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How to Unlock SD/Memory Card Password Without Losing Data


The use of memory cards is decreasing day by day. Still, millions of users have been using various types of memory cards with different sizes. Mostly, users buy memory cards when the device’s internal storage is less or they have to transfer some data from the memory card. When using the memory card, we all add a password. It is because the memory card is an external SD card that anyone can easily remove from our device without our consent and can copy the data from it.

There are also chances that the memory card has been lost, so it is always good to add a password, as you don’t have to worry about the data. But what if you have added the password and have forgotten it? Now, you will be worried about how you will unlock it. Many users have faced the same issue, but with the help of this guide, you will surely get the right way to unlock the memory card without losing data. Looks interesting. Right? Be with us until the end of this guide to learn about the steps of how to remove password from memory cards.

How to Remove Password From Memory Card 2023

How to Unlock SD or Memory Card Without Losing Data

The users who have forgotten the SD Card’s password and cannot open them will need to follow the methods we will list. With the help of the data, you will be able to unlock the memory card. However, you have to implement them properly. Otherwise, the data on your SD Card will be lost. So when you are implementing the steps, make sure to follow them according to our guide. Also, there are a lot of apps or services which claim that they can easily unlock your SD without losing data. But we will not suggest you use those services, as they can damage your SD Card and copy the data from the memory card. So, let’s get started with the ways.

Check Lock Switch 

The first thing you must do with the memory card is check the lock switch. A symbol on the memory card shows whether it is locked or not. If it is locked, you cannot use the memory card. Thus, we suggest you check the lock switch and move it up according to the symbol. If it indicates down, you have to ensure the switch is up. However, if the Lock Switch is getting down automatically, you must get a new one as the memory card is already damaged.

Let’s check the other way How to Remove Password From Memory Card.

Remove Write Protection

You can try removing the write protection on your memory card to unlock it. You must follow this method when your SD Card shows the disk is protected. If you don’t know, some SD card comes with different settings. There are chances that the memory card has write protection on it, and you cannot use it because of this. You can follow the steps which are listed below to remove write protection.

  • Insert the locked card into the computer.
  • Open CMD and start it with the Run as Administrator Option.
  • Now, you have to execute the commands which are listed below.
List disk
Select disk # (You have to type the disk number in which the disk is inserted. 
For Example: Select Disk 1). 
Attributes disk clear readonly
  • Now, the memory card locked error will be fixed.

Let’s check the third way How to Remove Password From Memory Card.

Using ES File Explorer

The users don’t know, but there are a lot of online services which can help you in removing passwords from the memory card. However, it is risky for you to give them the SD Card, as in most cases, they will surely copy the data. After it, they can also ask you to pay a hefty amount, or they might leak it. To avoid this from happening, you can use the ES File Explorer. You can unlock your SD card using the ES File Explorer, as the ES File Explorer can help you get the password for the SD Card. Below are the steps you can follow to remove the password from your SD Card.

  • First of all, download and install the ES File Explorer on your Android Phone.
  • Insert the SD Card on your Android Phone.
  • After it, you have to rename the file listed below.
    • You have to open the System files and go to the “mmcstore.” You have to rename this file to mmcstore.txt. After it, you have to open this file, as it will contain the password of the memory card.
  • You can use it to unlock the SD Card. That’s it.

By Formatting 

If you have tried all the above methods but were not able to unlock or remove the password from your SD Card, then we will suggest you format the SD Card. It is because the SD Card is not of any use, and we will not suggest you reach any third-party services which unlock the SD Card, as they can steal data.

So it will be best to format the SD Card and start using it again. By doing this, the data will be lost, so do this method only if you have tried all the above methods and cannot remove passwords from the SD Card. You can also try this method if your SD Card contains no important files.

Final Thoughts

We all have forgotten the SD Card password after unlocking it. This is a big issue if your SD Card contains important files. It is because most of us know that we will not be able to get the data again once we have forgotten the password of our SD Card. However, it is not right at all. You can follow different steps to remove passwords from SD cards.

With the help of this guide, we have explained the methods for how to remove password from memory card. We hope that by following the above methods for your SD Card, you can unlock it.


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  1. I checked my phone using FX Explorer and ES Explorer.

    I don’t see mmcstore file in my system folder.

    Does phone have to be rooted for this solution to work?
    Will I be able to find mmcstore file after I root my phone?


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