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Top 7 Ways to Fix Starlink Motors Stuck Error Message


Key Takeaways
  • Starlink motors stuck error message can occur when the satellite is unable to position itself correctly, leading to internet connectivity issues.
  • To fix this error, check for movement blockers on the dish, ensure there are no obstructions in the sky, and verify if the dish has fallen or been mounted horizontally.
  • If these steps don't resolve the issue, reboot Starlink, stow the satellite, or contact Starlink customer support for further assistance.

These days, Starlink has become one of the most widely used internet providers. The hype made by using constellations and satellites intrigued an interest among new users. Not that anything similar to Starlink was not available before; everything done by Elon Musk is always popular. However, with Starlink getting familiar among households in America and neighboring countries, new problems are surfacing every day. One such problem is the Starlink motors stuck error. If you are also facing the same problem, here’s our guide to help you out.

What Causes The Starlink Motor Stuck?

How To Fix The Starlink Motors Stuck Error

Starlink is different from other fiber or internet service providers. It works with the help of a satellite or mast that is usually placed at the top of the house. When that satellite is unable to position itself facing the constellation or other internet satellites, your internet may suddenly stop working.

Now, when the internet stops working, there’s a tiny error in the Starlink app that says Starlink Motors Stuck – Check for anything preventing your Starlink from moving. If the motor is stuck, the Satelite won’t be able to positon itself, which will cause lots of problems. Now, the Starlink motor can get stuck due to a variety of issues, such as a bird has struck against it, a tree branch has fallen, or perhaps it was extremely cold last night, and your Starlink has frozen. Whatever the reason might be, the next section will help you fix it.

Ways to Fix The Starlink Motors Stuck Error

Here are the 7 best and easiest ways that could fix the Starlink motors stuck error. If you are facing this problem, make sure that you don’t skip any fix and follow genuinely.

1. Check Dish For Movement Blockers

Check Dish For Movement Blockers

If you are well aware of the best Starlink accessories or mounts, you must have installed your Starlink on the roof of your house. Now, the Starlink mounted on top of your house is mounted there so that it can be free of obstructions and other problems. However, when something strikes against it, like a bird or tree branch, the movement can stop. Therefore, It is possible that something is stopping or blocking the movement of the dish.

If a branch, twig or even a bird has struck against your Starlink, you can encounter the Starlink Motors stuck error. Consequently, at this point of time, you should climb up and check what is blocking the movement. If everything is fine, move on to the next fix.

2. Check For Obstruction

Sometimes, if the sky is full of obstructions, your Starlink may give motors stuck error. While this is not 100% sure, but sometimes the sky is all to blame. In this case, you don’t have much to do but wait until the sky gets clear. This problem is even more evident when there are clouds in the sky, it is raining or snowing.

If obstructions are a problem, here are the steps to check for obstructions on Starlink:

  1. Open the Starlink mobile app.
  2. Now, tap on Obstructions.
  3. Now click on Check For Obstructions. How To Fix The Starlink Motors Stuck Error
  4. Your camera will open at this point, and you can scan all around
  5. If you have your dish planted for more than 12 hours, you can go to the sample place and tap on Obstructions.
  6. Check the graph. If it shows around 5%, the issue is not with obstructions. However, the data shows more than 11% of obstructions, the problem is clearly with this.

Depending on the problem, fix issues with your obstructions. For this, we recommend checking Starlink mounting options because only a good mount can solve this problem.

3. Dish Has Fallen

Another thing that can cause the Starlink motors stuck error is a fallen dish. If your dish has fallen due to inevitable circumstances like wind or bird, you can experience the Starlink Motors stuck error.

In that case, your wish action would be to climb to your Starlink dish and check. If it has fallen, pick it up and check for any possible damage. At last, put it up in the same position and reboot Starlink.

4. Reboot Your Starlink

If none of the above things have happened with your Starlink, it is possible that a simple glitch or bug is causing the Starlink motors stuck error. In that case, a simple restart would be enough to bring your Starlink back on track and start working.

Rebooting is a simple process, and you might already know how to do it. However, if you are having problems, here’s our guide to rebooting Starlink. If you don’t have the time to perform everything, simply pull the plug, wait for some time, and then plug it in. At last, check whether you see the Starlink motors error. If yes, follow up with the next fix.

5. Dish Mounted Horizontally

If either your dish is mounted Horizontally or it is too high, the Starlink motors stuck error can be shown. If you have followed our guide about setting up Starlink, you might have taken it too seriously, and now your Starlink is sky-high.

A sky-high Starlink, although good for the internet, is sometimes not good for your Starlink satellite. With the increase in height, the wind pressure increases considerably. This causes difficulties for the Starlink motor to move and adjust the satellite. While the Starlink motor is powerful enough to move the dish, it is not as powerful as a motor with power in HP.

Also, if your Starlink is mounted horizontally, like facing the sky, it can cause the motor to stop working. This is because it has no space to move or adjust according to the constellation of satellites. It is always recommended to keep the Starlink satellite in a vertical position as that will offer space and area to adjust the satellite.

At this point, if the above stands true for you, try to lower your satellite a bit and use the obstructions tool to check for obstructions. Next, fix it. Check whether you received the Starlink motors stuck error again or not.

6. Stow The Starlink

The last option you have is to stow the Starlink. Stowing is meant to be used only when you are transporting your Starlink from one place to another your when you are giving it for service. Stowing is a really simple process, but if you face any problems with stowing, here is our guide on how to Stow Starlink. Check out this guide carefully, and after applying that, your motor should start working.

While Stowing is not a definitive way to fix Starlink motors stuck error, it gives the dish a push from the motor that is sufficient to fix any jams or blockages inside that are causing the problem. However, if even this is not able to help you, the last fix is the only option left.

7. Contact Starlink Customer Support

The last and final option you have to fix the Starlink motors stuck error is to contact Starlink customer support. However, doing that is not easy. We recommend checking out our guide to contact Starlink customer support.

The Starlink customer support team works with a ticket system. Therefore, you don’t have any option to directly call or speak with a representative. If your Starlink dish is under warranty, you should be able to get a new Starlink soon enough. But if your service is out of warranty, you will need to pay money. Make sure to discuss this with Starlink.

If you manage to get a replacement of your Starlink under warranty, there are more warranty claiming considerations that you might want to know.


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