In Short Hacks: Being a DJ Mixer or Music Composer is not that easy task, especially for newbies. You have to feel the music through your ear to the soul. And if you are an Android or iPhone Users then! These are very interesting articles for all music mixers or DJ Mixers. Here we have listed Top 10 Free Best DJ Mixing Apps of 2020 by which you can edit your music, Create your own trances, You can do DJ Mixing, and This will be going to happen all on your Smartphone.

Top 10 Free Best DJ Mixing or Trance Making Apps For Android, iOS
Best DJ Mixing or Trance Making Apps For Android, iOS

In the modern world, apps for smartphones provide you with a simulation of different things such as car driving, airplane flying, ship sailing and what not! There are a lot of young aspirants who wish to become a DJ in the near future. For them, there are apps that provide a touchscreen option that works as a simulation of a set of physical decks. There are such DJ mixing apps for Android as well as iOS! And hence we have listed below some of the best DJ mixing apps for both androids as well as iOS. So let’s take a look at them and check which one would work the best for you.

Best DJ Mixing or Trance Making Apps

These are the Top Ten Best Free DJ Apps or Trance Music Apps for Your Android as well as iOS Users.

#1 Edjing Mix

This DJ mixing app offers a real-time DJ setup simulation along with unlimited creative freedom on your device. Also, it provides you with more than 20 DJ fx and features. It allows you to access tracks from Deezer, SoundCloud, and all the local folders.

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#2 Djay 2 | Best DJ App

Using this DJ mixing so, you can perform live, record mix-up on the go. Enabling Automix mode allows this app to create a mix automatically for you. It is integrated with Spotify and all the music on your device.

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#3 Cross DJ

This DJ mixing app has been engineered by Mixvibes. The parallel waveform mode allows you to check visually whether your tracks are synced. The Automix feature of this app allows it to mix tracks automatically. It provides with a realistic scratch sound.

#4 Traktor DJ

This DJ mixing app is available only for iOS users. It comes with a 2 channel mixer and 2 fully-featured virtual decks. Each of these decks provides you with Pro-grade DJ effects which price to be a powerful tool for mixing tracks. Also, you get recommendations about songs in your iTunes library based on the track being played.

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#5 DJ Player Pro

This DJ mixing app is usually used by the ones who have a large audience. It can be used in discreet or in any combination of the touchscreen, external mixers, MIDI controllers, sound cards, and Vinyl (DVS), making it one of the most flexible solutions for your DJ setup. When this DJ mixing app is exclusively for iOS users.

#6 Pacemaker

This DJ mixing app is recommended for beginners since it provides many useful features but has a simple interface hence proving to be the best choice for beginners. Pacemaker integrates music from iTunes as well as Spotify which provides you with numerous tracks. Also, it provides some audio fx features such as chop, reverb, echo, white noise, etc. The pacemaker is available for iOS users only!

#7 DJ Studio 5

This DJ mixing app is available for Android users only! It allows you to mix, remix, scratch, loop or pitch your music at the touch of your hand. It is totally free of cost and comes with 2 virtual turntables with crossfader. Also, it provides with 8 sound effects, 3 bands equalizer for each deck, 10 customisable sample pads, etc.

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#8 Pocket DJ Vintage

Talking about DJ mixing apps, Pocket DJ Vintage comes with twin DJ deck on one screen, crossfading, realistic scratch effect, MP3 & MAV playback, etc. This DJ mixing so had been designed for low-end phones and hence some features have been excluded from delivering the best performance. It is compatible with Android devices only!

#9 Serato Pyro

This DJ mixing app is compatible with iOS devices only! It integrates music tracks from iTunes and Spotify for you to start mixing. Also, it provides suggestions based on the tracks which you have selected. Mixing tracks is fine conveniently using this app.

#10 DJ Rig

This is a fully-featured, double-deck DJ mixing app. Also, it gives you direct access to your music library and playlists with an instant play feature. The double-deck setup is loaded with professional DJ mixing tools which include tempo controls, three crossfaders, multiple output configuration for virtually any setup and much more. This app is compatible with iOS only!

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Wrap Up: These were some of the Best DJ Mixing apps for Android as well as iOS users which one can use for mixing, remixing tracks. Most of these apps are paid along with some in-app purchases while some of the apps are available for free. Now, you are well equipped with the tools you need to start DJing. If we have missed out on any such use so then, please let us know in the comments.

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