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Top 18 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives: Internet Archive Sites


The Internet is becoming more competitive every day. As a result, if you want your new website to be successful, you should look back in time. You can find out which websites in your field have been successful. Find out what factors contributed to their success as well.

This is possible thanks to a platform called Wayback Machine. On the other hand, the Wayback Machine may not always work as expected. So, in this case, you might want to think about other alternative options.

Best Wayback Machine or Internet Archives Alternatives of 2024

Those who own or maintain a website will be familiar with Wayback Machine. And as online competition increases every day. It is essential to study the past if you want to move forward with your website.

18 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives For Checking Old Webpages

So, you will have to find well-known websites within your industry. And then analyze what they did to succeed. And Wayback Machine is extremely useful in doing that.

One of its primary functions is to archive information from the Internet. And for storing digital artifacts, researchers and archaeologists use a variety of Wayback machine alternatives.

But, to better understand the Wayback Machine alternatives, let’s first understand what Wayback Machine is. It is an internet archive. And it is accessible by millions every day. In the Wayback machine, information on www and other aspects of the Internet is archived.

And users can also use it to create strategic plans and evaluate their competence. Therefore, this tool is helpful in many businesses. So, this online platform will allow users to view old content. The content was previously published on the web but has now been removed. So, you can use this platform if you are creating a new website and would like to discover well-known sites.

Wayback Machine is highly successful because most web pages last 100 days before being removed or altered. And as a result, users interested in evaluating their competitors can find archived web data.

They can then create a more effective strategy as users can access digital content no longer available on the source website. In addition, it saves indexed web pages. And it also permits users to access them whenever they want.

So, you can see how old websites worked by looking at them. And this can help you improve your current website. However, you may find that Wayback Machine is not living up to its reputation. So, in that case, you will need an alternative that can perform at par or even better.

Top 18 Best Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

So, here are some of the best Wayback Machine alternatives you can use.


Archive.today provides online archives for free. And both databases and indexing are easily accessible here.

As a result, it has become increasingly popular. This is not surprising since it is straightforward to use.

A snapshot of the on-demand pages is stored on the website. And, if a page is less than 50MB, it can be retrieved one at a time.

However, removing duplicate pages does not remove the originals. Short links are also created for the new pages.

And in contrast to Wayback Machine, Archive.today supports Javascript-heavy sites, visually-packed sites, and even web apps like Twitter.

As a result, you will be able to access all the information on any website you choose.

Two copies of a web page’s snap are kept by Archive.today, making it one of the best features.

Usually, the first copy is the original with live links included. And the second copy is a static image of the page.

There are countless uses for the archive website. Like, it has a bookmarklet you can drag and drop.

So, you can navigate to any page with ease. And you can create snapshots by simply clicking.

The web tool will open up a new window once you click on the button. Then, it will then begin the saving process immediately. There is also a URL finder on Archive.today, just like Wayback Machine.

However, one of its key differences is that it uses Google and Yandex for text search. When Google does not produce any results, Yandex automatically takes over.

Wayback Machine has lost a lot of data because of robots.txt files, but Archive.today does not deal with them.

And, there is no charge for using Archive.today. They do, however, accept donations.


Pagefreezer is a platform for archiving web and social media content. The platform utilizes the cloud to automate archiving.

It is ideally suited to both small and large businesses. The technology is also used in various industries, including finance, education, retail, telecom, and even government.

Pagefreezer is used by companies to secure their web and social media content permanently. And it also enhances the quality of content.

The platform is easy to use because it gives you access to all your archives in one place. Pagefreezer costs $99 per month as a subscription service.

The application can archive multiple contents without requiring various accounts. So, all of the content from your sites, blogs, and social media will be in one place once you log in.

And, even though Pagefreezer is easy to use and set up. But, using digital signatures and timestamps guarantees compliance with the FRE and FRCP regulations.

Pagefreezer uses a crawling technique similar to Google cache, identical to Wayback Machine. Thus, it completely automates your archiving process without needing to be installed.

Overall, it’s an excellent place for your content not only to be safe but it can also to be efficiently delivered to an auditor if needed.


Website snapshots are taken automatically by this tool, archived, and shared with other users regularly.

You can also archive screenshots hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you want.

It is an excellent alternative to WayBack. The users are given more authority when assessing website factors like SEO ranking and search engine complexity.

Its use is very straightforward. Your Archive and then get and share screenshots. However, their best feature is that they offer a 14-day free trial. In other words, if you’re not satisfied, you can receive a full refund.

You can access Stillio by entering the URL, which is very straightforward. It also lets you set the period when screenshots are taken. This is a fully automated platform.

And it gives you complete control over screenshots. You are the only one who can delete screenshots from your database.

It allows you to monitor trends, competitors, and SEO ranking through this platform. Then, take screenshots and store them on Dropbox. Screenshots are deleted after 36 months.

This platform facilitates handling and evaluating your online brand and website. It’s receptive, appealing, and easy to use.

So, those who want to capture and organize screenshots of their websites quickly will appreciate Stillio.

Resurrect Pages

To bring alive dead pages, Resurrect Pages makes use of archive.org and other web pages. And, there is no charge for using Resurrect Pages.

This tool allows you to display content from deleted and broken pages as if the page had been originally published.

This allows you to look for older versions of your competitors’ websites. In addition, it can even retrieve content from Google cache, WebCite, and Internet Archive.

However, it is essential to note that Resurrect Pages is an add-on for only Firefox, unlike Wayback Machine.

As a result, internet users unfamiliar with the Firefox processes will not be able to access Resurrect Pages.

This tool’s accuracy and quality are also determined by its Archive. And due to this, it’s challenging to evaluate Resurrect Pages independently.


iTools is a free alternative to Wayback Machine that gives you complete information about a website. The iTools website repository is different from Wayback Machine.

It can also be used as a website analyzer. The data can generate insights about a website, such as traffic volume and much more.

ITools provide this data with the help of Alexa. And, you can access iTools for free. iTools allows you to use a single repository and analytics solution. Also, all the standard website analytics tools that you need are all here.

The interface of iTools is not entirely intuitive. So, first-time visitors may be confused by the website. But, you will enjoy using it once you get the hang of it.

Overall, if you’re looking for a tool that allows you to see beyond screenshots and codes on web pages, iTools is a great alternative to the Wayback Machine.


With Smarsh, you can monitor web and social media from one dashboard, just as you can with a few of the alternatives to Wayback Machine already mentioned above.

But, sites with large amounts of dynamic content cannot be archived using this tool. It is, however, one of the best email, text, and collaboration tools you will find.

And, pricing for Smart varies depending on the services required. The price starts at $10 per user per month.

Domain Tools

A service is an online tool that can be used to find out who actually owns a website. An IP address record of a website makes it easier to get detailed information about that website.

The IP address record can dig up information not available on the Internet. Consequently, it is a good Wayback Machine alternative.

It contains websites, screenshots, and whois information. And it offers the easiest way to obtain historical information from the Internet.

This tool offers screenshot-based archive services as part of its functionality. You just need to input your URL.

And, then you can find out about the progress of the website’s design and other information as well.

It is possible to find all of the information on one website using Domain Tools. And, it is highly recommended that you use Domain Tools first if you are looking for a handy tool that provides you with screenshots along with website information, including the IP address and contact details.

This site offers a free service for archiving screenshots from the Internet. And, it doesn’t take much time to create a report about a website.

It also provides screenshots and Whois information about websites in just a few seconds.

You will be able to track the number of times a website’s design has been altered over time with the help of this platform.

Also, it captures a comprehensive image of exactly what a page looks like just before any updates or revisions are made.


Yubnub is a web access tool that is primarily used to access business-related information on the web. The service is free.

And, the interface is simple. In addition, it allows users to find information about a website relevant to their business just as easily.

You can think of Yubnub as a search engine. Almost anything you can find on Google can be found using Yubnub.

And by using the search bar, you can get information about a website by entering its URL. Hit enter to get the results.

It usually takes a few seconds for information to appear. The URL you entered will then show you all the information about the business.

However, the most prominent difference between Yubnub and Wayback Machine is that Yubnub allows for the creation and use of commands that are linked to web pages.


Archiving web pages permanently is the aim of WebCite, an on-demand archive website. It is mainly used by authors, editors, and publishers.

The library ensures that educationally important materials and references will be accessible in the future.

This is one of the key differences between Wayback Machine and WebCite as WebCite provides detailed snapshots of these references. There is no cost to use WebCite.

The WebCite platform supports a variety of formats, including HTML web pages, CSS-driven pages, and PDF files. However, it does not crawl the web.

It is traditional for WebCite references to contain information such as the title of the article, the author, and the original URL along with the WebCite URL.

You can use WebCite in two different formats: Opaque or Transparent. And, when you cite a URL, you can add the Opaque format. The latter replaces the URL.

In other words, opaque URLs are only applicable when the original URL is still available.

It is possible to archive individual web pages. Citations can be manually added to the document. WebCite also offers the option of uploading content.

So, simply upload your manuscript and let the software take care of the rest. And, it will archive all old URLs on the website permanently.

Cite makes it easy for readers to access materials. So, by following the link provided by the WebCite publisher, you can access archive content directly.


This is a well-known brand since it belongs to the Amazon family. And this is a good alternative to Wayback Machine.

The information it provides is vital for contentious analysis since you can obtain records of websites and other information.

Searching through Alexa will reveal such details as browsing details, a website’s complete history, ranking, and frequency of visits. And, since it offers traffic indices like no one else, it is preferred over WayBack.

In addition, its traffic rankings are well known. You’ve probably heard of the term “Alexa Ranking.”. It is also widely trusted.

A website’s history can be viewed in full. And, using Alexa, you can conduct keyword research and audit the performance of your website.

Additionally, you can also access information regarding past visits, the frequency of visits, and the duration of the visit.

Therefore, it is one of the best wayback alternatives. And, when analyzing competitors’ information, it’s best to use Alexa.

Time Travel

You can travel back in time with the Time Travel archive tool to see what a particular website looked like at a certain point in time.

Additionally, it can also be used as an improved internet archive product.

You can select any web archive of your choice. In other words, if you have a preference, it will be taken care of. The process is fairly straightforward.

It will help you understand the appearance of a website at any time and date. All that is necessary is the URL of the website, the date, and the time. And, the information will be available immediately.

The search looks for web pages on the entire server set. And, it is an excellent way to obtain precise information about a website in only a few seconds.

An element that has been tested and which is missing is displayed in the Time Toolbar chart.

And, for web developers, Travel Tool is the best way to see what changes have been made on a specific website.

The material is stored on web servers for self-archiving. And, with this tool, you can begin by entering a URL, date, and time. Aloso, the tool is user-friendly, responsive, and easy to use.

Time Travel also allows you to analyze web pages in a complex way, unlike Wayback Machine. This will allow you to access archived sites that include more than just text and stylesheets.

Overall, it will be a great choice if you want to search and view previous site versions.


This is a good alternative to Wayback Machine. It is an app created by the Harvard Law School Library.

And, because of its ability to create permanent records of websites, it differs from others.

In addition, it can be used as a substitute for Wayback Machine. And, since you can enter URLs through your blog or paper article on this platform. In addition, the links can be deleted within 24 hours.

But, for premium plans, you would need to purchase them. And, there is a limit of 10 saved pages per month if you choose to use the free plan.

You just need to find the URL of the website to create permanent records. Then upload it to Perma.cc’s website.

And, it will make a permanent link to it. In this way, scholars, courts, and journals can access the unchanged copy of the website they cited.

Users can also be added to any organization using Perma.cc by entering their email addresses into the cloud-based program.

Through this platform, you can visit websites and build a record of the content on those websites.

It also allows users to create PDFs or images. The service is available through a tier-based subscription model.

And, t allows you to view archived records through Perma.cc. Even an API is available with this tool. And, it also allows you to add/delete pages.

Also, Perma.cc will present you with the option of uploading a PDF or image in case the protection fails.


The MirrorWeb website claims to be an alternative to Wayback Machine for the finance industry. However, users must first subscribe to the service. The monthly fee is $200.

For the purpose of compliance and eDiscovery, the web tool monitors and records websites.

This tool can be helpful to anyone running a financial service who does not want to offend the SEC or other regulators.

The best part of it is that it keeps archived web pages looking exactly the same when they are retrieved later.

And, in this way, you will have a tool for eDiscovery that can easily search and compare content.

MirrorWeb also captures and stores data from social media channels in addition to web pages.

UK Web Archive

This platform should be your first choice if you’re looking for an archive of old and obsolete versions of the UK. Each year they archive millions of websites to preserve them for future generations.

So, it is a great alternative to Wayback Machine. And, it archives events or topics of interest, as well as social media.

You can also find images, videos, and PDFs on the UK Web Archive in addition to the coding content. And the site is free to use.

People interested in archiving data from UK websites should consider using the site


CacheView is a convenient alternative to Wayback Machine. Coral Content Distribution Network and Google Cache are interconnected to provide access to web page archives.

Thus, if you’re looking for a tool to archive multiple websites at once, this might be for you.

You can use CacheView for free. And, you can read the cache folder of a Google Chrome browser with its Chrome app. The app also displays all the cache files.

In most cases, cache files include useful information, such as URLs, type of content, server names, server responses, etc.

Consequently, you can copy them more easily. And, then you can extract them for analysis.


It’s kind of like the Wayback Machine. And, it can also be viewed as an alternative. It provides peripheral services like email and social media. And, it also offers texting features.

The main reason people like this tool is that it allows them to manage everything from one dashboard, so it is easy to use. MessageWatcher does have one disadvantage.

The screenshots are not the complete version of the website, only the screenshots. So, as a result, you may find that some pieces of the archived site are missing when you view the Archive in the future.

With MessageWatcher, you can manage all your communications from a single dashboard while minimizing risk and in full compliance with government and industry regulations.

They offer reliable, quick, and direct solutions to monitoring electronic communications for your business.

They provide straightforward and automated policy tools. You can keep an eye on email, social media, websites, instant messages, and more with it.

The service is subscription-based. And, their monthly plan starts at $300. Depending on how much data you export, you might have to pay more.

And, it also helps in automating compliance, reporting, and monitoring needs. So, overall it is the best solution for those who want to save money and time.


You can also monitor your website in real-time with ChangeTower instead of the Wayback Machine. And, it is a subscription-based service. The monthly fee is $299.

There are some similarities between it and Wayback Machine. However, there is one significant difference.

ChangeTower will notify you whenever there is a change to your site. A snapshot of the modified pages is also created immediately.

Like MessageWatcher, ChangeTower does not capture the entire website but only a snapshot of the page. As such, it isn’t a good choice for compliance.


You can locate and view past versions of web pages using this platform. In order to search or reconstruct a webpage, it uses various types of web archives and version control systems.

Just like the Wayback Machine, this site supports over 80 channels. Action helps enterprises capture and archive electronic communications.

And, because it captures relevant communication, people love using this platform. So, users can also save and review their communications at any time.

The app is also very easy to navigate since it is cloud-based. The dashboard displays analytics as visualizations of data, and that’s a really good thing.

It secures all relevant communications. Your business data can be managed and analyzed with Actiance. Content can be created, packaged, and delivered on-demand.

In addition, they provide customized reports to their users for better data visualization. In addition, they provide analytics dashboards.

Users can search across multiple channels using advanced and proximity search features. The service is free.

Businesses looking for an easy-to-understand explanation of their data will find Actiance a great fit.

Final Words

Archived sites and pages can be found both on Wayback Machine and its alternatives, which are primarily legal, non-profit archives. And these were some of the best alternatives to Wayback Machine. You now know some of the advantages and disadvantages of each. And, using this information, you can pick the right platform according to your needs. Even so, nobody can match Wayback Machine’s database. These alternatives, however, are pretty comparable. Some of them provide additional functionality that even WayBack cannot offer.


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