Launched last year, Windows 11 has been in talks till now. With Windows 11, Microsoft changed the complete look and feel of their Windows operating system. Everything including, the taskbar, start menu, icons, wallpapers, etc was revamped with the new version of Windows. With most of the Settings changed, there is no option available in Windows to show seconds in Taskbar Clock.

When you first-time signs in to Windows 11 PC, you will see that there the seconds are not displayed on the clock on the taskbar. There is no internal option to tweak it. However, you can use third-party tools apps to show seconds on your Windows 11 Taskbar Clock. In this article, we will be discussing how you can show seconds on Windows 11 Taskbar Clock.

Display Seconds On Windows 11 Taskbar Clock

As we discussed above there is no in-built option to show seconds on the Windows 11 Taskbar Clock, but you can use third-party tools to do so. You can prefer using a tool called ElevenClock to show seconds on Windows 11 Taskbar Clock. To do so, follow the steps given below-

  • Click on this link to head to the GitHub page of the tool ElevenClock. 
  • Here, head down to the Assets section and download ElevenClock.Installer.exe. 
  • Now open the File Explorer by pressing the Windows + E key combo and head to the location where you have saved the file. 
  • Double-click on the executable file to run the installer. Follow the on-screen instructions to install ElevenClock on your PC. 
  • Press the Windows key to open the Start Menu. In the Start Menu, search for ElevenClock and open it. 
  • Here, expand the Date & Time Settings section, and then check the checkbox for Show seconds on the clock. 
  • Once you do so, you will see that the Windows 11 Taskbar Clock is showing seconds. 

This will show seconds on Windows 11 Taskbar Clock. However, once you restart your PC or close the ElevenClock app from the background, the taskbar clock will no longer show seconds. To fix this, you will have to enable the ElevenClock app in Startup. To do so, follow the steps given below-

  • Open the Settings app by pressing the Windows + I key combo. 
  • Head to the Apps section from the left sidebar, and then on the right side, click on Startup. 
  • From here, enable the toggle for the ElevenClock. 

Final Words

This is how you can show seconds on the Windows 11 taskbar clock. As we discussed above, you will have to use the third-party app called ElevenClock to show the seconds. However, you are not limited to this app, and you can use any other tool as well.


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