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Tesla Pi Phone Price, Launch Date, Specification, Rumors


Tesla is a well-known company famous for making electric cars and auto-pilot cars and developing great technology for different tasks. Elon Musk, who leads Tesla, is a well-known famous person on the internet. Many people don’t know about him, but he is trending a lot after the Twitter deal. The users were trolling him for his decision, and many things were happening simultaneously. But in the end, the deal was completed.

However, there were many things that the users asked questions from Elon Musk regarding different scenarios. As things were getting serious during the Twitter deal, then in some tweets or interviews, Elon Musk said that he might launch their Tesla Pi Phone if the deal not happens. But at last, the deal was confirmed; however, there are rumors that Tesla is working on their Tesla Pi Phone.

As nothing is confirmed correctly, the users are unsure whether it will launch or not. They are searching for different websites to learn about the Tesla Pi Phone. We are here with the post to tell you everything about the Tesla Phone or the rumored Tesla Pi phone that might be launched.

Tesla Pi Phone Price, Release Date in US; Statement by Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Tesla is a very famous company, and it is getting more popular due to the features that it provides to its customers through its cars and technology. The branding of Tesla is very famous because of Elon Musk. We all know how much intelligent Elon musk is. He is always bringing something unique and exciting for the users. Elon Musk has done some work that might be impossible for others to do, and due to it, he is always trending on different platforms.

Twitter is one of the platforms where he was very much active. The users were always looking for interesting tweets from him. However, due to various government guidelines, Twitter was getting changed. It was not more a platform where the users could share whatever they wanted. It occurs when they try to share something against the government or other famous people. Due to various reasons, the different country was asking them to take out the content or the account which was published on it.

Brand Tesla
Model Pi
Category Smartphone
Status Confirmed
Launch Date December 22, 2024

After seeing this on Twitter, Elon Musk shared that he is ready to buy Twitter for a whopping amount. But, as the platform was available on the App Store of Apple and Google, it created a problem implementing the new strategies. During the deal, some users asked, what if Google and Apple remove Twitter from their stores?

Some users responded that Elon Musk would launch his own phone under Tesla and provide the Twitter App there. To this tweet, Elon Musk responded that it could happen. However, he was interested in launching the phone with new technologies for various reasons, which we will list below.

Why is Elon Musk interested in launching Tesla Phone?

Many users asked whether the Tesla Phone will be powered by Android or iOS. Elon Musk responded that if the Tesla Phone launches, it will come with new technologies that will include different features.

Rumors about Tesla Pi Phone

There are rumors that the phone that will be launched by Tesla will be the Tesla Pi. As per leaks, the Tesla Pi Phone will have the Tesla OS, where everything will be based on the new technologies. The phone will also be more centric on cryptocurrencies, Twitter-based, new technologies, etc. Apart from it, the Tesla Pi Phone will be similar to the other phones as there are chances that the other parts will be imported from different companies.

Credits: Render by Antonio DeRosa/ADR Studio

We are unsure about the chipset because Tesla can make their own chipsets; however, due to time issues, they might be importing it from the other famous companies that make the chipsets. These were some of the rumors about the Tesla Pi Phone we mentioned. Now, let’s check the Tesla Phone Features we can expect in the upcoming phone.

Tesla Phone Features That We Can Expect

The rumored Tesla Pi Phone will likely come with a 6.7-inch OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The phone’s storage will likely be the same as the other phones. There is no information about the camera of the phone. But we can expect that it will be similar to the other brands. The Tesla Pi Phone will be more focused on the technology and the hardware to make the Tesla Pi Phone better.

Is Tesla Going to Launch Any Phone – Tesla Phone Release Date

Currently, it is hard to make any expectations regarding the phone’s launch. We all know that Elon Musk always shares different Tweets to make more hype about that products. So if any phone is released soon, they might have started sharing some normal tweets. However, as there are no such related tweets, we think the Tesla Phone will take some time to launch in the market.

Tesla Pi Phone Price, Launch Date, Specification, Rumors

If Tesla is going to launch any phone in the coming time, then we will see many different tweets from Elon Musk. However, if they have started working on the Tesla Pi Phone, we can expect it within a year. This is only if they are working on the device.

Tesla Pi Phone Price

Many users are searching at what price the Tesla Phone will be launched. For those who don’t know about Tesla, they are always launching different products at premium pricing. Everyone knows that the pricing is worth the products. So, if they launch any phone in the coming year, then we can expect it to be in the $1,000. To make things competitive for the brands, Elon Musk might also launch it at similar pricing to the other brand’s phone.

Wrapping Up 

The users were surprised after seeing the tweets regarding the Tesla Phone. After the tweets, some rumors were there which were suggesting that Tesla was going to launch the Tesla Pi Phone. As things were trending a lot, we thought to help you by sharing more information about the phone and the statements Elon Musk shared. In this post, we have shared all the important information that you should know about Tesla’s upcoming phone. That’s it for today.

FAQs – Tesla Phone 

1. How much does the Tesla Model PI cost?

We have shared the pricing of the upcoming phone Tesla Model Pi. It will cost you around $1,000 (expected).

2. What features Tesla Pi?

The Tesla Pi is going to be powered by the Tesla OS. We have also shared the Tesla Pi features above, so check them.


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