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How to Stop TV Remote From Controlling Two TVs 2024


Key Takeaways
  • TV remotes controlling two TVs simultaneously can be frustrating due to shared functionality and universal remote features.
  • Ways to resolve the issue include disabling universal remote options, buying different remotes, using blocking tapes, or changing the TV position.
  • These solutions can help users to stop TV remotes from controlling more than one TV at a time, enhancing their viewing experience.

We often have two TVs in our home to thrill our viewing experience. However, it can be problematic for you sometimes when the remote control of one TV is also operating the other one. There are a lot of cases where the users have reported that the remote of one TV is also controlling the other TV, even if it is of a different brand. This is causing them a lot of problems as it is frustrating them, as the commands are also being given to the second TV even if they don’t want to. We know it can be frustrating for you in most of the cases, so we are here with this guide. In this guide, we will be explaining the “How to Stop TV Remote From Controlling Two TVs” ways that will be going to help you resolve the problems that you are facing. So, let’s get started with it.

Why Remote Controlling Two TVs at the Same Time?

There are a lot of users who might be confused about how the remote controls two TVs at the same time. They do not understand how it can happen as the remote and the TV can be different, they might be of different brands, etc. The answer is very simple: it can happen. It can happen because the remote control and the TV have some functionality through which the TVs can support multiple remotes. Even the remote controls are having the features through which they can control the different TVs.

It can help users who don’t have the original remote that they got while buying the TV. But at the same time, it can be problematic as it can cause the users problems who are having multiple TVs at the same location at the home. We are here with some ways that will be going to help you in resolving the problem that you are facing. So, if you are also getting the same issue, then do check this guide till the end to learn more about it.

How to Stop TV Remote From Controlling Two TVs

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There are various ways through which you will be able to stop TV Remote from Controlling Two TVs. We are going to list them below; make sure to check them below.

Disable The Universal Remotes Options

The first way through which you might be facing the problem of controlling two TVs at the same time is the Universal Remotes feature. This feature is activated in a lot of TVs from the start so that you can control the TV and other gadgets from the same Remote. However, it can also cause the issue because if you are using some other remotes, then it will be going to work even without pairing sometimes. So, you have to disable the feature when you are facing the issue. We have listed the steps below for you; make sure to check them when you are getting the problem on your TV.

  • Open your TV.
  • Take your remote and open the Menu.
  • Go to Settings of your TV.
  • Now, find the option of Remotes or Controls.
  • You have to find the option of Universal Remote in this.
  • Select the option and disable it.
  • Enter the last four digit code of the universal remote.
  • After that, check whether the issue that you were facing while giving the command to the TV is fixed or not.

Buy Different Remote Controls

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This is the second way for the users who don’t have to disable the option of Universal Remotes. In this way, you have to simply buy different remote controls for both TVs to resolve the issue that you are facing. Yes, there are some universal remotes that work specifically for the TV that they are paired with. If you are not going to pair it with the TV that you have, then it will not work. So you have to buy such remotes for both the TVs. After that, you have to pair them with the TV that you want. Make sure to pair one remote with one TV. When you are done, then check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Use Blocking Tapes

The users who don’t want to invest in buying the new remotes and are lazy like me can try out this simple way to resolve the problem that they are facing. We are going to use the tapes that are commonly available in our house to resolve the problem that you are facing. You have to simply past the Tape on the laser light area of the TV from where it is receiving the signal.

This will help in blocking the signal that is being received from the remote, and the TV that you want to control will work properly. However, there is a problem that you have to keep on removing/pasting the tapes whenever you have to use the other one. So this is going to be hectic for you, so you have to think about it. You can also try putting some thick clothes on the TV to resolve the issue.

Change The TV Position

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If you don’t want to try any of the above steps, then you can try changing the position of the TV to the opposite side or somewhere else from where it can’t receive the signal of the single remote. This has also helped a lot of users in resolving the problems that they were facing due to the remote. So you can try out this if you don’t have any requirements to have the two TVs in a single room, as it can also help you resolve the problem without implementing the above steps.

Wrapping Up 

There are a lot of users who are facing the problem of controlling Two TVs with a single remote. In this guide, we tried to help those users with some of the simple ways. We hope that the ways were explained well so that you were able to resolve the problem that you are facing.


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