while on the move, and for entertainment purposes, among others. Modern smartphones are capable of running any task thrown at them. When it comes to entertainment, some people are addicted to mobile games, while others prefer to use their mobiles as portable televisions and watch their favorite movies while traveling.

Those are the people who request us for this article. We are getting tons of requests from you guys to come up with The Top Movie Download app list. You can watch movies online but everyone won’t get a reliable Internet connection in travel time. If you need such online movie streaming sites, you can check out our previous article about this topic: Best Free Movie Streaming and Downloading Websites

Before we jump into our list, let’s talk about why free movie downloader apps are so fantastic. Firstly, they save you money. Why pay for every movie when you can legally download them for free? Secondly, they’re convenient. Whether you’re on a long flight or in a remote area without reliable internet, these apps ensure your entertainment is uninterrupted. Lastly, they offer a wide variety of choices, from blockbuster hits to indie gems.

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Top 5 Best Movies Downloading Apps 


Best Free Movie Websites of 2019

Crackle is really a brilliant application for downloading Movies and tv-shows from your smartphone. The best thing about this application is that it is available for both Android and ios devices as well.  It has some good collections of movies and tv-shows to download. Also, they have some good servers backing up which means you can get some good download speeds. For downloading movies from crackle you need to create a Free account on their application. They tell user will get personalized movie suggestions by creating an account. You can download Crackle using the below link.


  • Clean User Interface.
  • Most of the movies are in High Definition.
  • Good collection of movies.
  • Personalized contents.


  • Need an account to download movies.
  • Some annoying advertisements. (As it is a free application)
  • Subtitles are not available.


Top 5 Best Alternatives to Showbox 2018

Show Box is a famous app for downloading and streaming movies and tv-shows. It has a very large amount of movies and tv-shows from which you can either download or watch your content online. It has a minimal design which makes the app comparable with Netflix and other premium streaming services. It is completely ad-free which is the reason why people love this application. A lot of fans out there for this application. You can easily search or browse your favorite movies by selecting a genre or search the movie name in search bar. Also, Like Crackle you don’t need any sort of account in this application to download and stream movies.


  • Completely ad-Free application.
  • No need for any accounts.
  • An extensive collection of movies.
  • Quick updates of movies in HD.
  • Clean and responsive UI.


  • Not reliable- App may be blocked by any governments.
  • Many links are broken and they are not yet fixed.

#3. MOBDRODownload Mobdro Official App For iPhone, Android | Free Video Streaming Apps

Mobdro is a new movie download application which gets the job done perfectly. As this is a new application, there is no huge number of users in this application which in turn gives great speed while downloading a movie from this application. It has all the fluid design with good navigation. As it is a new application it does not have a huge collection of movies like Show box. Don’t get me wrong, it is a brilliant application which has many movies but when you compare it with snow box, it lacks behind. Also, there are some ads here and there which don’t affect your experience while watching your favorite tv shows or movies.


  • Very good navigation.
  • High-speed servers.
  • No annoying full-screen ads.
  • No need to Sign Up to download movies.


  • Updation of new movies are slow.
  • Playback issues which happen sometimes will screw down the entire experience.



It is one of the most underrated movie download application. In our usage, it works completely fine without any issues. It has some good amount of movies and shows. Its user Interface is not that much good but it is usable. It updates new movies faster than any other application.


  • Good collection of movies.
  • Faster updates of movies.
  • Subtitles available.


  • Average UI.
  • Not stable.


Terrarium TV
Terrarium TV

This application is available for Android users only. However, you cannot find it in the Google Play Store. You can download its APK from the Internet and install it on your Android device. Here, you can stream your favorite movie or TV show. It has an inexhaustive library with all the latest movies and TV shows. You can also choose the quality in which you wish to stream your video in! Subtitles are automatically loaded if you choose the option ‘Play with subtitles.’ Terrarium TV is entirely free to download and use.

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