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How to Use Real-Time Lyrics on Spotify


Quick Overview
  • Spotify now offers Real-Time lyrics feature for both Premium and free users globally on all platforms
  • The lyrics are provided by Musixmatch with a database of over eight million lyrics
  • Users can access Real-Time lyrics on Spotify desktop and mobile by playing a song and tapping the microphone icon to view lyrics karaoke-style

Spotify is one of the most premium and popular music streaming platforms on the Internet. It has a global audience and is used by millions of people daily. It offers many advanced features that make the perfect setup for listening to music.

However, it didn’t have the Real-Time lyrics feature for a long time. But, things have changed since last year as it had started rolling out the Real-Time lyrics feature in all regions. So, now you can use the real-time lyrics feature. Here’s How to Use Real-Time Lyrics on Spotify.

How to Use Real-Time Lyrics on Spotify 2024

Both the Spotify Premium and free users worldwide can access Real-time lyrics. Basically, every platform where Spotify is available includes lyrics support, including iOS, Android, and Smart TVs.

A company called Musixmatch provides all the lyrics. They claim to have more than eight million lyrics in their database. So, it’s unlikely to encounter a Spotify song without lyrics.

But, unless you have the Spotify app updated, you may not see the lyrics feature yet. Below are instructions for using it on different devices.

Real-Time Lyrics on Spotify Desktop

  • On your computer, launch Spotify.
  • You can play any song you want to see the lyrics for.
  • Tap the microphone icon while the song plays.

Right above the music player, you will see the lyrics of the song currently playing. The lyrics will appear and move like karaoke. You can sing along as you watch.

If you wish to quit the lyrics screen, click on the left-facing arrow in the upper left corner. Alternatively, click the green mic icon.

Generally speaking, Spotify’s lyrics window shows lyrics in the song’s original language. The lyrics may, however, also be dubbed in English.

Real-Time Lyrics on Spotify Mobile

This mobile application makes it super easy to view and sing along with the song. Simply open Spotify on your smartphone.

Choose the song you want to listen to. The lyrics will play karaoke-style at the bottom of the full-screen music player.

By tapping the two-directional expand icon at the top right corner of the lyrics box, you can view the entire song and blow up the tiny karaoke lyrical block to full screen.

Now you can view the complete lyrics of the song you are listening to.


This is how you can use Spotify’s Real-Time Lyrics. If the Real-Time lyrics are still not appearing in your Spotify app, check to see if you have the most recent version of app. If it isn’t, then it needs to be updated.


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