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How to Activate Elon Mode in Tesla 2024: Step-by-Step Guide

Unlocking Tesla's Elon Mode: Fact or Fiction? 🚀


The term “Elon Mode” did not originate from Tesla but was coined by a well-known Tesla hacker named Green. Green discovered a new Autopilot mode in Tesla’s software that significantly reduces the frequency of alerts (referred to as “nags”) urging drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel. This mode was supposedly intended for “executive testing,” hence the name “Elon Mode.”

Elon Mode refers to a setting in Tesla vehicles that reduces the frequency of driver monitoring notifications. This mode seems to allow the vehicle to operate with less driver intervention, disabling warnings like the driver’s hands being off the steering wheel. However, it is essential to note that this mode was not initiated by Tesla but was discovered in Tesla’s software.

How to Activate Elon Mode in Tesla 2023: Step-by-Step Guide

How To Activate Elon Mode in Tesla (Autopilot)

As of now, activating “Elon Mode” seems to be a topic of speculation and humor in the Tesla community. Various online discussions have brought up speculative and even bizarre methods to activate this mode, ranging from a series of complicated steps involving clicks and voice commands mimicking Elon Musk’s voice to playing a video game until a specific time in the morning.

Note: However, it is essential to note that these methods are speculative and not verified.

To activate Elon Mode, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Controls” in the touchscreen menu.
  2. Navigate to “Safety & Security“.
  3. Tap the “Power Off” button.
  4. The vehicle will start rebooting various systems.

During this mode, the usual alerts for things like a driver’s hands being off the wheel are disabled, and the vehicle operates with fewer interruptions from warning systems.

Elon Mode Tesla: Regulatory Concerns

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has raised concerns about this feature, fearing that it might encourage drivers to be less attentive while using the Autopilot function. The NHTSA has asked Tesla to provide more details about this mode, including the number of people who have access to it. The agency is worried that the relaxation of controls designed to keep the driver engaged might lead to increased driver inattention and improper supervision of the Autopilot system.

Public Reaction and Usage of Tesla Autopilot’s Elon Mode

Some individuals, like Omar Qazi (known as a significant Tesla supporter), have been noted to use this mode during their drives, as observed from the lack of “nags” in the videos they share on social media. The NHTSA is keen on ensuring that Tesla takes adequate measures to prevent misuse of this mode and maintain proper driver monitoring.

Community Discussions on Tesla Elon Mode

Online communities are abuzz with discussions about “Elon Mode”. While some users are keen on discovering how to activate it, others humorously discuss the potential side effects of using this mode. Some members of the community believe that this mode might only be accessible to company insiders and selected alpha testers, indicating its secretive and exclusive nature.

Several users responded with speculative or humorous methods to activate “Elon Mode”, including:

  • Using a series of complicated steps involving clicks and voice commands mimicking Elon Musk’s voice.
  • Playing a video game until a specific time in the morning.
  • Using a voice command followed by a bizarre action.

A few users provided more serious responses, indicating that activating “Elon Mode” is not possible unless one has access to developer mode, which is unlikely for average users. Another user mentioned that the term “Elon Mode” was coined by GreenTheOnly on Twitter/X, and even he had to find a workaround to activate it, hinting at its secretive nature.


While the “Elon Mode” has stirred up curiosity and discussions in the Tesla community, it remains a somewhat mysterious feature with no verified method of activation available to the public. It is also surrounded by regulatory concerns due to the potential safety issues it might pose. As of now, it seems like the “Elon Mode” remains a topic of speculation and discussion, with no concrete information on its activation process.

Remember, safety should always be the priority while driving, and it is essential to adhere to the guidelines provided by Tesla and regulatory authorities to ensure a safe driving experience.


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