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Top 10 Ways To Fix Minecraft Launcher Won’t Load in 2024


Key Takeaways
  • Minecraft launcher may not load on Windows 10 or Windows 11 devices, causing major issues for players.
  • Possible causes include interference from background processes, corrupted launcher profiles, or incompatible third-party services.
  • Solutions include ending background processes, running Minecraft as an administrator, performing a clean boot, updating drivers, deleting launcher profiles, using compatibility mode, disabling antivirus, and removing mods.

Minecraft is popular with all groups and ages. However, players may encounter issues when launching the game. Sometimes, Windows 10 or Windows 11 devices won’t launch the Minecraft launcher, which is a major problem. So, here’s how to fix it.

How To Fix Minecraft Launcher Won’t Load

A background service may be interfering with the Minecraft launcher. Therefore, you will need to check that. However, it is also possible that the issue is not caused by a background process but rather by the launcher itself.

How To Fix Minecraft Launcher Won’t Load

So that we can get a better understanding of the issue, let’s take a closer look at the possible causes of it.

Minecraft Launcher Profile: It turns out that a launcher profile stored on your system is the most likely cause of your Minecraft launcher not opening. These profiles can be damaged under certain circumstances.

And, as a result, your Minecraft launcher will not start. It can also happen when the authentication database section in the profile contains incorrect content.

And in any case, removing the profiles can resolve the issue because this will allow them to be generated again.

Third-Party Services: A third-party program on your system may also be causing the issue. Third-party services or processes sometimes interfere with it in this way.

The result is that it cannot begin properly. If this is the case, you must figure out what is causing the problem. It could be your antivirus software or something else.

We have now explored the causes of the problem in question. We will now discuss the various solutions that can be implemented to get Minecraft up and running again.

End all Background Minecraft Processes

Start by closing all the Minecraft processes currently running on your computer to fix Minecraft Launcher Won’t Load problem.

You may not be able to access your Minecraft game if it is stuck in the background of Windows. However, you need not worry; we have an easy solution that works every time.

If Minecraft cannot launch due to background processes, here are the steps to follow:

1. Right-click any space on the taskbar. Now, in the context menu, choose Task Manager.

2. Select the Processes tab. And, locate any Minecraft processes in the active list. Click once on it to select it.

3. When you have selected Minecraft, click the Finish task button. The process will be ended. And, if you have multiple Minecraft processes running, then repeat these steps.

Now, relaunch the game after you have closed all Minecraft processes.

Run Minecraft as an Administrator

You should run the Minecraft launcher as an administrator when it fails to start. That way, it will try to start as an administrator. Hence, it won’t get interfered with by background processes.

Using the Run as an Administrator option is often helpful for dealing with various problems. The Minecraft launcher can be run as an administrator by right-clicking on your created shortcut.

You can also navigate to the launcher’s location. Then, click the Run as administrator option in the drop-down menu. Users are prompted to grant or deny permissions. Select Yes. That’s it.

End incompatible software

Before starting Minecraft, you should close all the background apps. In the Minecraft Help Center, there is a list of software known to be incompatible with Minecraft. It is recommended that you uninstall these programs.

On the list are discord, AVG antivirus, BitDefender, etc. Therefore, try disabling your antivirus software and firewall, and closing Discord. After that, try rerunning Minecraft.

If it’s still not running correctly, you’d better disable the antivirus software. But remember that while your antivirus software and firewalls are disabled, please do not click suspicious links or websites.

Perform a Clean Boot

A background service or process may interfere with the launcher causing it to fail to open in some cases.

In such a case, the real challenge is determining what is actually causing this to occur. And once you have identified the culprit, you can resolve it.

But, because you probably have a lot of apps on your system, it is tough to pinpoint the culprit.

And, third-party antivirus programs are often to blame for such issues. So, it would be a great idea to try disabling any third-party antivirus you have installed on your system.

Clean booting can ensure that a background service causes the problem of a clean boot; only the required services run in the background to start your operating system.

And as a result, third-party background services are no longer an issue. Obviously, the issue is being caused by an application installed on your computer if your launcher starts normally after performing a clean boot.

Below are the instructions for performing a clean boot:

1. Open up the Start Menu first. Then, type msconfig into the search box. You will see System Configuration in the results. Click it to open.

2. Switch to the Services tab in the System Configuration window.

3. In the bottom-right corner, you will see a tickbox that says Hide all Microsoft services. By checking this box, all of Microsoft’s essential services will be hidden.

4. You can then disable all third-party background services by clicking the Disable all button

5. Go to the Startup tab after you have done that. Select Open Task Manager.

6. The Task Manager will appear. Select an application. Select Disable and then OK. Repeat for all the apps in the list.

7. Close the Task Manager window after you have disabled all the apps. Next, click OK to set up your system.

Restart your computer now. Start Minecraft again once your system has booted up and see if it works.

Update Driver

To keep your hardware working, you need drivers. But, your applications may malfunction if your drivers aren’t updated. For example, Minecraft may not open if your drivers aren’t updated.

You can update the graphics card drivers as follows:

Option 1. Update display adapter driver manually.

You can update your graphics card manually. But, you need to check your graphics card configurations first:

Simply press the Windows key and R at the same time. Type “dxdiag” into the search box. Click OK to proceed.

Now, navigate to the Display tab. Make a note of what your graphics card’s model and manufacturer are under Device.

Now, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the manufacturer’s website. Click on the download link.

2. You can use the search tools provided to find your graphics card model. Download the latest driver for it.

3. Double-click on the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the latest driver. The device might need to be restarted after installation.

You should always download and install the correct driver for your graphics card. If you’re unsure, search Google or contact your manufacturer’s customer service department.

Option 2. Automatically update display adapter drivers

You can also update your drivers automatically. Here’s how:

1. Press Windows + R at the same time. Then, please enter “devmgmt.msc” without quotation marks. Click OK to proceed. A Device Manager window will appear.

2. By clicking the arrow icon to the left, you can expand the Display adapters section. Right-click on the current driver. Then click Update driver.

3. Allow Windows 10 to automatically update your driver by clicking on Search automatically for updated driver software. You can now exit out of the Device Manager. Hit the Restart button.

Delete Launcher Profiles

When you launch Minecraft, the launcher loads profiles you’ve saved on your computer.

But, the launcher may not start at all if this profile file is corrupt. As a result, in such a case, you must delete the launcher profile.

These files are generated automatically, so it is completely safe to do this. This will, however, cause your launcher settings to be lost. Be aware of that.

Follow these instructions to remove the launcher profile:

1. To start, press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box.

2. Then, type %AppData% in the Run dialog box. Press Enter.

3. The File Explorer window will open. Navigate to the .minecraft folder. Open the folder.

4. Remove the launcher profiles.json file from the .minecraft folder. But, if you don’t want to delete the directory, you can also move it to another location instead.

Try opening the launcher again after you’ve done that.

Use the Compatibility Mode

The newest version of Windows 10 will work with previous versions of Windows. However, some may not launch properly or may run poorly.

When using compatibility mode, Windows settings can be used from an earlier version of the operating system. This can help you resolve the Minecraft won’t launch issue.

Follow these steps to do so:

1. Open Minecraft by right-clicking it. Then, select Properties.

2. Select the Run this program in compatibility mode checkbox in the Compatibility tab.

3. Select the operating system from the drop-down menu.

4. Click the Apply button. Next, click OK.

Start Minecraft. Verify that it’s working properly.

Temporarily Disable your Antivirus

Other apps may be detected as false positives by your antivirus program. A false positive means that malware is mistakenly detected as an innocent program.

In this case, your antivirus program must be temporarily disabled. Run Minecraft afterward.

1. Select an empty space in the taskbar by right-clicking. And, use the context menu to select Task Manager.

2. Using the header menu at the top, select the Start-up tab. From the list, find your antivirus application. Click once to select it.

3. In the bottom-right corner of the window, click the Disable button. Your device will no longer launch the application.

4. You should be able to play Minecraft after you restart your computer. But, remember to turn back on your antivirus program afterwards.

Remove any Mods

It’s possible that mods are preventing the game from opening if you use them with Minecraft. Many mods alter the Minecraft code directly.

Furthermore, they are prone to errors, especially if they haven’t been updated in a while. So, you can remove them by following these steps:

1. Press Windows and R at the same time. Enter “%appdata%” without quotation marks. Then click OK. The AppData folder will appear in the File Explorer window.

2. Open the .minecraft folder by double-clicking on it. This folder contains most of your Minecraft game files, such as saved worlds, player data, and mods.

3. If you can find the folder named “mods” in the list of files, right-click on it. Choose Delete from the context menu.

4. Open the Minecraft launcher after you have deleted the mods folder. The latest release of Minecraft should be selected, so be sure to select an unmodified version.

Now, try opening the game. The game should work fin now. However, if that doesn’t work, try the next tip.

Reinstall Minecraft – Minecraft Launcher Won’t Load

You may be experiencing an issue due to corrupted Minecraft installation files if none of the above solutions have worked for you.

As a result, you will need to uninstall Minecraft completely. Once you do that, you can reinstall Minecraft.

Here are the steps:

1. The first thing you need to do is open the Control Panel. Just type Control Panel into the Start Menu.

2. When you have the Control Panel open, choose to Uninstall a program under Programs.

3. Double-click on Minecraft Launcher from the list of installed apps.

4. You can also choose an app from the list. Click Uninstall to remove it.

5. Press Win key + R to open the Run dialog box.

6. Then, type %AppData% in the Run dialog box. Press Enter to continue.

7. The File Explorer will open. Now, navigate to the .minecraft folder. And, delete it.

8. Download Minecraft again once you have completed this step. Then install it.

Now, launch it and make sure everything works correctly.

Final Words

This is all about how to fix Minecraft Launcher Won’t Load issues. You can try all of the methods above and see which one works for you.


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