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What is m.facebook com and Is it Legit?


Key Takeaways
  • m.facebook.com is the mobile version of Facebook, which automatically redirects users when accessing Facebook on a web browser.
  • The platform is safe and legitimate, optimized for mobile phones, and offers the same features as the desktop version of Facebook.
  • Users can easily switch from m.facebook.com to the desktop version by following simple steps on their devices.

We all have used our Facebook accounts on mobile for some time. Have you ever noticed when we open Facebook on the web browser, it opens m.facebook.com by default instead of www.facebook.com? You might have wondered What is m.facebook.com, and is it legal? In this article, we are going to discuss about m facebook vs facebook com.

When you visit m.facebook.com you will also notice that this website is quite different from the official Facebook interface, and it is pretty common in every way, and you don’t need to worry. Anyways, let’s move forward to learn more about it.

What is m.facebook.com and is it Legit?

What is m facebook?

If you want to use Facebook on your mobile device, you can either use it on the official Facebook app or use it on a web browser. But if you are logging into your account on the website browser for the first time, you will notice that you are redirecting to m.facebook.com automatically. This is something we notice whenever we use Facebook on the web browser of our mobile.

You should also know that m.facebook.com has a different user interface than using it on our computers or laptops. So the m of m.facebook.com means mobile, which means that you are using the mobile version of Facebook, which is quite different from the version that we use on computers or laptops.

We know that the Facebook App is quite similar to m.facebook.com and there are very few differences between them. But still, the Facebook app on mobile is considered faster than m.facebook.com. Generally, m facebook com is used by those who only don’t have a Facebook app on their device. But most people use the Facebook app on their devices. Some people who use multiple Facebook accounts also use m.facebook.com as an alternative source.

Is m.facebook.com Safe and Legit in 2024?

As we have seen many people are worried about whether m.facebook.com is safe and legit or not. So let me tell you that this platform is secure as other Facebook platforms. There is nothing wrong with this platform, as it is optimized for mobile phones only. We will tell you again that m denotes that this website is for mobile users, providing all the features you are getting on the desktop version.

If you are already logged into your Facebook account on your computer for a long time, it might be a new thing for you. But it is just a mobile version of Facebook that you are using on your computers. So it is a 100% legit website like other websites, and users don’t have to worry about anything as we know that the user interface is different from the desktop version, but the features will be the same.

Are www.facebook.com and m.facebook.com the same?

If you want to know about some differences between regular Facebook and m.facebook.com, the only difference is the user interface. The user interface is optimized for mobile users and is pretty different from the desktop version you use.

The viewing experience will be different for all the users, and the features are available in different sections; you need to do basic research to know all of its features. While if we talk about its effectiveness, then there is no difference between the functionality of both of these websites.

How can I stop using m.facebook.com?

If you are using Facebook on m.facebook.com and not enjoying the performance, you can get rid of it easily. Many people don’t like to use their Facebook ID on m.facebook.com and can switch to the desktop version anytime easily.

So if you want to switch to the desktop version, you have to open m.facebook.com on your Android device. Then click on the three dots at the top right corner of the browser. Now scroll down till you find the ‘Request Desktop Site’ option and tap on that. You will be switched to the desktop version of Facebook immediately.

If you are using an iOS device, you cannot switch to the desktop version easily, and it will be a bit difficult task for you to do it. So you need to click on the aA option on the left side of the screen. Now you will get an option of Request Desktop Website, click on that to enter the desktop version of Facebook.


Overall, m.facebook.com is a legit website that is used for mobile users. So users don’t have to worry about anything; there will be no difference in the performance in using this website. Hopefully, this information is helpful for you; still, if you have any doubts, you can tell us in the comment section.


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  1. Loved the simple less cluttered interface of m.facebook.com on my desktop.
    but recently m.facebook.com redirects to facebook.com now on my desktop. 🙁


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