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Top 10 Best Netflix Series and Shows to Binge Watch


Netflix has been one of the popular web streaming websites globally in the recent past. A huge range of catalogs of award-winning movies, web series, documentaries will keep people of different age groups and interests entertained. Genres of thrill, adventure, romance fantasies and much more will captivate people who are in search of something special.

Web series, unlike movies, isn’t continuous and thus enhances entertainment through its creative episodes irrespective of the genre. However, browsing through the huge versatile list of web series on Netflix can be harrowing and time-consuming. This article will ease that process by recommending the 10 best web series to watch this year.

Netflix Series and Shows to Binge Watch

1. I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson

Best Netflix Web Series to Watch

This series was released in the year 2019 starring Tim Robinson, Sam Richardson, and Patti Harrison. It is a sketch comedy series where Tim Robinson with the guests of the series will make their best attempts to drive a particular person to just leave from the conversation. US Viewers can tune in to this series to enjoy it either alone or with their family to enjoy this series.

[PS: Season 2 will be releasing later this year].

2. Heist 

How To Watch Heist On Netflix For Free

Heist which was released this year is more of an ongoing documented true-crime series that entails the best money heist that ordinary people pulled off in the United States of America. Viewers can switch to this series if they are interested to gain knowledge with these extraordinary heists. Only 1 season has been released which contains a total of 6 captivating episodes.

3. Lupin 

Best Netflix Web Series to Watch

Lupin is a French web series released in the United States. it is a crime action series where a thief named Assane Diop sets out on an adventure to expose the crimes of a wealthy film and subsequently avenging his father in that process. Season 1 and 2 of the Web-Series promises viewers to take the roller coaster ride on emotions, crime, action, and the thrill as the plot begins to unfold on itself.

4. Shadow and Bone

Best Netflix Web Series to Watch

Shadow and Bone is a fantasy web series adapted from a novel. It may be a little complex for some of those viewers who have not read the book, but the general idea rests upon a young lady named Alina who is a mapmaker. In an ongoing war between light and darkness, she discovers she has hidden powers herself that will be an asset for her allies and equally for her enemies as well. Teenagers and young adults interested can switch to this series for an engaging magical fantasy series.

5. Last Chance U

Last Chance U

For all the Sports viewers in the United States of America, this series is a must-watch. This web series revolves around some of the national college teams that aren’t well recognized or paid attention to in college. The progression will take the viewers on a roller coaster ride of emotions, failures, joy, and successes throughout the series. Hence, for all the sports fans out there, this series should not be missed.

6. Murder Among the Mormans

Murder Among the Mormans

This series, starring Tyler Meason and Jared Hess is a docuseries[documentary series] that narrates the three bombings that take place in a church in Utah in 1985. It unfolds a masterpiece of well-plotted crime that shook the entire church and will definitely give an equal amount of shock to the viewers as well.

7. Nightstalker – The Hunt for a serial killer

Nightstalker - The Hunt for a serial killer

Crime investigations is a spicy genre filled with suspense and twists and the same can be said for this web series. As the name suggests, an enemy of the night is on the loose in Los Angeles during 1985, committing gruesome murders and sexual assaults. Two brilliant detectives will keep you captivated and on your feet as they race against time to use these murders and clues and end the hunt of the Nightstalker.

8. Fate: The Winx Saga

Fate: The Winx Saga

As much as Shadow and Bone will fulfill the magical fantasy story that teens look forward to, this web series does not do any less. The protagonists are the fairies who attend a boarding school to learn magic and master its power. This web series has only 1 season released and is well-balanced with actions, friendship, and romance. However, Teens in the U.S. will be in for a surprise during the end of the final episode of Season 1.

9. Bling Empire 

Viewers, inclined to reality show have not been left out in this list. Set in Los Angeles, this web series will take the viewers on a journey of the lives of the Asian and Asian American Nationalities, detailing their lavish lifestyles daily. Viewers can tune in to this first American reality web series that will keep you entertained as Asians and Asian Americans portray their dramatic lives.

10. Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness

Last, But not least, A series that goes back in time to rewrite history. The Author in this series is convinced that a certain serial killer is tied to an organization that involved others during his era of murders. Hence the Author decided to investigate further and go deeper to unravel some dark truths that will blow the viewer’s mind. The reason for the name “Sons of Sam” will turn out to be another mind-bending fact as well.

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There are many other Netflix Web series other than the 10 listed above that users in the United States can browse and watch. Ranging from infants to adults, Netflix provides versatile options to choose from. However, going through every category and title might be time-consuming for some, and the list in this article promises the viewers that they won’t be let down.

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