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How to See Your Spotify Stats on Mobile/PC


Statistical analysis of Spotify data is made easy with stats for Spotify. This will show you an overview of your top tracks, artists, and genres all in one place since the last time you used stats for Spotify.

 But, this feature is not very popular among the users, and most of the users are not familiar with this. That’s the reason why we are here with this article. Here we have explained how to see your stats on Spotify. So, let’s get started with the guide. 

How To See Your Stats on Spotify in Mobile Devices

If you have a mobile phone and use Spotify’s mobile app, then it also provides up-to-date stats, but they are limited to playlists and artists that are frequently played.

  1. Select the Settings icon (which looks like a gear).
  2. Under your user icon, click View Profile.
  3. It also allows you to browse your playlists and recent artists you’ve played. Go to Your Library > choose ArtistsAlbums, Podcasts & Shows to display.

How to See Your Spotify Stats on PC, Mac, and Web

The best part of Spotify is that it tracks the music you play over time and provides insights into your listening habits. It gives you an insight into your changing tastes and helps you find your favorite songs. Spotify’s web interface and app offer the most detailed information about your recent Spotify usage. Here are the steps to view stats on Spotify:

  1. To access your user profile, tap your name in the upper right corner of the app.
  2. You can select Profile from the drop-down menu.See Your Spotify Stats on PC
  3. Your playlists and frequently played artists are listed here. Under any category, tap See All to expand the list of artists, songs, or playlists.See Your Spotify Stats on PC

How to Find More Stats With Stats.fm for Spotify

You may want to look more into your stats on Spotify than just viewing your playlists, albums, artists, and songs. It is likely to understand your Spotify habits better using an app called Stats.fm for Spotify. In addition, Stats.fm for Spotify can display statistics by the month or by the year, over your entire membership, and with a custom date range.

  1. Download Stats.fm for the Spotify app from App Store or Google PlayStore.
  2. Click Log in and hit the Continue button.
  3. Tap Log in to access your Spotify account.
  4. To grant Spotify access to your account, tap Agree.
  5. See your top artists, playlists, and activity on the Overview tab.
  6. Click Top to see even more stats, such as the top artists, albums, and tracks that you previously listened to.
  7. Check out your usage percentages and top genres by tapping Stats.
  8. You will have to pay $3.99 for stats to get additional stats.fm Plus. You will be instructed on how to import Spotify history through the app. Your streaming history will then appear, including your total number of streams, the number of minutes you streamed, and more.

How To View Spotify Stats With the Stats for Spotify Website

If you’d like to view more detailed data on Spotify, you can link your account to a third-party website that provides stats. Spotify Stats for Spotify is a popular third-party tool for tracking Spotify web traffic. In a nutshell:

  1. Click the Login with Spotify link on the Stats for Spotify website.View Spotify Stats With the Stats for Spotify Website
  2. To allow Spotify to access your data, select Agree.View Spotify Stats With the Stats for Spotify Website
  3. To view more detailed information, select Top Tracks, Top Artists, or Top Genres.View Spotify Stats With the Stats for Spotify Website


In my opinion, the stats on Spotify is a good feature that helps you track your previous activity. However, we have already mentioned the needy steps on how to see your stats on Spotify. Therefore, we hope that you find the methods discussed above helpful. But, in case you have any doubt, comment below and let us know.


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