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How to Watch Heist On Netflix For Free


Nowadays everyone loves watching web series and the love for the OTT series is increasing day by day. Also, the producers of these series do not disappoint the viewers with their pinpoint direction and provide a relatable and amazing plotline.

Taking this forward, Heist is the latest crime docudrama web series that was released on Netflix on 14th July 2021. If you are a crime drama show lover, you might have this web series on your watchlist. The web series can be watched on Netflix if you own its subscription but what if you don’t want to pay Netflix.

So, here in this article, we will demonstrate to you the complete process to download and watch the Netflix web series on your device. But first, let us know about Netflix and its web series Heist.

What is Netflix’s Heist All About?

Heist is the latest crime drama series released on 14th July on Netflix. This series is based on the true incident and has 6 episodes. The 6 episodes consist of three heists with each heist is covered into 2 parts. The two things that make this web series a must-watch and different from others is that the story is based on a heist and the director has kept it in that way only showing no violence. The other thing which adds to its pros is that the heist is pulled off by just ordinary people.

The series has been a success and you can watch it on Netflix. But, if you want to watch this amazing series for free then please go through the various processes listed below.

How To Watch Heist For Free in 2024

How To Watch Heist On Netflix For Free

Method 1: Watch Heist on Netflix

You can watch all the content of Netflix including “Heist” if:

How To Watch Heist For Free

  • You own a Jio postpaid (Indian subscribers only) whose cheapest plan is ₹399/month, you will get a free Netflix subscription where you can enjoy “Heist” docudrama.
  • You own T-Mobile plans (USA subscribers only) to receive a free Netflix account with their $8.99 worth plan. 

How To Watch Heist For Free

Method 2: Using Torrent Sites

Note that downloading copyrighted content is against the law, and this demonstration is purely for educational or experimental purposes
  • Open your PC or mobile browser say Google Chrome.
  • Search for the pirate bay website on your browser or follow PirateBay Proxy. Use of VPN is advised while surfing this website so make sure you download one before accessing this site.
  • Click on pirate search and type the name of the content you want to watch and press enter.
  • You will see a list of various content on the list.
  • Click the one you want to access and which has the highest no of seeders and leechers.
  • Now download the torrent downloader apps like IDM on your PC or your Android device in the background before you start ahead.
  • Now coming back to the browser, you will see few options as shown in this screenshot when you will complete the 
  • Click on the suitable option, we recommend the:

  • Now after clicking the 🧲 option, you will be redirected to the App we downloaded in step no 6.
  • You will see a pop-up box with many options click on the “Start Button”.
  • Your content will be ready to watch once it is downloaded.

Note: The Pirate Bay has been blocked in several countries, including Australia, France, Germany, India, Austria, Belgium, China, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, and many others, due to differing copyright laws around the world.

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When did the “Heist” web series was released on Netflix?

Heist is a crime drama series that was released on the 14th of July 2021 on Netflix.

How many episodes does Heist contain?

This web series contains 6 episodes and there are a total of three heists shown in these 6 episodes.

Does this series similar to Money Heist?

As far as its type is concerned this web series shares the same genre as that of the Money Heist series. But, Money Heist is a fictional story while this “Heist” series is based on real-life incidents.

What is the cost of a Netflix subscription?

The basic monthly subscription costs $8.99 in the USA while the same basic mobile subscription costs Rs. 199 for a month in India. As far as Netflix’s premium service is concerned, it costs $17.99 in the USA and Rs. 799 in India. With the premium package, you can watch the content on 4 screens simultaneously.


With two different methods, this article described how to download and watch the Netflix web series “Heist.” Both of the methods listed above are simple to use and can be used by anyone who wants to watch any Netflix web series. So, the next time you want to watch your favorite shows on Netflix for free, you won’t have any trouble.

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