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Top 50 Best Apple Pencil Engraving Ideas of 2024


Key Takeaways
  • Engraving your Apple Pencil can make it unique and personalized, with advantages such as easy identification and adding a personal touch.
  • Engraving is permanent, done by material removal, so consider the design carefully before engraving.
  • The content provides a list of top engraving ideas for different occasions, including birthdays, Valentine's Day, and for family members, offering a variety of creative options for personalization.

Looking for inspiration for your Apple Pencil engraving? Check out our list of the top 50 best Apple Pencil engraving ideas of 2024. From personalized messages to intricate designs, we’ve got you covered. Make your Apple Pencil truly unique with one of these creative and stylish engraving ideas.

Apple Pencil is a great wireless tool to operate your iPad effortlessly. Although it looks great, engraving your Apple Pencil is a good idea to make it look more unique. 

You can engrave any text you want, but if you’re confused about what to engrave and can’t think of a cool and unique text, this post is for you. Here I’ll share some best Apple Pencil engraving ideas of 2024 that you can go through and use on your own.

Why Should You Engrave Your Apple Pencil?

There are a few advantages of engraving your Apple Pencil, and it’ll be better for you to know about them:

  • It’ll make your pencil a memorable one for sure.
  • You can always see your favorite quotes while using the pencil.
  • This way, you’ll be able to recognize your Apple Pencil if it gets lost.
  • You have a good chance of printing a memory to remind yourself in the future.
  • Engraving the pencil will give it a unique look.

Is Apple Pencil Engraving Permanent?

You should know that the Apple Pencil engraving isn’t done with the printing but includes the material’s removal process. So, the marks remain for a long time and are not viable either.

To remove that, you may need to remove the whole material of the chassis, but that’ll surely depreciate the overall look of the pencil.

Can You Return Apple Products If they are Engraved?

You can easily exchange Apple Products from your nearest stores, but it has a few exceptions, one of which is that they shouldn’t be engraved. 

So, if you don’t want to return or exchange your Apple Pencil, or the return period of 14 days is over, then you can engrave it within 20 minutes to make it personalized.

What are the cons of engraving your Apple Pencil?

Apart from those advantages, you may face some cons for engraving your Apple Pencil, and the surest one is the decrease in reselling value. If you plan to sell your pencil in the future, you may suffer loss.

But if you don’t want to sell that, you should engrave it to make yourself special without a second thought.

How Long Text Can You Engrave On Your Apple Pencil?

The limit of text characters can always confuse you as the Apple Pencil only has limited space, and trying to add more than one won’t look great. So, you should know that the best is the 15 characters limit.

Apart from text, you can also engrave other media like stickers, pictures, etc. But that completely depends on you what you want.

Best Apple Pencil Engraving Ideas of 2024

The text you should engrave on your Apple Pencil depends on your mood and personality. However, I have categorized them and shared the best Apple Pencil engraving ideas of 2024 below.

Best Apple Pencil Engraving Ideas

Apple Pencil Engraving Ideas For You

  • Courage Is Not Lack of Fear
  • Your Full Name
  • I Am Worthy
  • Your name or initials
  • Your Phone Numbers
  • Dream Big
  • I Am Enough
  • Student ID number
  • Now Is A Good Time
  • Just Do It
  • Never Settle For Less
  • Dream Big, Live Big
  • Your company name
  • Your Driver’s License
  • Short Motivational Quotes
  • Failure Is a Lack of Action
  • Never Give Up
  • Warriors Are Made, Not Born
  • Your Email Addresses.

Apple Pencil Engraving Ideas For Your Father 2024

  • Best Dad
  • For having my back every day
  • Love you forever, Dad!
  • You made me who I am
  • To write down your dad’s jokes
  • Your First Pen
  • To Dad, Love
  • You helped me be me
  • From Your Favorite Child
  • Best advice giver
  • This Pencil Belongs To (Name)
  • Happy Father’s Day!
  • Love you, Dad
  • Better than a tie
  • My wisened and wild dad
  • Thank You For Being You
  • I owe you one
  • You inspire me to be better!
  • Your jokes are terrible.
  • (Name)’s Pen
  • Lucky to have you as my dad
  • Oil changer of the century
  • World’s Greatest Dad
  • Do Not Sharpen!
  • You are my hero
  • Thanks for life
  • Thanks for being my dad!
  • Proud to be your [son/daughter]!
  • World’s best dad!
  • I Love You
  • My Teacher. My Dad
  • Don’t Lose This Pencil
  • Life advice coordinator
  • I want to be like you!
  • To my favorite dad
  • No other like you

Apple Pencil Engraving Ideas For Your Mother

  • Best mom in the world!
  • Have the best time!
  • From Your Favorite Child
  • Mom of the century!
  • (Name)’s Pen
  • Happy Birthday mom!
  • In my heart always
  • I love you, mom!
  • Mom of the year!
  • I’ll always be your [son/daughter]!
  • This Pencil Belongs To (Name)
  • Don’t Lose This Pencil
  • My Best Mom
  • Your First Pen
  • My greatest inspiration
  • To Mom, Love
  • Forever the best, madre!
  • Proud to be your [son/daughter]!
  • I’ll never forget your love
  • You make me proud
  • Love gives life
  • Thanks for giving me life
  • Your love is my hiding place
  • Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Thank You For Being You
  • I love you, and I like you

Apple Pencil Engraving Ideas For Your Sister/Brother

  • More than friends
  • Our Powers Combined
  • Hasta la vista, baby
  • Partners in crime.
  • I’m proud of you!
  • Best friends for life.
  • The gifts of friendship
  • My ride or die
  • You know me best.
  • Partners in crime
  • Do Good. Be Good.
  • To my funny friend.
  • For my best friend forever
  • Best friends.
  • The one friend I go to
  • You help me find my keys
  • Let your dreams come true!
  • I’m glad we’re friends
  • Friends for life
  • Feeling lucky, punk
  • Chill, dude.
  • Get Busy Living
  • True friends give pens.
  • I’ll always be your [brother/sister]
  • Are you talking to me?
  • I know your secrets
  • Friends forever.
  • The need for speed
  • I’m so happy to be your [brother/sister]
  • Remember the time
  • My great friend
  • You inspire me.
  • You’ve got a friend in me.
  • To my best pen pal
  • Friends
  • To my wonderful [brother/sister]
  • Friends are other selves.
  • Double trouble
  • For the real one
  • I’m the smart one

Apple Pencil Engraving Ideas For Valentine

  • First in my life
  • You are loved
  • Our love is the best gift I have.
  • The only one for me
  • Engraved on my soul
  • My heart and soul
  • Engraved on my heart
  • Happy anniversary!
  • My Forever
  • You are special to me
  • our love is strong
  • Happy Valentine’s Day
  • My diamond forever
  • The one who has my heart
  • True love
  • Every year with you is perfect
  • My person
  • I love spending my life with you
  • I heart you
  • You’re my sweetheart
  • Soul mate
  • Apple of my eye
  • I want forever with you
  • My sunshine
  • my heart of hearts
  • I want a life with you
  • You are everything to me
  • My special friend
  • Take all my time
  • My favorite valentine
  • First love
  • Because I can’t afford jewelry
  • I find myself in you
  • Love you to the moon and back!

Apple Pencil Engraving Ideas For Birthday

  • You’re getting so old.
  • Thanks for existing!
  • You’re a gift!
  • 105 years young!
  • For John/Jane, on his/her #th birthday.
  • You’re still 24 in my heart.
  • A very special birthday!
  • It’s a great life to celebrate!
  • Happy Birthday!
  • Have the time of your life
  • Birthday pen.
  • It is your birthday.
  • In memoriam to your twenties.


So, these were the best Apple Pencil engraving ideas of 2024. Hopefully, you have sorted one to use. Don’t forget to let me know what you have chosen in the comments below.


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