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Top 25 Best Minecraft House Ideas Survival Designs (2024)


Key Takeaways
  • A well-designed Survival House in Minecraft is crucial for staying alive, especially during nighttime filled with zombies and other creatures.
  • The best Minecraft house ideas of 2024 cater to various preferences and skill levels, serving as a canvas for creativity and survival experiences.
  • Notable house designs include Large Minecraft House with farming areas, Starter Minecraft House for beginners, and Ultimate 2 Players Survival House offering ample space for storage and farms.

Looking for cool house ideas in Minecraft? A well-designed Survival House can be the most important factor in staying alive. To survive through the night filled with zombies and other creatures of the night, you need a house filled with well-organized tools and rations. Here in this article, we have compiled a list of cute Minecraft house ideas and Minecraft house designs that you can build and enjoy.

However, these houses can also serve as a perfect canvas to let your wildest fantasies come to life. Here are some of the best Minecraft house ideas of 2024.

Best Minecraft House Ideas

Best Minecraft House Ideas of 2024

With Minecraft’s Creative Mode and Minecraft house ideas survival, you can lower the stakes reasonably. You’ll have unlimited resources and bonus features. For example, you were able to fly or live the best Minecraft house ideas.

So now, it depends on you whether you want to be creative and take your time or if you want to immerse yourself in a realistic experience with genuine survival odds.

List of Best Minecraft Survival House Design Ideas

You might consider playing Survival first to get an idea of how simple it is. From there, you can try the more complex ones in Creative Mode.

Large Minecraft House Designs

Do not let the size of the Large Minecraft House overwhelm you. In this build, we’re using basic parameters with resources that aren’t complex or time-consuming to gather.

What you’ll need most are oaks and oak logs. Thus, most of it revolves around cutting down trees and farming them with ease.

This Minecraft modern house idea also has the advantage of having an additional area for farms and animal pens. You can build separate areas for your sheep, cows, and pigs. Those are the animals that will help you survive in the game.

In Minecraft, keeping animals can provide you with leather, food, and experience points, among other benefits. So go ahead, start popping those blocks.

It is also an excellent place to hide from zombie hordes. In addition, there is a separate storage room in which you can store your unwanted resources.

Additionally, a lot of room is available under the house’s base. In addition to farming, you can also create water blocks to enhance your decor.

But, before you can begin working on this house, you’ll need a lot of space to clear. Then, you will have to crop grass blocks to get started. And, work your way into the house’s infrastructure eventually.

Starter Minecraft House Inspo

It is also worth discussing the Starter Minecraft survival House ideas, another high-quality Minecraft house idea. With another design like this, even novice players will be able to build a full-blown survival build right away.

The original layout is 7 by 8 blocks in length and width. So, it is a reasonably sized layout.

To make this house more lively and enchanting, different stone blocks are used. Additionally, spruce blocks are used to decorate the surrounding area.

Also, if you’re in the vicinity, you could use some mossy cobblestones from the Tiaga biome of Minecraft.

Spruce wood is a captivating material that can raise houses to a higher level. The Starter Minecraft House allows you to put that to good use to get the best results.

It provides even more foliage when combined with stone bricks. So, for more aesthetic appeal, you can also check that out.

In the fight against zombie hordes, you’ll find that the build is pretty sturdy and practical. This house idea is one of the best starter-level houses.

This house can be built from top to bottom without having to grind for materials for several hours. Minecraft builders will enjoy building this house.

Ultimate 2 Players Survival House Designs

There are farms and all the necessary equipment within this well-equipped Survival House. There are even a few farms within the house for your convenience. But, it might seem like a difficult construction project.

A large portion of the courtyard is dedicated to crops. Here you can also keep sheep in pens. Any crop you like can be planted here.

You have enough space in your attic space area to store barrels, beds, ladders, and chests. And, due to its 21*21 dimensions, this building can easily accommodate two players.

Aquarium House Designs

The aquarium complements the aesthetic of the house perfectly. Throughout this modern aquarium home you can see an ascending staircase, the lush and orderly gardens, the striking contrast between white, black, and gray.

Easy Wooden Minecraft House

The first step to starting construction is to clear an area within a particular biome. You will be able to do the entire house without interruptions that way. When starting a new build, most players clear the grass first.

It has a layout of 6 blocks long by 3 blocks wide. But first, you have to dig up grass. The roof is made up of Cobblestone blocks. This area will then be surrounded by 3 oak blocks stacked on top of each other.

To continue, join those corners together with Stripped Oak Logs from the ground. Using the same Stripped Oak Logs, attach the Oak Blocks from above. So, one block remains in the middle.

Don’t forget the middle area either. Keep a gap of two blocks, though. Using a mix of oak leaves, spruce fences, trapdoors, and even buttons, you can now embellish this end of the wall.

Then repeat the process for the side wall. Make sure there is not a gap of two blocks between them. It is sufficient to insert a single glass pane into a gap of one block so that the finish is complete.

Having said that, don’t forget about leaving one wall for the entrance to the house. You can decorate that area with a Spruce Door and Cobblestone Walls.

If you want to further embellish each Cobblestone Wall, it’s best to subtly place a lantern atop it. You can detail the roof using Cobblestone Walls. Also, you can create a deeper layer by combining your own blocks.

You can finish off this easy Minecraft idea with Spruce Stairs, planks, and slabs. Spruce Gates can also be used to reinforce your build. This is particularly useful if you want to reinforce your build.

Spruce Mansion | Cool Minecraft House Ideas 

It takes a lot of time to customize it completely. You know this is going to be a master project with a comprehensive library, all-around balcony, and even 68 Campfire blocks.

And, based on this mansion, you can come up with all kinds of ideas. Additionally, there is plenty of room to add your own touch. So, feel free to customize it.

Survival Minecraft Beach House Ideas

You can actually ease your load in the game by having a beach house by the water. Moreover, this beach house doesn’t require you to obtain dozens of rare or uncommon materials.

The majority of your resources will come from Oak, Wood, and Spruce. And, these are not hard to come by. To begin building this beach house, gather about 127 oak planks, 168 oak stairs, and 53 striped spruce logs.

In addition to that, you should be able to find all the blocks needed for this beach house. Place one Cobblestone block followed by three Oak Logs to begin the layout.

This area should be marked with another Cobblestone. There should also be nine more Oak Logs. Finally, place one more Cobblestone block along the width before continuing.

You should have about 8 blocks wide, of which 6 should be oak logs. Each corner should feature a cobblestone block. This should be repeated on the opposite side. And, this completes the basic layout.

Remove all of the Oak Logs from the layout. This leaves only the Cobblestones. Now, look at the right side of the layout. And, add more Cobblestone blocks and Oak Logs to form a square-shaped structure.

Once the latter task is completed, you can begin construction on the roof. To continue the design, construct four structures in total on top of the square layout.

You can achieve the best results by using a combination of Stripped Oak Logs and regular Oak Logs. If you get comfortable with the design, you can even start using campfires to add decorations.

For a beach house in its natural habitat, make sure you cover everything with Trapdoors.

Sizable Minecraft Survival House

Be sure you have a plan for building a home ready to go if you’re going to play Minecraft’s Survival Mode. Making a game plan before diving in is not something smart players do.

And, with a dedicated survival house in Minecraft, you can take your experience to the next level. The entry at hand is all about giving you a straightforward design utilizing common materials so that you can easily assemble it.

It will take 406 oak planks, 149 cobblestone blocks, and 56 cobblestone stairs to complete the project. Other materials will be needed, such as glass panes and fencing. The materials can all be found or crafted in the Minecraft world.

Following a series of steps can help you design the layout for the large Minecraft Survival House.

Start by placing three Cobblestone blocks. Make them three blocks tall. After you have completed this step, you can place 5 blocks of Oak Plank to the left of the Cobblestone blocks.

To continue, build another three-block structure to the left of the Oak Plank blocks. The next step is to add three Oak Stair blocks. These should be placed diagonally with the Cobblestone structure.

In the next step, you will have to place three more blocks of Cobblestone in the same row as the previous blocks you have built.

Set up yet another Cobblestone structure to the right using more Oak Planks. You now have four of them.

Now you just have to join the 3-block builds together. Make sure the tall structures have gaps between them. Glass panes are an excellent way to enhance the look of the house.

Create stairs in the front of the house. Oak stairs will be used in this project. This whole idea of constructing a Minecraft survival house should be in line with symmetry.

And, with a mix of oak planks and Cobblestone Stairs, you can add variety to the build.

When it comes to the interior of your house, be sure to incorporate versatility in style. Campfires, lanterns, and paintings are all examples of different resources that can be used.

So, build the Simple Minecraft Survival House Design today, and you’ll have one of the best Minecraft survival house designs ever.

Modern Villa House – Minecraft Mansion Ideas 

It’s one of those Modern Villa Houses that’s not stingy with its frills. It has a bamboo garden, an outdoor kitchen area, chandeliers, and even a jacuzzi. And, almost anyone could lose themselves in this place.

This modern villa is predominantly white with black outline edges, defining the essence of sleekness. This Minecraft mansion idea can be really cool for newbies.

Cobblestone Minecraft House

Minecraft ideas like this don’t ask much of newcomers and casual players. Due to its low material requirements, this structure is also buildable in Survival Mode.

Cobblestone Minecraft House is known for its simplicity. Despite the lack of fancy exterior, it uses Oak and Cobblestone for the majority of the exterior.

This is a house that you will certainly enjoy building, especially its interior, which screams class throughout. First, you need to lay out a 9 by 5 block area both in length and in width.

It is also recommended that Oak Plants be used for the floor. In the end, the design turned out just as expected. As soon as you have laid the foundation, you should place 8 blocks at each corner.

The roof of the house is then formed by connecting the blocks above. The interior of the house is then built. Use a variety of blocks to achieve the greatest results.

Minecraft ideas that are easy to manifest within two or three days are the best. Cobblestone Minecraft House is an excellent example of this.

Additionally, it’s a great way for new players to get started with house building.

Small Minecraft House

For those who want to get things done quickly, the Small Minecraft House is the perfect solution.

Players may not all want to build mansion-sized houses and prefer simplicity over everything else.

And, in order to build the best small Minecraft houses, you must take up few resources and use easy-to-find blocks.

As it turns out, you have come across a design that does nothing short of the latter.

In order to make the house more lively, you can fill it quickly with random stuff. That’s not as easy to accomplish as it is with large houses.

Therefore, this is an important plus. In Survival Mode, players prefer small builds for the same reasons.

Create a small Minecraft house foundation using your choice of blocks. The house is 11 blocks wide and 5 blocks long.

You can achieve the best results by combining cobblestone and dark oak wood blocks.

Every corner should be formed with Cobblestone while the rest should be made with the latter. Add five additional blocks to each corner once completed. This will make the entire structure six blocks tall.

Using birch wood planks, cover the rest of the remaining space. And, leave a 3-block gap at the front for the entrance.

Having completed your four-walled structure, you will only need to build three blocks in the front.

Build the roof by joining the blocks together with planks of Birch Wood. The next step is to insert three more blocks on the lateral sides of the roof between the two corners composed of the same material.

The final step is to place a block atop this structure. Remove two blocks from between the sides of the structure. Replace the blocks with glass panes.

Apply the same technique to the front and back walls as well. Instill a bit of depth into the survival house by leaving the Birch Wood Plank block in the middle. Dark Wood Planks are ideal for flooring. That should do for the ground.

Cute Minecraft House Ideas

Finding shelter in a cozy house in Minecraft has its own special appeal. This is exactly what this design idea is all about. Enabling new players to build a delightful house for themselves.

In a row, cut out seven grass blocks. Fill in six of them with any block you choose. Now you should have a single dugout block and six filed blocks. Your first part of the layout is now complete.

You need to place 6 more blocks next to the 7-block row you just created. Suppose this row appears on the ground while the latter 7-block row should appear one block underground.

The layout has a width of 11 blocks, so you need to fill in the space accordingly. Having completed the layout, the next step is to start building the house vertically.

In the corners of your 7-block layout, build 9 more blocks on top of each base block. On the ground are these blocks, while on the underside is the one on the underside. You’re one step closer to completing the roof when you join the blocks from top to bottom.

For the exterior of the house, White Concrete was chosen. You must fill in the spaces between the walls after you finish building the roof.

Now, add boxes at the top and bottom and a vertical line of three blocks in the middle. Adding these details to your builds adds depth and variety, especially if you are creating cute Minecraft house ideas.

Continue with underground blocks now. On the three lateral corners of the section, place 6 more blocks. Therefore, you’ll get seven blocks of height.

Attach the bottom-left-corner structure to the right-hand structure. The wall should be ten blocks high.

Modern City House

There are more ways to spice up your Minecraft home than minimalist cabins or fantasy-themed builds. The Modern City House adds some contemporary style to the world.

The house features well-planned furniture, potted foliage, hedges, a pool, and two spacious floors.

Due to the way the concrete blocks are spaced, it gives the impression of an estate. If you’re thinking of building a city, this is one of those Minecraft house ideas you should consider.

Cool Minecraft House

Cool Minecraft houses are different from the rest in several ways. Luckily for you, the Cool Minecraft House isn’t just easy to build. But you don’t have to spend a dime to get the basic resources.

However, you’ll need to chase torches and iron nuggets because of the number of lanterns used. But there are alternatives too. Oak is a key material here.

To build the stairs, you’ll need oak slabs, planks, and planks. These items are available at the beginning of the game. And, it shouldn’t take you long to build this.

Additionally, you can also include touches of stripped oak logs to add more depth to your build.

This Minecraft house is essentially circular. However, if expansive storage is what you’re looking for, this might not be your best option.

Also, you cannot change the original layout of the design. But, if you aren’t planning on doing so, you should be fine.

This Minecraft house idea is one of the coolest on the spectrum due to its simplicity and circular design.

Cool Large House

The next entry in the list is this stunning large house that takes the cake over any boring and mundane Minecraft home. You can also make smooth stone In Minecraft.

In this case, you’re looking at a luxury-grade build with a few uncommon blocks and resources required.

However, you’ll be glad you invested the time and effort as soon as you complete the build. Set up a boundary of Oak Leaves that is about 54 blocks long by 52 blocks wide for the Cool Large House.

It will be a massive project. So, make sure you are prepared before you get started. There will be a few changes to the front of the house in relation to the 52-block width we spoke of earlier.

Assemble 31 blocks of Oak Leaves from right to left to prepare the front of the house. Let it remain open for 3 blocks.

Finally, use 18 more blocks to connect the build to the left wall. The layout for the front of the house should now be 18 x 3 x 31.

Now you have to fill in the three-block gap that you left. Refresh its aesthetics with a bunch of additions. Glowstone is perfect for this.

Each block adjacent to the gap should be removed. And, replace it with Glowstone. The next step is to position the Oak Leaves block in the same location as the Glowstone. As a result, the front of the house will look beautiful and visitors will be astonished.

In order to craft Smooth Quartz Blocks, you must find or craft them. You will need Nether Quartz for this. After that, you’re good to go.

Layout the Smooth Quartz Blocks in rows of three blocks to complete the front entrance of the house. Build until you have 8 rows of these blocks.

Next, three Smooth Quartz Slab blocks should be used. Then, three Smooth Quartz Stairs blocks should be placed right beside them.

Let’s go inside this Minecraft house now. You will achieve the best results here by combining white concrete and light gray concrete.

You can also add a touch of flair with Polished Diorite. Don’t rush the process. It will be worth it in the end.

Oak Survival House

The Oak Survival House is a classic example of how a vacation home in the wilderness could be a great place for summer sleepovers with your friends.

A majestic Minecraft house design, complete with different staircases connecting different rooms, stilts, and hedges.

It is a building that doesn’t require too many resources. Planks of wood and items made from those planks are all you need.

Japanese Minecraft House

For home decors and constructions, Japanese homes are a profound inspiration. For Minecraft, this strategy can be applied. The result is a Japanese Minecraft house.

The build will, however, require a substantial amount of resources. Nevertheless, it will be worth it in the end.

There are 17 blocks wide and 10 blocks long in the initial layout. The best way to design it is with stone blocks.

In this house, you’ll see elements from The Land of the Rising Sun everywhere. That’s what makes it different from the other entries.

The house is filled with blue orchids in flower pots, sea pickles, and lanterns. It will take time to finish it.

This Japanese-centric Minecraft house idea definitely takes the cake when it comes to cool Minecraft house ideas.

Include both aesthetics and functionality in the design by including essentials such as the anvil, the Enchantment Table, and bookshelves.

Pirate Base House – Cool Minecraft Houses

You might want to consider the Pirate Base House as your next project if you’d like to build a unique fantasy Minecraft home.

It looks like a pirate ship from afar because it’s built on top of seawater. It is worth trying because no other house resembles its shape if you want to stand out. A black flag hangs from the top of the building.

It’s one of the most beautiful Minecraft house ideas, made of wooden planks, panels, and decorative blocks.

Final Words

These are some of the best Minecraft house ideas of 2023. Some of these are very easy to build. At the same time, some may take hours or even days. So, start with the one which you are most comfortable with.


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