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Top 6 Ways to Fix Pokemon Bank Not Working Problem


Pokemon Bank is the most popular thing for all Pokemon lovers; that allows them to add all Pokemon’s earlier generations through the Nintendo 3DS games to the cloud service easily. It was introduced for Nintendo Switch users and offered to them by taking a subscription.

But recently, many users have reported facing issues accessing the platform. It’ll undoubtedly be a concern for all the fans as this error will annoy them and spoil their mood.

If you encounter the similar error, this guide will surely help you out. Here, I’ll share some ways to effortlessly fix the ‘Pokemon Bank Not Working’ Problem.

Fix Pokemon Bank Not Working Problem 

If Pokemon Bank is not working, then it can be because of server downtime, slow internet, incorrect login credentials, a disabled account, or third-party services interfering in the background.

1. Server Maintenace

How to Fix 'Pokemon Bank Not Working’ Problem [6 Ways]

The first reason behind the ‘Pokemon Bank Not Working’ problem is that its servers are under maintenance; thus, it’s not accessible.

In that case, you can wait until the issue is fixed, as you have nothing to do with it. So, let the concerned team fix the server-related problems, and you should try again later.

But after waiting for a while, if you still can’t use Pokemon Bank properly, don’t worry; there are some other fixes below that you need to follow one by one.

2. Slow Internet Connectivity

If your internet connection isn’t stable or fast enough, you’ll face various problems accessing Pokemon Bank, like not refreshing the page, inability to sign in, etc.


So, it’ll be a good idea to test your internet speed by visiting Fast.com and SpeedTest.net.

If you diagnose any problem with it, then you should restart your router or modem. If that also doesn’t work, it’ll be better to connect to your internet service provider for better coverage or upgrade your current plan with better speed.

3. Wrong Login Credentials

You may also enter the wrong credentials while signing in to your Pokemon Bank account. This error will make you speculate about errors like server errors. 

So, cross-check the details and log in to your account again. You’ll also get the option to reset your password on the login page.

4. Account Disabled

If any of the above solutions don’t help you sort the problem out, then it might be possible that your Pokemon Bank account is disabled or suspended. They do that if any users violate their terms and policies.

This ban can be temporary or permanent, and you’ll know what happened to your account by mailing them or connecting them through social media handles.

If your account is disabled, you can request them to reactivate it so you can use it again like before.

5. Check Compatibility

How to Fix 'Pokemon Bank Not Working’ Problem [6 Ways]

If you’re trying to log in to a Pokemon Bank account on a new device, you should ensure whether it’s compatible. But, if you were using it on your device previously, then the compatibility concern won’t be there. However, if it’s a new device and you’re unable to log in, it must be incompatible there.

6. Interference of Background Program

You may run many programs or apps in the background of your device, which might interfere with the working process of Pokemon Bank and prevent it from working correctly.

So, it’ll surely be worth stopping all the apps running in the background and trying to use the Pokemon Bank again.


So, these were the ways to fix the ‘Pokemon Bank Not Working’ problem quickly. Hopefully, with the fixes given above, you have got rid of the problem now. If you still have any questions, feel free to let me know in the comments below.


Why does Pokemon Bank Communication Error Occur?

Many users face this “Communication Error” while accessing it on their device, and the sole reason behind it is the servers are down.

Does Pokemon Bank Not Work Anymore?

As reported, Nintendo shut down 3DS eShop, and those users who have downloaded Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter before the deadline will have access to creatures; otherwise, they’ll lose them.

Which Pokemon Can’t be Traded?

Legendary Pokemon, like Mythical Pokemon, can’t be traded. But you can trade Meltan and Melmetal, although they’re legendary.


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