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Twitter Blue Not Showing? Here are Top 5 Ways to Fix it


Quick Overview
  • Twitter Blue not showing up can be due to subscription status, technical glitches, or regional restrictions.
  • Troubleshoot by checking subscription status, updating or reinstalling the app, clearing cache and cookies, and ensuring regional availability.
  • Verify subscription status, update the app, wait for regional availability, and ensure device compatibility to fix Twitter Blue not showing error.

Why is Twitter Blue not showing in my account? Firstly, understand that Twitter Blue not showing could be due to reasons ranging from subscription status issues to technical glitches within the app or your device.

To troubleshoot, start by checking your subscription status and payment details. If everything seems in order here, refreshing the app, updating it, or even reinstalling it can often resolve the issue. For those using Twitter on a web browser, clearing cache and cookies is a recommended step. Moreover, we cover the possibility of regional restrictions affecting the availability of Twitter Blue and provide guidance on how to handle this scenario.

To ensure you can fully enjoy the exclusive features of Twitter Blue, we’ve outlined step-by-step instructions and additional tips in our full article below.

Users can enhance their Twitter experience by subscribing to Twitter Blue, a premium subscription service. A dedicated customer service team is available, as are improved bookmarking options. There have been reports of Twitter Blue not showing up for some users or not working as expected. In this article, you will learn how to Fix if Twitter Blue is not showing up on your account. So, let’s get started with the guide. 

Why is Twitter Blue not showing in my account?

What is Twitter Blue all About?

There are exclusive features and enhanced functionality available in Twitter Blue, a subscription service provided by Twitter.

With Twitter Blue, users can gain access to a range of benefits designed to enhance their Twitter experience.

You will also benefit from ad-free browsing, undoing tweets, customizing app icons, and dedicated customer service.

Why Is Twitter Blue Not Showing in Your Account 2024

Why Is Twitter Blue Not Showing?

  1. There may be times when Twitter Blue is not available in your region. Initially, Twitter Blue was only available in certain countries. Despite Twitter’s growing popularity, you may not be able to find it everywhere just yet.
  2. Make sure the Twitter application is the latest version. You might not be able to access Twitter Blue features if your version is outdated. If the app needs to be updated, you can do so through the app store.
  3. Check to see if your Twitter Blue subscription has not expired. You will no longer be able to access the premium features if your subscription has lapsed.
  4. You may be unable to access Twitter Blue if your payment method is not working or if your payment processing is not working.
  5. Twitter Blue is not compatible with every device. In order to use the premium features, you must ensure that your device meets the necessary system requirements.
  6. Make sure that the active Twitter Blue subscription is associated with the correct Twitter account. There is a possibility that a user has multiple accounts, and a subscription might be associated with a different one.

How to Fix Twitter Blue Not Showing Error 2024

Depending on whether you reside in a country where Twitter Blue was released, there are two possible ways to use it. You can fix Twitter Blue not showing by following these steps:

Update Twitter App

When Twitter Blue does not display for US, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand residents, you can only fix the issue by updating the application.

It is not possible to see Twitter Blue until the app has been updated, and then the app has to be uninstalled and reinstalled.

  • On your device, open Google Play or App Store.
  • Enter Twitter in the search box.
  • Afterward, to download the latest version, click on the Update button.Update Twitter
  • Once you update the app, you’ll be able to access the Blue feature.

Check Regional Availability

It may be necessary for you to wait until the feature becomes available in your country if the above method doesn’t work.

US, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand users can receive Blue starting November 2022. Since you cannot subscribe to this feature outside of these countries, you will have to wait until it is released in your country before you can subscribe.

Furthermore, Twitter has not provided an estimated timeframe for when the feature will be available globally.

Verify Subscription Status

Your ‘Twitter Blue not showing’ issue may stem from subscription problems. This method is essential for those unsure about their current subscription status.

  1. Open Twitter and go to ‘Settings and Privacy’.
  2. Click on ‘Account’ and then ‘Subscriptions’.
  3. Verify if your Twitter Blue subscription is active.

Connectivity and Network Issues

Power Cycle the Router

There are times when the Twitter Blue Not Showing error occurs due to network settings or issues with your internet connection. Be sure that you are connected to a reliable and stable internet connection.

Whenever you experience network connectivity issues, try resetting your modem or router and restarting your device. Furthermore, you should clear your device’s cache and cookies, which can sometimes lead to Twitter and other app problems.

How much is Twitter Blue?

It depends on the type of device you use to determine how much Twitter Blue costs. On any device, you can pay monthly or annually for your subscription.

It costs $8 per month or $84 a year to subscribe to a desktop computer in the United States. You pay $11 per month for Twitter Blue if you are using an iPhone or iPad.

Nevertheless, check your local pricing because prices may differ in other regions and countries.

How to Subscribe to Twitter Blue 2024

In order to subscribe to Twitter Blue, you need to follow a few simple steps. If you are interested in becoming a Twitter subscriber, you must meet Twitter’s eligibility requirements. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Visit the Twitter website or open the Twitter app on your mobile device.
  2. If you do not already have a Twitter account, create one.
  3. Thereafter, go to your profile and click the icon.
  4. You can find Twitter Blue in the settings menu.
  5. Following the prompts, click on the payment option of your choice.
  6. When you are prompted to set up your subscription, enter your payment information.

After you’ve subscribed to Twitter Blue, Twitter will review your account to verify your credentials.

How long does it take to get verified on Twitter Blue?

It is possible to request expedited Twitter verification through Twitter Blue, which is a unique feature available to subscribers. Typically, verification signifies authenticity and credibility on a platform when you get the blue checkmark next to your profile name.

There is no guarantee when Twitter Blue subscribers will be verified, but Twitter aims to expedite the process. Thus, Twitter Blue subscribers may be able to verify their accounts more quickly than non-subscribers.

Nevertheless, Twitter’s verification policies and requirements are subject to change and are not guaranteed. To verify a user’s account, Twitter checks a phone number as well as the following:

  • In the last 30 days, whether your account has been active
  • After 30 days, if your account hasn’t been used
  • You should remove any misleading or manipulative information from your profile.
  • Your profile should contain a header image, a profile picture, and a unique username. Once your account has been verified, a blue check will appear.


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