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How to Download Web Series/Videos/Movies from Hotstar for Free


Key Takeaways
  • Indians prefer Hotstar for watching TV shows due to work constraints and expensive subscriptions of cable TV and DTH.
  • Many resort to downloading shows from third-party sites as they don't want to pay for subscriptions, but Hotstar shows are not easily available.
  • Methods to download Hotstar content for free include using the Videoder app, Command Prompt, or online downloader websites like video-download.co.

In Short Hacks: You never knew what amazing will going to happen in next moment! Well, I am talking about the latest shows, the latest movies, and the latest videos around the web. There are lots of web series and episodes that you are pleased to watch but sadly, due to their adjusted agreement frames, you end up hunting serials/videos/movies on torrent. So far so good! We at itechhacks, going to reveal some of the amazing methods that can help to sue on these platforms and provide you download links for your desired movies or videos in 2019.

How to Download Web Series/Videos/Movies from Hotstar for Free
How to Download Web Series/Videos/Movies from Hotstar for Free

Download videos from Hotstar: Indians always prefer to watch Television than any other entertainment. Nowadays most of the people cannot able to watch their favorite shows and serials because of their work and many other factors.  Also, many people feel cable TV subscriptions and DTH subscriptions are a bit expensive.

Most of the people spent their time on work and on travel. Hence they cannot able to catch their favorite shows at the correct time. This is where the mobile and tablets come in handy for all those people. Using some applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Hulu and many other streaming services, they can watch all the shows/series on the go.

However, you need to pay for a subscription for each and every above-mentioned application. Most of the people don’t pay for the subscription but they watch their favorite shows by simply downloading the shows from third-party piracy websites. Among these streaming applications, the shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime videos are available easily on the Internet.

You can download most of the shows by simply googling the name of the series. But it is not a case with Hotstar- As it is an India based Streaming application, You cannot find easy download links for shows in Hotstar. That’s why most of the people asking us to write an article about “How to download videos from Hotstar for free “. Here in this article let us see different ways to download videos from Hotstar application for free.

How To Download Web Series/Videos from Hotstar?

In case you don’t know Hotstar allows only premium users to watch many serials and shows. To get a premium account users to need to pay RS. 199/Month or $3 /month. Recently hotstar announced an offer price of RS. 1999/ 12 Months or $28/ 12 Months. If you can afford this amount you can buy the hotstar premium account and watch all your shows seamlessly.

But if you don’t want to spend $28 bucks for this account or you wish to get all your serials for free, this is the article all you need.

Without wasting any more time let us actually begin the guide for download videos from Hotstar for Free. Here we discuss methods for many platforms as well. so read this article until the end to know about many methods.

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If you are a streaming person, you already heard about this Videoder application. It is a very famous application which enables you to download video content from most famous websites like Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and hotstar too. The main feature of this application is it allows you to download videos in Ultra High Definition format. To download videos from Hotstar follow the below guidelines:How to Download Web Series/Videos/Movies from Hotstar for Free

STEP 1: First of all download videoder by clicking the link below or visit their official website to download their application.

DOWNLOAD LINK : https://goo.gl/ZJsrxq [icon name=”cloud-download” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]

STEP 2: Click the download button and wait for a few moments while the videoder application is being downloaded on your Mobile.

STEP 3: Now go to your Settings [icon name=”angle-double-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Apps and check Unknown sources to give the privilege to install third-party applications.

STEP 4: Open the downloaded apk and click install to install videoder on your mobile / tablet.

STEP 5: Launch the Videoder application. On the homepage, you will see the hotstar icon, open hotstar.

STEP 6: Now select the video you need to download or search for your video and click on that video.

STEP 7: In the next screen you are prompted to select the resolution for the selected video. Select any resolution as you want and hit the Start button.

Now videoder will start downloading your video. You can watch your video in any media player after its get downloaded.

How to Download Web Series/Videos/Movies from Hotstar for Free
Download Hotstar Movies 2019


If you are using any versions of windows,  you can easily download any Hotstar videos by using a script. Let us discuss this method in detail.

How To Download Web Series/Videos from Hotstar?
Download HotStar Videos using CMD

STEP 1: Download the HotstarDownloader archive file from the below link.

DOWNLOAD LINK : https://goo.gl/gYfqsG [icon name=”cloud-download” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]

STEP 2: Extract the zip file using Winrar or WinZip.

STEP 3: Open the extracted folder and search for “HotstartLiveStreamer.bat” file.

STEP 4: Double click the bat file. Now open any of your favorite browsers and navigate to the video from hotstar. Copy that video URL and paste it in the command prompt window.

STEP 5: Now enter the resolution of your video to be downloaded. (720p, 1080p)

STEP 6: After entering this, your video will be downloaded in your computer.

By using this script you can download any hotstar video of your wish.

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If you don’t want to download any script or applications to download videos from Hotstar, this is the method you need.

How to Download Hotstar Videos from Hotstar App on Android
Download Hotstar Videos from Hotstar App 2019 | itechhacks

STEP 1: All you need to do is, just navigate to the hotstar video on any browser and copy the URL of that video.

STEP 2: Now go to any of these websites like video-download.co, qdownloader.net

STEP 3: Now paste the copied URL in this website and hit the Generate Download link button to actually get the direct download link of your video.

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Video Tutorial on Hotstar Downloading Ways:


Hope these methods help you to download videos from Hotstar for free 2019. Share this article with your friends and family and let them know about this trick. If you have any suggestions or queries let us know in the comment section. Follow us on all the social media for instant updates. Cheers!

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