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How to Pay with Apple Pay on Amazon


Key Takeaways
  • Apple Pay cannot be used directly on Amazon like PayPal, but you can add an Apple Pay card to your Amazon account as a payment option.
  • To pay with Apple Pay on Amazon, open the app, go to your profile, select Your Account, click on Manage Payment Options, add a credit or debit card, and save it as the default payment method.
  • While you cannot purchase items directly on Amazon with Apple Pay, you can use the card provided by Apple Pay for transactions on the site.

Apple iPhones are on the rise, and more and more people are always looking towards viable options they can use with iPhones and its services. One such service is ordering and paying for objects on Amazon. As a result, a lot of people are thinking about whether they can pay using Apple Pay on Amazon or not. If you are one of those, in this guide, we will clarify every question you have on your mind.

How to Pay with Apple Pay on Amazon

How to Pay with Apple Pay on Amazon?

If you are thinking about solely making a payment on Amazon using Apple Pay, then sorry. You cannot pay with Apple Pay on Amazon directly unlike Paypal. With PayPal, there are many options available on Amazon. However, there’s another in which you need to enter the Apple Pay card in Amazon, just like you would in the case of other debit and credit cards, and proceed with the payment.

However, things go differently when you proceed with the payment. As you would enter the CVV or PIN in the case of the traditional debit or credit card while using an Apple Pay card, you would need to enter your CVV or Passcode, and this will make things very easy for you.

Nevertheless, if you want to pay using Apple Pay on Amazon, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Amazon app on your phone.
  2. Tap on your Profile icon at the bottom of the screen. How to Pay with Apple Pay on Amazon
  3. Now, in the next window that opens, click on Your Account. How to Pay with Apple Pay on Amazon
  4. Scroll down a bit and below Amazon Pay, tap on Manage Payment Options. How to Pay with Apple Pay on Amazon
  5. Swipe to the Wallet tab and tap on the +Add button.
  6. Now select Add a Credit or Debit Card.
  7. Open Apple Pay and tap on Wallet.
  8. Tap on the Credit Card icon at the top-right corner.
  9. Copy that number and paste into the card section on amazon.
  10. Now save the information and choose it as the default payment option.

Now, when you purchase an item on Amazon and check out, you will only have to enter your Passcode or Face ID to confirm the payment. This is by far the most convenient payment option on Amazon if you have Apple Pay.

You can also do the same thing while shopping on Amazon directly. Just tap on Buy Now, and when the payment option appears, you can tap on Add New and enter the Apple Pay card details. That card will also be saved for your future transactions.

Can You Pay with Apple Pay On Amazon?

As of now, it is not possible to pay directly on Amazon while purchasing items. However, if you follow the above methods carefully and accurately, you can use Apple Pay to buy things on Amazon using the card provided by Apple Pay. On the other hand, wallet payments on Amazon using Apple Pay are not possible.

Can You Purchase Items on Amazon Using Apple Pay?

As of now, there’s no option available for purchasing things on Amazon using Apple Pay. Let alone purchase items, you cannot even buy gift cards or refill Amazon Pay wallet using Apple Pay at this moment. Well, it is just about time and since Amazon is getting updated day after day, one day everything might be possible including purchasing products on Amazon using Apple Pay.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can pay on Amazon using Apple Pay. We hope this guide has helped you. If you still have any questions regarding Apple Pay and Amazon, we are here to help you.



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