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How to Download Music From Spotify


Key Takeaways
  • Spotify is a popular music streaming service that offers a wide selection of songs for users to choose from, paying royalties to artists based on streaming counts, unlike services that offer pirated songs.
  • To download music from Spotify, users need a premium account, a good internet connection, and must create a playlist of desired songs.
  • The process for downloading music from Spotify involves steps like installing the app, creating a playlist, and enabling offline mode to listen to downloaded songs offline.

Music is one of the most important parts of one’s life. People listen to music almost all the time. Some listen to music while traveling while some listen to music to relax their minds. However, music plays an important part in everyday life. Also, numerous songs are released every year by various artists. So in this article, we will be going to share working ways by which you can download music from Spotify.

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How To Download Music From Spotify

There are billions of options from which one can choose from. Finding all these in one place is difficult. But, Spotify is one such music streaming service which provides with almost every song.

The best part about Spotify is that it pays royalties to the artists based on the number of times their songs are streamed. It is different from other such services since they pay a fixed amount to the artists. This means that Spotify has authenticated songs unlike most of the services which provide with pirated songs. Downloading music from Spotify is not an easy task! Thus, here we are with a method and the steps required to download music from Spotify on your device. So let’s begin with the first process.

In this method, we will discuss the steps that need to be executed for downloading music from Spotify on a Phone or a Tablet. However, you will need a premium account. The premium account comes at a price you need to pay if you want to download music from Spotify.

How to Download Music from Spotify?

Step 1- Android devices need to download Spotify from the Google Play Store while iPhone or any other Apple devices need to get Spotify on their devices from the App Store.

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Step 2- Once you have downloaded and installed Spotify on your device, create your free Spotify accounts and upgrade it to premium by paying the charges.
If you already have a free account, you need to upgrade it to a premium one since you cannot download music from Spotify using a free account.

Step 3- You will need a good internet connection to download music from Spotify. Thus, check if you are connected to an internet connection or not. If not, make it otherwise.

Step 4- Since you are all set to download music from Spotify, you need to create a playlist of all the songs you wish to download. To create a playlist, go to ‘Your Library’ at the bottom of the screen and then select ‘Playlists‘ and then, hit ‘Edit.’ Once you have entered the name of your playlist in the field provided, tap on the white plus symbol.

Step 5- Now you can start adding songs to this playlist by tapping on ‘Options‘ button which is located next to a song and then selecting ‘Add to playlist‘ and then selecting your playlist’s name.

Step 6- Once you have added all your desired songs to your playlist, head to the library page and select the playlist you wish to download. Above your playlist, slide the button under ‘Available Offline‘ to the right. By now, your selected playlist should start downloading.

Step 7- Once all the songs are downloaded successfully, you need to activate the offline mode to listen to the downloaded songs even when you are offline. To activate offline mode, search for ‘Your Library‘ tab at the bottom of your screen and tap on it to open the Settings.

Step 8- In the Settings menu, select ‘Playback,’ and then slide the option next to ‘Offline‘ towards the right. The option must turn green, implying that you have successfully enabled the Offline Mode!

Note: Once you are disconnected from an internet service or when you put on the Aeroplane mode, the offline mode should be automatically enabled.

Download Songs from Spotify For Free

There have been amazing and best web browser add-ons to try and capture Spotify’s HTTP stream. One such popular extension was Downloadify (Check on Chrome web store) which could download songs from Spotify Web.

Finally, it was Spotify came forward and stopped the illegal downloads. They encrypted their HTTP stream and used the web player to perform live decryption during playback. This means that you may be able to download Spotify songs, but your media player will not be able to play them properly.

However, you can also record songs from Spotify Web and save it locally to your computer. You have to use the Rec. Playback input source to record from your web browser using Replay Music.

Recording with Replay Music gives you near-lossless information since it records at the hardware level, but the free version only lets you save and tag up to 25 tracks. If you find the software useful, you can buy the full version and remove the limitation.


Using the method listed above, you can successfully Download songs from Spotify on PC and Android and listen to them whenever you wish without worrying about an internet connection. However, this method is not free for free account holders. The premium account holders do not have to pay any extra charges for downloading music from Spotify. If you know of any other method for downloading music from Spotify, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.


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