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Top 30 Best Minecraft Cottage Ideas 2024


Minecraft players are prone to building their bases at the foot of every hill in every world they play.

There are, however many smaller-scale home-building ideas that boost creativity. The game remains accessible even to those who might not think creativity is their strongest suit.

There are several feels you can achieve with these builds, including functional, natural, hidden, rustic, and cozy, to name a few.

And many builds appeal to at least two of these vibes, if not more. So, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Adding new block types or changing the block palette for a build can change the feel of a build if a player does not like it. So, here are the latest Minecraft cottage ideas.

Minecraft Cottage Ideas 2024

Top 30 Best Minecraft Cottage Ideas 2022

There is a learning curve involved in building houses in Minecraft. It’s also a time-consuming process. And this is why easy and ideal cottages are sought after.

Cottages are popular not only among beginners but also among more experienced players. The Minecraft community is all about tiny aesthetics and cute Minecraft cottages right now.

You can build some of the most impressive yet easy cottages in Minecraft, regardless of whether you’re an expert crafter or just getting started.

Here are some of the best cottage Minecraft houses with pictures.

Forest Cottage

This minimalistic aesthetic cottage is located deep in the woods, similar to the cute Minecraft cottage trend.

If you are a fairy and cottage fan, this adorable cottage would be perfect for you.

Building it is not difficult at all. And it’s also interesting to see how well-balanced and enjoyable the color chemistry is with the different materials used.

Small Survival Cottage

A Minecraft cottage like this is perhaps the easiest thing you can build. Building a survival/storage cottage for storing and/or surviving can be very convenient.

And, you can store goods here or use them to defend yourself against pesky monsters in Survival Mode.

And this is also an excellent way for beginners to learn how to build in Minecraft.

Basic Cottage

You can quickly build this cozy cottage. It looks stunning, despite its small size. Also, small cottages like this have a quaint, timeless appeal.

Your Minecraft village will surely benefit from that addition. And you can also use torches to illuminate it. And include a firepit as well.

You will amaze anyone who sees it. It would make an excellent home for a player who appreciates minimalism.

Spruce Cottage

Building this spruce cottage will provide you with some truly relaxing moments. An air of class and sophistication permeates this spruce cottage.

The true beauty of this cottage is revealed with the addition of rainfall. And a beginner can quickly build this cabin, not only because it’s incredibly soothing to look at but also because it’s pretty easy.

Sakura Treehouse

For those with excessive tastes, this build showcases their building skills in the most beautiful way. This hilltop treehouse is ideal for those who need a place to hide out.

Players can challenge themselves by making an ordinary tree into an enchanting and kawaii treehouse by giving it a makeover.

And the sakura theme makes it even more appealing.

Coastal cottage

Your dream vacation can come true if you build a cottage on the water. It is designed for those who cherish tranquility and a sense of beauty; this stunning coastal cottage is unique, alluring, and enchanting.

It’s an excellent cottage that looks fantastic under the moonlight, as you can see in the image. And, aside from that, the materials for building it are easy to obtain and few.

So, you can add this cottage to your Minecraft world since it has a stunning view and plenty of room for creativity.

Gingerbread Cottage

When you have this cottage, you will always feel like it is Christmas in your Minecraft world. The candy cane chimneys and the peppermint-lined doorways make this gingerbread house look delicious.

Also, this gingerbread house is also easy to make. Anyone would love to make this. And, it is a unique home that one person can only own.

So, experiment with the dimensions to see what you come up with. And you will have a gingerbread mansion.

Minecraft cottages are great for adding a touch of color to your Minecraft world with something toothsome and eccentric.

Swamp Cottage

Building a cottage in a swamp might seem odd to some. However, it looks fantastic.

Minecraft allows you to build this fantastic cottage in a swamp. It is a small building that only requires a few materials. And players can easily construct this even in Survival Mode.

The cottage can be decorated with thick vines and greenery sprouting at odd angles. And it will add to the swampy charm. It can also act as a small secluded retreat and be used as a storage shed.

The Wild Update in Minecraft will also be an excellent match for this build. We never imagined swamp houses could be so beautiful.

Taiga Spruce Cottage

The build you are looking for is perfect for you. Anyone looking to challenge themselves and possess an intricate building will enjoy this Minecraft cottage built in the Taiga biome.

The building process takes about three hours for something of this size. And the end result is well worth the effort.

Also, with a Taiga Spruce Cottage, you can impress your friends with your excellent building skills.

And the lanterns scattered throughout make this area look particularly lovely at night. So, players looking for something genuinely epic should not miss it.

Among Us Cottage

There is nothing wrong with trending games and trends that allow you to deceive your friends.

And, you will not be judged if you have ever imagined what it would be like to live inside another crewmate.

Not only is this build easy, but it is also cute. And it looks great too. With ample storage and an exceptional appearance, this cottage will catch some eyeballs.

You could even have a random character from Among Us in your Minecraft world. This will be a great collab.

Mushroom Cottage

Though this cute and cozy Minecraft cottage appears small from the outside, in fact, it’s pretty spacious when built proportionately.

It’s a unique and adorable build. And, even though Mushroom cottages test your creativity but aren’t too difficult to manage.

This building would be perfect in a thickly wooded area. So, you can build a mushroom cottage if you want something funky.

English Cottage

A fence around this house makes it suitable for a cottage. Cottages like these tend to be small, cozy homes in the countryside.

This design is perfect for this home. And in addition to that, it has the appearance of a real-life village cottage.

Modern Wooden Cottage

Have you got tired of wooden cottages that are timeless and old-fashioned? Or, do you want something new that isn’t too different?

The small modern wooden cottage is a great build if you like log cabins or wooden cabins.

In addition, the cabin is an excellent shelter from the elements. It is also good for shooting arrows from a great vantage point.

And players can also expand this versatile building according to their preferences.

Lavender Cottage

Are you feeling purple? Have a look at this pretty lavender cottage house in Minecraft. It is an absolutely beautiful addition to the world.

And, if you don’t like lavenders, you can replace them with any other flower or fern.

An adorable cottage like this would look even better if it were built along a small river.

And, with the soft light of lanterns and torches casting a soft glow on the high ferns and lavenders, they will look even more beautiful at night.

House in the Woods

This is the perfect house for anyone who loves living close to nature. The location is beautiful, and it’s fantastic to stay in the woods.

A house like this makes for a perfect retreat after a long, tiring day. So, you can build this dream home for yourself.

Medieval Cottage

Cottages like these look good almost anywhere. You can quickly build a medieval cottage by yourself.

And, please make two and added a bridge between them, to complete the look.

It will set you apart from other players in the game. Also, you can build some stables in the back for your warrior steeds if you are feeling extra.

Japanese Cottage

It’s totally mesmerizing to see this miniature Japanese cottage. This is one of the most extravagant ones we’ve seen so far.

The multi-wooded roofs and small ponds in front are sure to appeal to fans of Japanese rural architecture. And, located near a lake, it will be even more beautiful.

Also, the nighttime photographs of this cottage are breathtaking.


This is an excellent idea if you can imagine living near a water body. Having all the functions and needs, it is an excellent house near the water.

You can easily build a Boathouse or Boatcottage for yourself.

8×8 Cottage

8X8 cottages are a perfect size, and they have plenty of storage space. You can build these 8*8 cottages for your villagers if you want to.

And, with Creative Mode, you can even build a whole neighborhood with them separated by fences. Also, using Survival Mode is a great way to save time and sleep peacefully at night.

This method is easily customizable and takes little time.

Fairytale Cottage

For cottage core lovers, this build is perfect. Players are allowed to build as they see fit. And, players can live inside a house straight out of a fairy tale.

The house looks magical and elegant. However, this Minecraft cottage can be extended in almost any way you like. You can even decorate it with ferns.

And, to create a signature fairytale touch, you can use scattered lighting at night. Also, build it slowly. It pays off in the end.

The scenery is breathtaking because it is situated in a thick forest. However, there are creatures that lurk in the forest at night.

So, there are rumors that you can hear the trees whispering to each other at night.

Fantasy Cottage

This cute Minecraft cottage house will transport you to an out-of-this-world fantasy world. The house is extremely customizable and extremely beautiful.

And, despite being best suited to the greenery that is thick and scenic, these buildings look great in a variety of shades and materials.

The beautiful architecture of this house will definitely stand out in a forest surrounded by trees. And the construction is simple as well.

House on a Mountain

Are you attracted to the mountains? If you wish to experience winter to its fullest then you can build this snowy mountain residence.

The surrounding area is stunningly beautiful from a mountain house.

Winter Cottage

In addition to looking cool, this winter cottage is perfect for this time of year. You can light up your winter cottage with torches to make it cozy and warm.

And an outdoor fire pit or fireplace would make it even cozier. So, as you sip coffee while watching the snowfall, you gaze out the dimly lit windows of your cottage.

There is something soothing about this place.

Witch Hat Cottage

With this cute witch hat cottage, you can unleash your Halloween spirit. The Minecraft cottage is also very adorable. And its creepy aura is sure to scare away the creepers.

This cottage has plenty of storage space and is simple and easy to build. And the ‘evil neighborhood’ theme can be centered around this, and players can build several such dark cottages.

Also, creepers better stay away from this Minecraft cottage. If they wake up there, they may find they’re cursed.

Tiny Round Cottage

Check out this intricate round Minecraft cottage. You can quickly build one. It has a unique look and can reflect your personality as a wide variety of colors is available.

So, you can combine this theme with some others on the list. And, build your round cottage according to your preferences.

And, make it even cuter by planting some flowers and ferns around it.

Gothic Cottage

It’s not a house; it’s a gothic Minecraft cottage. Perfect for all you goths out there. And it can also be decorated with a spooky exterior to make it feel like Halloween all year round.

Also, consider dimming the lighting and using scarecrows. And, with this Gothic cottage, you can display your building skills and gothic personality.

Try it in various locations and scales to see what you like. This cute but dark cottage is a must-have for your Minecraft world.

Pumpkin Spice Cottage

There is nothing more autumnal than pumpkin spice. Bring it all together with an adorable pumpkin spice cottage. Such a build would suit a decor of bright orange and yellow colors.

The cottage can serve as a storage space. A Minecraft world is made more comfortable and homey with this mod.

And, when you rest in your glorious haven, you can hear the crunch of the leaves under your feet. There’s nothing better than this adorable cottage if you enjoy pumpkin spice and pumpkins.

Storage Cottage

Sometimes you’ll need a cute Minecraft cottage house solely for storage. The small but spacious wooden home is perfect for storing weapons and resources.

Amidst the mass of trees and shrubs, it also looks charmingly cozy. You can light flowers, and elegant lighting can be used to create a simple but elegant exterior.

Final Words

We are sure that you have found your favorite cottage house Minecraft idea to work upon. Do comment your suggestions if you have any other Minecraft cottage ideas. Thanks for visiting.


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