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Is MoonPay Safe and Legit?

Are you wondering if MoonPay is a safe and legitimate way to trade cryptocurrencies?? Find out here!


Key Takeaways
  • MoonPay is a trusted cryptocurrency technology company available in 150+ countries, facilitating fiat-to-crypto transactions with robust security features and integration with various apps.
  • MoonPay is safe and legitimate, ensuring user data encryption and following mandatory security standards, with an SSL Lab report available on their website, alongside positive user reviews praising its ease of use and support system.
  • Users can trust MoonPay for secure Bitcoin transactions, though refunds are not available for successful transactions and require contacting customer support for failed transactions, with prompt assistance provided.

These days people are too involved in cryptocurrency trading. It is always recommended to use the best technology for making payments to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. If you are also into buying and selling cryptocurrencies, you must go with MoonPay. But the question arises, Is MoonPay Safe and Legit? Well, nothing to worry about as we will discuss the same in this article.

MoonPay is a very popular cryptocurrency technology company that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies. It is a trusted platform already working in more than 150 countries.

It is an easy-to-use platform where performing transactions is as easy as buying anything from any online eCommerce store. MoonPay accepts almost all popular payment methods, and it is already integrated with more than 250 apps because of its secured features.

Is MoonPay Safe and Legit for 2024?

Yes, MoonPay is safe and legit; all the data received on this platform is encrypted through TLS 1.2 for the user’s convenience. The MoonPay official website also states that users’ security is their main priority, and they are maintaining all the mandatory security standards. There is also an SSL Lab report available on their official website.

If we talk about their reviews, they have already got some fantastic reviews. As per reports, 86% of people reviewed it as Excellent. The customers praise this platform because of its ease of usage and the support system.

Many businesses are using MoonPay while accepting cryptocurrencies for any transaction. Trust wallet is a very popular crypto exchange platform that supports buying and selling cryptocurrencies with MoonPay. It will be a very convenient option to start buying and selling cryptocurrencies with Trust wallet and MoonPay because both are trusted platforms and always take care of users’ data while doing any transaction.

So if you owe crypto coins in your wallet, connect Trust Wallet with MoonPay. Users should also keep their keys safe while using Trust Wallet because scammers are always alert to make you fool. MoonPay is a trusted platform where scammers cannot do any fraud, which is why Trust Wallet supports MoonPay.

Can I Trust MoonPay?

Yes, MoonPay is a trusted company where you don’t need to worry about anything. The company was launched in 2018, and in a very few time, they have gained huge popularity and trust worldwide. The reason is their amazing features and utmost security provided by them. It is popular worldwide; many businesses have already integrated with MoonPay.

Users need to make sure that they have complete KYV before accessing the features of the platform. It is necessary because it ensures there are no bots or scammers registered. But still, if you want to use it without sitting KYC, you will get very limited features.

If you have any doubts about their safety, then let me tell you that there are no cases found against MoonPay to date. MoonPay never asks for any information like passwords from their users, and that’s the main thing that users need to take care of.

Is it safe to use MoonPay to buy Bitcoin?

Yes, it is highly secured and easy to use to buy Bitcoin. You need to enter the amount and the wallet address where you want to transfer Bitcoin. Then choose the mode of payment to complete the transaction and wait for a minute, then check your destination wallet to confirm.

Do MoonPay refunds money?

If the transaction gets completed, it is irreversible, and you will not get any refund. But if the amount is deducted and you have not got crypto coins in your wallet, you can contact the customer’s support; they will help you get rid of this situation.

Money Reversal happens only for failed transactions, and there is no money-back for successful transactions. So if you have paid with your card, it will take approximately 10 days to get your amount back to your account in case of a failed transaction. If you have not gone the amount, you can ask for customer support; they will identify the issue and troubleshoot very soon, as they have amazing customer support.

If you have done a bank transfer transaction, the amount will go back to your account within a few working days. If it does not come, you should first contact your bank, or else you can send a support inquiry.


Overall, MoonPay is a very safe and secure platform that helps trade cryptocurrencies. There are no risks associated with this platform, and all the data and general profiles are highly secured for the user’s convenience. But still, users should always be aware of all the frauds and have to do some research before making any decision.


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